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You may be looking for the fan, Carol Lynn.

Name: Carol Lee (Carol Ann Lee)
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Carol Lee was a Star Trek fanzine publisher, fan artist, fan club organizer, and fan writer.

A fan remembers: "Editor of the fanzine Rigel and member of MAST (Maryland Association of Star Trek) in the 70's. Carol came into fandom before I did and she was one of the first fen I ever met. She hailed from the area around the University of Maryland, College Park, home of UMAST and the infamous "August Party." [1]


Fan Club

Carol Lee created the fan club Metropolitan Area Star Trekkers (which MAY have became or was, "MAST." There was a 1976 blurb for this club in the 5th International Star Trek Convention souvenir book. This club may have also been "UMAST," the University of Maryland Star Trek" club.


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