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Star Trek Convention
Name: Augustrek
Dates: August 1–3, 1980
Frequency: once
Location: Sheraton Inn in Silver Spring, Maryland
Type: fan-run
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Founder: Gregory Baker (chairman), Roberta Rogow (vice-chariman)
Founding Date:
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Augustrek was a Star Trek: TOS con held August 1–3, 1980.

front cover of the program book
back cover of the program book

It was "presented by the Augustrek Committee."

The guest of honor were Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Rich Volker, Jean Lorrah, Howard Weinstein, Joan Winston, Shirley Maiewski, and Dr. Jesco von Puttkammer. It had an animation workshop, a dealer's room, fan panels, feature SF films, ST episodes, the "Jim Kirk Amateur Hour" and "the Roddenberry Phone Call."

This Con Was NOT

"Augustrek is NOT August Party '80 nor its replacement. It is NOT sponsored by MSTA [1] & the AP committee; there is no connection or endorsement. Augustrek is being given by Roberta Rogow and Greg Baker, with registration handed by Gail Pittaway, who undertook those duties for AP '79. References to August Party '80 are misprints -- there will be no August Party '80." [2]

Roberta Rogow comments on this con: "Augustrek: The least said, the better. I hear that those who at tended had a good time. Any complaints about money matters must be taken up with Greg Baker. Any complaints about the program you can make to me! Some things are permanently imprinted upon my brain — some things were running smoothly, only because of a lot of people who stepped in at the last moment, and to them, many thanks.[3]

The Program Book

The art was by Mark Thorner (front cover), Carol Waterman (back cover), other art by Elena Andrews, Barbara Stults, and Carol Waterman.

It appears this program book was supposed to morph into a three times a year zine called "Augustrek Magazine," but this did not occur.

the ad for "Starship Troupers"
  • From the Center Seat, editorial by Greg Baker, explaining that though he is the chair and planner of this con, he will not be able to attend as he has been called for a military commission of officer candidate school
  • The Vice-Chairmain Speaketh! by Roberta Rogow, fan testimonial, also explains how she ended up doing more on this con than she had intended. She writes a filk in honor of this, called "Banned from Hiltons" (to the tune of Banned from Argo
  • Convention Manners, an article by Greg Baker "based on a panel at Empiricon #2 held July 4–6 in New York City, Jon Estren, Issac Asimov and Hal Clement were guests (article tackles fan behavior and etiquette at cons)
  • Farris Wheel, some sort of in-joke vignette
  • Conversations with the Bird, transcripts of the 1978 and 1979 Roddenberry Phone Calls
  • an ad for "Starship Troupers," "fandom's weirdest band" and an upcoming filk cassette by "Egoboo Records" [4]
  • a short bio for the con guests of honor
  • con rules
  • panel descriptions
  • things to see in Washington D.C., places to eat
  • a map of the con space
  • a newsy, long article by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, called "News from Vantage Point" (she calls her new house "Vantage Point") -- the article is mostly a plug of Sime~Gen stuff and for Jean Lorrah's publications
  • Views of Fringe Fandom, a three page art commentary by Elena Andrews
  • a trivia contest, a con scavenger hunt
  • some Star Wars art
  • The Trekkin' Gourmet, by S. Marshall and Greg Baker, tips on eating cheap at con, mostly by cooking in your room
  • Ghod Save the August Part Chariman, a filk by Gregory Baker, to the tune of The Bastard King of England
  • reviews of zines and music:



  • Costuming for the Klutzy (How to make a working costume from those who know how.)
  • Filking Through Fandom (Star Trek and Star Wars in song and dance.)
  • Collecting and Preserving Your Fanzines (Are you getting swamped by your zine collection? Is it leaping out of closets to attack you? Here's how to keep your zines safe and ORDERLY!)
  • The Joys (?) of Fan Editing (Have you ever wondered what it's like to put out a zine? Editors tell how to do it and what to avoid—after you've made the first mistake and started one...)
  • Fandoms on the Fringes (Fringefandom has been defined as "anything I'm not interested in." For example, in s.f. circles Star Trek is the fringefandom. This panel is about Westerns, Pern, Starsky and Hutch, Doctor Who, etc...)
  • Alternate Trek Worlds (Takes Star Trek where no fan has gone before!)
  • Fans Across the Water (How they fanac in the U.K., Canada, Brooklyn... sorry about that, I live in Queens.)
  • Creating a Universe (Take one idea, add character, plot, mapping, culture, whatever else you can find, stir well, and you have a Universe! If Gene Roddenberry can do it on a macrocosmic scale, then why not do it in a 'zine?)
  • Media S.F. versus Written S.F. (This will be a free floor discussion. Everyone who wishes can tell us their opinions of the merits and faults of media s.f against the traditional written s.f.)


  • Dungeons, Dragons, and Other Diversions (How to live out your fantasies in gaming. The original game of Dungeon began in 1868; since then, Dungeons and Dragons, the role-playing fantasy game, has nearly become the national sport of fandom. There are no set pieces or a board; the player can be an elf or a Paldin [sic], and the Dungeon Master is God! Other popular games include Diplomacy, a game of political maneuvering set in Old Europe before 1914, and its hundreds of variations.)
  • Be Your Own Movie Mogul (So you don't have $2 million to produce The Monster That Ate Clinton, MD? There are ways around that.)
  • Do You Really Want to Put on a Con? (There are a lot of things that go into a con that the average fan would never dream of. Former con chairmen tell all about the good and bad parts of chairing.)

Sample Pages from the Program Book


  1. "Maryland Association of Star Trek"?
  2. from a notice in Universal Translator #3
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  4. This project appears to have not gotten off the ground, perhaps due to residual discontent regarding this con and Rogow and Baker.