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Fan Club
Name: IDIC
Dates: 1988-1996
Leadership: Janet Quarton, Sheila Clark & Valerie Piacentini
Country based in: United Kingdom
Focus: Star Trek
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IDIC was a general Star Trek club run by the Scotpress fanzine publisher in the UK. It had an international membership and published the IDIC Newsletter. 48 issues were published averaging between 80 - 100 pages each. The club also published an anthology fanzine IDIC Log.

It ceased in 1996, the same year as Beyond Antares, leaving STAG as the remaining major fan-run fan club in the UK.

From the August 27, 1994 posting to rec.arts.startrek.fandom:

"Covers all aspects of STAR TREK from the CAGE through the ORIGINAL SERIES, MOVIES, NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE NINE and into the future.

IDIC is an International Star Trek Club with over 1200 members worldwide. We currently have members in Britain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, France, Gibraltar, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey and the U.S.A.

UK dues u8.00. Dues outside the UK are: USA/Canada/Middle East Air u14.00 ($24.00); Australia/Japan Air u15.00; Europe u10.00.

All members receive a membership card and 6 bi-monthly 80 - 100 page newsletters. In the newsletters we try to provide the latest news on current and proposed STAR TREK projects, episode, book and zine reviews, actor profiles, members' comments, articles of general Trek interest and more. We attempt to cover the whole spectrum of STAR TREK and STAR TREK fandom in a positive fashion and we actively encourage members to contribute material. The name of the club, IDIC ("Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations"), reflects not only the philosophy of STAR TREK but also our hopes for the club.

We have an extensive letters section where members can comment on or discuss anything to do with Star Trek which interests them. There is a Friendship corner where members can contact each other in their area or advertise for penpals, a small ads section where members can advertise free of charge, a zine ads section for those who collect fanzines and a general ads section for conventions, clubs, local groups etc.

IDIC was formed in October, 1988 and the first newsletter was published in December that year. The club is run by Janet Quarton, Sheila Clark & Valerie Piacentini. To those who don't know us, Janet and Sheila have been involved in active ST fandom since 1974 and Valerie since 1975. Janet and Sheila took over STAG from Jenny Elson in 1975 and were joined by Valerie a couple of years later. We ran STAG until 1981 when we passed the club on to a new committee. Since then we have published zines under the press name ScoTpress. Between STAG, ScoTpress and IDIC we have published over 200 zines to date. Enterprise - Log Entries, our ScoTpress Genzine, was three times voted the Best British Zine at U.F.P. Con, and Enterprise - Log Entries 84 and Make It So 4 recently won a Fan Q Award for editing at the U.S. Media West Convention. Also, Variations on a Theme, a series of stories written by Sheila and Valerie, won a Federation Class Award in the 1988 Surak Awards.

We publish club zines containing fiction, poetry and artwork on any theme arising from the STAR TREK universe. Submissions for both IDIC and ScoTpress zines are welcome, from both established fan writers and new ones."