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Filk Album
Album Title: Skybound
Medium: cassette tape
Performer(s): Leslie Fish
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Skybound is a filk tape by Leslie Fish.

Fan Comments

 a collection of Leslie's own work and sung by herself. Although there
 are many familiar titles (to me, at least) among the 15 tracks, there
are several new songs. "Swamp Gas" is not only a delightful commentary
on the Authorities' attitude to UFOs, but also the way similar ostrich 
stances are adopted by many people in circumstances they wish to ignore. Not all the songs are SF, with "Freedom of The Snow" showing just what women can do under different circumstances; the ballad tune is lively but gentle and hides a strong message - don't under—estimate the fairer sex! This cassette is an excellent introduction to FiIk-songs, with "Engineer's Hymn" (just for Scotty), "Bones", and "The Ballad of Transport 18", included as well as Leslie's version of Kipling's "Thousandth Man", which sums up the Kirk/Spock relationship superbly. The only criticism that may be made is that there is a similarity, a composer's style, which becomes noticeable when playing the album straight through. [1]


  1. from Empathy Newsletter Spring 1985