Fanzine (Star Trek: TOS zine on audio cassette tape)

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Title: Fanzine
Publisher: Mpingo Press
Date(s): 1978
Medium: audio cassette tape, music, spoken word
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Fanzine is a Star Trek: TOS "fan-generated magazine on tape" by "Shuttlecraft." It is a "45-minute monaural cassette tape."

In 1978, Winston Howlett was selling it through M'Pingo Press and described it as "Kraith "Affirmation" music, dramatic-comedy readings." [1]

flyer printed in Probe #12

"Shuttlecraft" was Howlett's "studio group" and this fanwork was originally created for blind fans. [2]

It Includes Kraith Material

"I also found Winston Howlett's "Fanzine" tape, which has the Kraith Ceremony music on it. I'm thinking of taking that one along --- even though we haven't done a Kraith Ceremony in heaven knows how long." [3]


Side One:

Side Two:

  • Vulcan Dancer ("inspired by Amy Harlib")
  • Beckoning Hand of Darkness ("a death-poem")
  • STAR TREK is a Racist Program! ("PROBE's most outrageous satire," this was previously printed in a number of issues of Probe, it is also in Tetrumbriant #4)
  • Phaser Fight ("a synthesized space opera")

Flight Personnel:


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