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Fan Club
Name: STREK (formally "Nimoyan Federation")
Dates: 1973-?
Founder(s): Regina Marvinny
Country based in: New Jersey, US
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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STREK was a Star Trek: TOS fan club. It began as the Nimoyan Federation, a chapter of the LNAF.

In 1972, Regina Marvinny pulled the Nimoyan Federation out of LNAF over a dispute about the fact that chapter clubs were expected to support UNICEF. In the club magazine Tricorder Readings, Marvinny and charity officer Jeanne Cygan summarized a disturbing report that UNICEF officials were using funds to support lavish lifestyles, and that the food and medicine provided were inappropriate for malnourished children -- their digestive systems couldn't handle it.

As an independent fan club, STREK supported Save The Children. The LNAF changed their official charity to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 1973 after Leonard Nimoy's nephew Alan died of it.

It published a yearbook, newsletters, had a pen pal service, a round-robin letter service (an APA of sorts), Star Trek photo and slide lists and contests.

It published the zine Tricorder Readings.