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For similar titles, see Relay.

Title: K/S Relay
Publisher: Janet Hunt & R. Merrill Bollerud
Date(s): 1980-1982
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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K/S Relay is explicit slash fiction anthology that focuses on the relationship between Kirk and Spock. The stories were previously published in other zines. All issues required an age statement.

This zine has an explicit het sister zine called Relay.

Issue 1

This is the zine Relay #1.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
cover of issue #2
blurb for #2, printed in Classified Assignments #2

K/S Relay 2 was published in 1980 and contains 56 pages. The art is by Roo and R. Merrill Bollerud.

NOTE: There appear to be at least two different editions. Each has a publication date of 1980 and each have 56 pages.
One edition has a white cover. The text and illos are in blue. Page 24 of this edition's contents is a Kirk paper doll. This is likely the original printing.
One edition has a blue cover. The text and illos are in black. Page 24 of this edition are short typed descriptions of available Star Trek zines.
From the editorial:
If you have bought this zine you have had adequate warning of its contents, Ruth and I wanted to reprint some good K/S stories but wanted to keep the 'adult' stories and the 'K/S' stories separate to save confusion and offence to those people who like one sort of story and not another. Its all a question of personal taste.

I'm sure you will enjoy Leslie Fish's stories, good K/S stories with a plot are difficult to come by and Leslie's stories started a long and very interesting letter discussion in US zines when they first appeared, I recommend that you read 'Shelter' first, as 'Poses' is its sequel, I met Leslie when I visited the states a couple of summers ago, she is a lovely person, has a beautiful soul, lives life to the hilt and cares about the world around her. She has a collection of her series called 'The Weight' coming out shortly,[1] its' an intricate and quite addictive plot and is highly recommended. Any suggestions for 'adult' or 'K/S' type stories you have read and consider to be worthwhile reprinting would be greatly appreciated, please let me know the author and title as well as the name of the zine you saw it in and I'll try to get it. (I've got the most marvellous nude Spock drawing and no story to use it with, so get your thinking caps on,) Special thanks to Ruth, Pat for the incredible typing, Allison and Maureen for artistic interpretation and imagination and staying still in odd positions for a long time. And to Lynn for getting up at unbelievably early hours to help with collating.

Enjoy the stories, Leslie has the gift of being able to get inside her characters heads so that we share their thoughts and understand them as people, so off you go on a mind meld trip.
  • Shelter (reprinted from Warped Space #20) by Leslie Fish (3)
  • Cooling One's Heels by Leslie Fish (reprinted from The Sensuous Vulcan) (Spock waits on the bridge to hear if Kirk will live or die.) (18)
  • ads in one edition, a Kirk paper doll in another edition (24)
  • Poses by Leslie Fish (reprinted from Obsc'zine #1) (This is the sequel to "Shelter") (Spock tries to hide from what happened between him and Kirk, while Kirk grapples with the changes in his own preconceived notions of himself.) (25)

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Issue 3

This is the zine Relay #3.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

K/S Relay 4 was published in 1982 and is 94 page long.

The editor writes: "I have enough material for 'K/S Relay 5', but don't know yet when it will be ready, if you would like details send a sae and I will send a flyer then it is ready."

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  1. There's a reason Leslie's zine was sometimes referred to as "The Wait" as fans would have to wait another 8 years for The Weight to be published.