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Title: Relay
Publisher: Janet Hunt & R. Merrill Bollerud
Date(s): 1980-1982
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Relay is an explicit het Star Trek: TOS fiction anthology that contains stories previously published in other zines. All issues required an age statement.

This zine has a slash sister zine called K/S Relay.

Relay 1

Relay 1 was published in 1980 and contains 121 pages.

cover of issue #1
inside issue #1
  • Editorial (1)
  • None There Embrace by Connie Faddis, art by Gayle F (Spock/McCoy story of Plak Tow) (reprinted from R & R #3) (4)
  • A Friend in Need by Gerry Downes (reprinted from Obsc'zine #1) (42)
  • And Thou Beside Me by Carol Hansen, art by R. Merrill Bollerud (reprinted from R & R #3) (42)
  • Speculation by Lora Rene (reprinted from R & R #4)
  • Mr. Spock, Would You Care to Dance? by Toni Cardinal-Price, art by Mike Eason (reprinted from The Sensuous Vulcan) (47)
  • Vulcan Bride] by Johanna Cantor, art by R. Merrill Bollerud (reprinted from The Sensuous Vulcan) (52)
  • Encounter in Xanadu by Marie A, art by Beverley Zuk (reprinted from R & R #3) (A story of of the Mirror, Mirror Kirk and a terrified young revolutionary. Mirror Kirk finds himself changing after a forced mind-meld with his Spock. Having captured a resistance fighter, he forces himself upon her, but the rape turns to tenderness.)(sequels are "The Seed" and "Change in the Mirror" in R & R #8 and #9) (58)
  • What Henoch Did by Paula Smith, art by Anji Valenza (reprinted from Interphase #2 (1975), then again in Menagerie #9 (1976)) (79)
  • Limericks by various, art by R. Merrill Bollerud (85)
  • For Anita Bryant Fans by "Jo" (reprinted from Obsc'zine #3) (86)
  • Long Way Home by Eileen Roy, art by Virginia Jacobson (reprinted from The Sensuous Vulcan, where it is labeled slash) (87)
  • So This Is Love by Gerry Downes (reprinted from Alternative #1) (93)
  • Just Between Us by Gerry Downes (reprinted from Alternative #1) (94)
  • Speculation by Lora Rene, art by Beverly Zuk and Mike Eason (reprinted from R & R #4) (95)

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Relay 2 (K/S Relay)

Relay 2 is the zine K/S Relay #2.

Relay 3

cover of issue #3

Relay 3 was published in 1981 and contains 84 pages.

About "A Lesson in Perspective":

  • "A classic story, suggested for reprinting by Leslie Fish. A post-Turnabout Intruder story which traces the effects of being in a woman's body on James T. Kirk. Born into a man's body, with that view-point in life, Kirk finds that being forced into a woman's body causes shock, physically and mentally. He also learns that sexuality is simply a matter of perspective." -- from the editors of Classified Assignments #1
  • "A Lesson in Perspective" is a story suggested to me by Leslie Fish as a classic well worth reprinting, when I read it, it blew my mind. It is a powerful story with strong imagery and as a study of the problems of male and female role play is unsurpassed." -- from the editors of Relay

About "Dust to Dust":

  • "The Federation insists on annual physicals, to Mela Duncan and Jason, this seems like a waste of time, but events on their distant planet prove the need for help from Starfleet as Kirk, Spock and McCoy search for Jason." -- from the editors of Classified Assignments #1
  • "Dust to Dust" is a favourite story of mine, the characterisation is superb, among the best in the fandom. A comment I heard about this story was that one of the strongest characters in the story never appears, which is very true, but the memory of that character remains long after you have read the story." -- from the editors of Relay

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There are two lengthy stories in Relay 3, both by established American authors.

DUST TO DUST, the second story is set on a slimy, decaying planet, N'braxis. It centres on the quest by Mela Duncan, research scientist, for an apparently shy, elusive creature that, legend suggests, springs to life rom the swamps of the planet. This quest becomes intertwined with the search by Mela and the Enterprise landing party for Jason Philotre, Professor Duncan's research partner and lover.

Gerry Downes sustains the suspense well throughout. The reader, like the search party, gets fleeting impressions of a presence - feels that the solution is within reach - only to have it slip away at the denouement. The theme running through the story is the uncovering of a rather insular, dependent relationship which has developed between Mela and Jason Philotre from their student days. I admit I was rather puzzled as the story progressed as to why it was necessary to print it in Relay (being an 'adult' publication). This is not at all obvious for the first 20 out of 26 pages. However, without giving away too much of the plot, I think it is safe to say that all is revealed thereafter.

I imagine that Gerry Downes is trying to demonstrate - as McCoy says - that it is possible to be 'independent people first and lovers second!' If so, I am not sure she does it to my satisfaction, but this is purely a personal point. At any event, this in no way detracts from the atmosphere generated by the story as a whole.

LESSON IN PERSPECTIVE: If you are looking for a story of thrills and adventure which ends happily ever after. Kirk getting the gal (or Vulcan), then this is not it. The story is set in the period immediately following the body transference with Janice Lester, and is a skillful exploration of Kirk's readjustments to his own self image and sexuality at that time.

There are harrowing encounters with a former lover, Janice herself and, after McCoy's ill advised efforts to help, with an android prostitute. None of them offer Kirk the simple understanding and acceptance of himself as a person, rather than a man, that he craves.

He finally resolves his problems with the aid of middle aged Nurse Sajis Caffrey - not necessarily in the time (and Kirk) honoured fashion!

I find this story makes bitter and unpleasant reading in places. I have read it several times now and still find that the second half has a tendency to drag. This may be because I didn't ever really feel close to the character Sajis Caffrey, who plays a major part at that stage. Although I appreciate that the healing process was necessarily a slow one for Kirk I still feel it was too long in the writing. Nor do I entirely subscribe to the view of Spock being incapable of helping his Captain because of the 'nature' of the problem - but that is a personal bias and can be a subject for discussion.

As it is 'A Lesson In Perspective' is a brave and deeply thought out effort at analysing the possible psychological sequel of such a traumatic event in the very masculine James Kirk's life.

The illustrations are by the excellent. Roo's suffer slightly because of the technical difficulties of printing drawings using her particular style of shading, unlike the illustrations for 'Dust to Dust' by Lee Sullivan which reproduce superbly. Incidentally, I would not advise opening your copy on the train or in any other public place!

Stories 32%, artwork 8%. [1]

Relay 4 (K/S Relay)

Relay 4 is the zine K/S Relay #4.


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