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Fan Club
Name: Beyond Antares
Dates: 1973-1996 (with a hiatus 1982-1984)
Leadership: Sheila Hull, then Fran Ball and Sue Toher
Country based in:
Focus: Star Trek
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The Beyond Antares fan club was founded in the UK on October 1, 1973 by Sheila Hull. It was taken over by Sue Toher and Fran Ball on December 1, 1977.

The club closed at the end of 1981. [1] After "some much needed R&R," the club re-opened on January 1, 1984. [2]

The fan club finally ceased in 1996, the same year as IDIC, leaving STAG as the only remaining fan-run UK Star Trek club.

The club had two newsletters which contained articles, information, competitions, and fiction: Beyond Antares (1973-1981) and B.A. News (1984-1996).

From a 1981 Flyer


  • publish six newsletters a year
  • produce other ST publications
  • welcome contributions of stories, poems, jokes, cartoons, puzzles, crosswords, articles, anything Trekkish
  • provide a free Star Trek information service
  • keep members up-to-date about all the "news n' views on the Star Trek front"


  • to keep Star Trek interest alive in Great Britain
  • to act as an information centre
  • to maintain a good balance between news, views, and humour on Star Trek
  • to unite Star Trek fans everywhere
  • to "try to be a good club, and one which will have some element in it to interest Star Trek fans of all ages"




  1. ^ "As most of you will know by now 'Beyond Antares" club has closed and as an ex-member, I would like to thank Fran and Sue for the hard work they put into the club in the past and hope they continue to publish zines in the future." -- from Communicator #5 (May 1982)
  2. ^ "BEYOND ANTARES IS BACK!!! Yes folks, after some much needed R&R, we're re-opening the club. Start date is January 1984. Please contact Fran Ball & Sue Toher." -- Communicator #9