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Name: Beverly Zuk
Alias(es): Bev Zuk, Beverly C. Zuk, Catherine Clair
Type: fanwriter, fanartist, convention organizer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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Beverly Zuk was a Star Trek: TOS fanartist and fanwriter. She died in August 2009. From her memorial page: "Bev was mostly a Trek fan, writing several novels, several of which are still available today. She particularly liked McCoy, who appealed to her sense of humor. She was one of the original members of the Trek Mafia, and helped with many SF and Media cons thru the years."[1]

In memory

  • "Bev was the first writer I met in fandom, and I pubished her first couple of novels on my Gestetner mimeo machine. The Trek Mafia had such a good time together, and made such fabulous true close friends. We were and are truly blessed to have had that opportunity." ~ MELISSA BAYARD CLEMMER
  • "Bev was one of my first friends in fandom. I met her through the round-robin when you sent one of my pieces around on it. She and several others stayed at my house one night after a con in NYC, and on my wall is a pen-and-ink drawing of Richard as a Vulcan child." ~ JUDY SEGAL
  • "I have fond memories of her, though I haven't been in touch with her in many many years. I think Richard will still remember her and I will pass the news along to him."
  • "I remember her as being bright, capable,and very nice to deal with."
  • "She was good fun, and highly creative, and somewhat of a costumer."


In her own words (1982)

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:

"Bev Zuk has been in fandom about six years--STAR Trek-- and has stayed mostly in that area, though she's done occasional pieces for DRACULA and STAR WARS stories. She's done illustrations and covers for many ST zines and written for some--mostly R & R under the name of Catherine Clair. She now has her own zine, THE HONORABLE SACRIFICE, written under her own name. She's been recently involved with R & R (all covers),MASIFORM D, GALACTIC DISCOURSE, GUARDIAN, THE DISPLACED, PERN PORTFOLIO, SAHSHEER, and OBSC'ZINE. She's currently studying commercial art and photography in college.... She has recently completed two projects that she is very proud of. The first was the cover and all the interior·art for Lois Welling's new zine, TRANSITIONS. And then there was her new zine, THE THIRD VERDICT, which she wrote and illustrated. Still under wraps but coming soon are publication of the cover of OBSC'ZINE 5 and interior art for ORGANIA."

A Fan's Comments

The following three zines are novels written and illustrated by the late Beverly Zuk, included [on my "zine keeper list"] because they have The Whole Package—external plots appropriate to the fictional universe (with three-dimensional characters, both established and original, and well-thought out settings) and an exploration of characters and relationships based on a genuine understanding of same and arising organically out of the plot.

The Honorable Sacrifice (1981)

The Third Verdict (1982)

Lifeboat (1989) [3]



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