Accumulated Leave

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Title: Accumulated Leave
Publisher: Yeoman Press
Editor(s): Johanna Cantor
Date(s): Summer 1980
Medium: print
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Accumulated Leave is a gen and het Star Trek: TOS fanzine with adult content. It was edited by Johanna Cantor.

cover, Bev Zuk
another cover variation

Despite the "1" on the cover, there is only one issue.

Accumulated Leave was published in Summer 1980 and is 92 pages long. It is a collection of stories which appeared in the zine R&R 1-5 (1976-1977). The cover was by Bev Zuk.


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[zine]: For the new fan (or any long-time fan) who missed the beginning of the R&R zine series, 'Accumulated Leave' is a treasure trove... It is this reviewer's opinion that the editor has made some very wise choices about which stories to include. The first story -- and my personal favorite -- is 'The Ultimate Shore Leave.' This first-hand account of what a Spock-loving female lieutenant conjures up to pass her time on the Shore Leave planet is delightfully personal as well as erotic. and the twist ending is the perfect resolution for the tale. 'Give it Time,' a Christine Chapel story, in which (for a refreshing change) Spock is not the object of her affection. 'Bridge Between Souls' is somewhat more serious, if slightly unpredictable story in which Christine helps Spock through pon farr. 'The Day of the Guinea Pig' finds Spock approaching pon farr (again!) and Dr. McCoy is determined to help him through the time with a new medical discovery. The resulting Spock, a flagrant skirt-chaser, is something McCoy could not have predicted, but something that sets the light, somewhat flippant tone of the whole story. 'World Enough' is an interesting 'after' story about Zefrem Cochrane and his Companion/Commissioner mate, but I must admit that I personally enjoyed the illo at the end as much as the story itself... 'Accumulated Leave,' as with all Yeoman Press publications, is generally superior in content, and I would highly recommend it, especially to a fan who is just now discovering the world of 'adult' fan fiction. [2]


  1. ^ spelled that way in the TOC
  2. ^ from Datazine #7