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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Speculation
Author(s): Lora Rene
Date(s): 1977
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Speculation is Star Trek: TOS story by Lora Rene.

It was published in R & R #4 and reprinted in Relay #1.

Reactions and Reviews

Nicely written version of Sarek & Amanda’s courtship, based on Vulcans as presented by Johanna Cantor (more alien than usual - no scrotum, the testicles are swellings in the back, no erection outside pon farr, the sexual desire mixed with a desire to kill so that the pair must be attended by strong men to keep the woman safe...). Sarek and Amanda undertake a diplomatic mission to a planet of beings who have ended disease and war, and are completely paranoid about contamination from either germs or violent people. When pon farr sneaks up on Sarek early (perhaps because his first pon farr was terminated early with drugs), they are ousted from the society’s dome and sent out to live with the germs in the old city. Amanda takes care of Sarek by tying him up, and teaches him to have actual joy in the situation. When it’s over, he convinces her to stay married to him. [1]
Inspired by Jean Lorrah's 'In a Bed of Stone,' but it doesn't actually conform to the NTM Universe. It is a good story of its own accord, however. The Sarek in Ms Rene's story is not as unduly chauvinistic as the Sarek in Ms Hunter's story [2], but Ms Hunter's characterization of Sarek is, in its own way, a bit more digestible. Both are well-written and beautifully handled. [3]


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