Classified Assignments

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Title: Classified Assignments
Publisher: Janet Hunt
Date(s): 1981-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Classified Assignments is a slash Star Trek: TOS anthology published in the UK. It required an age statement to purchase.

Some summaries below are by Gilda F.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Classified Assignments 1 was published in 1981 and contains 114 pages. Artwork by: Ann Humphrey, Tim Groome, Caz, Roo. Stories and Poetry by: Eva Stuart, Vivien Young, Valerie Lowe and others.

  • Unto The Day by Eva Stuart. Art by Ann Humphrey (20 pages) (Pre-K/S: The deaths of Edith and his brother Sam leave Kirk depressed as Christmas nears, especially since it seems to him that Spock is withdrawing from him. Sequel: The Pursuit of Love.)
  • Star Trek—The Radio Programme by Tony Cullen and Tim Groome. Art by Tim Groome. (11 pages)
  • They’re Not Cages Anymore by E. Hardcastle. Art by Caz (15 pages) (GEN After leaving the Elba colony, Kirk relates to McCoy his own fatherʼs ordeal with mental illness.)
  • The Final Test by Vivien Young. Art by Roo (3 pages) (After Spock dies in a shuttlecraft crash, Kirk fights to follow his bondmate into death through the bond.)
  • The More Complex The Mind, the Greater the Need for Play by Nancy Harvey. (3 pages) (GEN: On the Shoreleave planet, Spock conjours up his childhood pet, I-chaya.)
  • The Sun Rising by Eva Stuart. Art by Roo (27 pages) (Sent through the Guardian on a trial run, Kirk picks the time of Alexander for his and Spockʼs journey: Prequel: The Anniversary. Sequel: Loveʼs War)
  • Diplomatic Relations by Tessa-Jane Greebling. Art by Tim Groome. (4 pages)
  • Changes by Vivien Young. Art by Roo (18 pages) (Kirk resigns from Starfleet when they try and ground him after VʼGer.)


  • Puff Puff by Beryl Cleveley
  • The Agony I must now endure by Eva Stuart
  • Kirk and Khan by Tim Groome. Art by Tim Groome.
  • The Awakening by Eva Stuart
  • Poetry by Eva Stuart. Art by Tim Groome.
  • When Thou has done, Thou hast not done by Eva Stuart. Art by Vivien Rivers
  • Spock Transformed by Valerie Lowe
  • The Starry Feeling by Valerie Lowe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for The Sun Rising.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
table of contents issue #2

Classified Assignments 2 was published in 1982 and contains 142 pages. Art is by Ann Humphrey, Lesley Crowther, Tim Groome, and Roo.

From the editorial:
I do hope you are going to enjoy Classified Assignments 2 (or Class Ass as a friend calls it!). A lot of hard work and love of ST has gone into these stories and I would like to thank all the authors and artists for their imagination, hard work, rewrites and patience....

There is a rumour going around that I am giving up fandom and my zines, as with most rumours this is totally untrue (I suppose some strange folks just get their kicks making things up) and I hope to have another Computer Playback and Relay out later in the year. "I say hope because deadlines have to be flexible and I won't spoil the ship for a pennyworth of tar.

I already have material for CA3, I don't know when it will be ready, the stories I have are super and if you would like to send a s.a.e., I will send you a flyer when the zine is published.
  • The Anniversary by Eva Stuart (Kirk is being persuaded into taking a desk job as the 5 year mission comes to an end, while at the same time trying to deal with the feelings for Spock he has finally admitted to him: Sequel: The Sun Rising.) (4)
  • Mother, How Can You… by Eva Stuart (23)
  • Cartoon (24)
  • The Merkin Legacy by Tessa-Jane Greebling (25)
  • Learning to Live by Elaine Oldham (33)
  • To Catch a Falling Star by Liz Abraham (34)
  • Prelude by Elaine W. (Pre K/S: As Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, his need for a friend draws him to Spock as they both begin to lower their emotional shields.) (35)
  • Behold a Pale Horse by H.M.V. (43)
  • I Will Remain by Ann Smith (48)
  • After Kahn by Tim Groome (47)
  • The Decision by Vivien Young (Spock decides to leave Gol after his mental contacts with VʼGer and Kirk.) (49)
  • Such Sweet Sorrow by Jo Martin (A/U: Kirk and Spock have love for one night in a Federation intolerant of homosexuality.) (54)
  • Rumour? by Vicky Davidson (67)
  • Insurance by S. Meek (68)
  • The Solution by Eva Stuart (Kirk is unsure about leading another 5 year mission until his bondmate comes up with a plan to show him their future: Prequel: Patterns. Sequel: Winterstorm.) (71)
  • Who Needs More? By Elaine Oldham (79)
  • Denevan Mirror by Jo Martin (M/U: Spock, strapped in sickbay after being blinded, has a welcome visitor.) (80)
  • Night of Plak Tow by Vivian Young (Humor: Kirk sees Spock through pon farr.) (84)
  • To Ride the Winds of Time by Liz Abraham (89)
  • Compensations by S. Meek (90)
  • Standing in the Shadows by Ann Smith (93)
  •  ? by Vicky Davidson (94)
  • Love’s War by Eva Stuart (Kirk and Spock are sent undercover disguised as a Klingon and a Romulan to help the leader of a Klingon planet: Prequel: The Sun. Sequel: The Legacy) (95)