Star Trek Songs and Ballads

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Filk Songbook
Title: Star Trek Songs and Ballads
Publisher: T'Eri the Vulcan Bard/Teri Howard
Date(s): Stardate 7606.04 (June 1976)
Medium: print
Subject: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star Trek Songs and Ballads is a gen 17-page zine of filks by Teri Howard. The art is by Susan Young and Charlene Terry.

front cover
  • "Tradition Star Fleet Style"
  • "The Good Ship Enterprise"
  • "The Starship Big E."
  • "Amanda's Song" (also in The Best of Amanda and Sarek)
  • "You Fill Up My Senses"
  • "Scott's Verse"
  • "A Trek Fan's Song"
  • "McCoy's Verse"
  • "Saurian Brandy"
  • "Wondrous Man"
  • "The Future with You"
  • "Farewell to Thee"
  • "A Trekker's Christmas" (also in The Best of Christmas on the Enterprise)
  • "A Federation Hymn"