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Synonyms: roleplaying game, role play, RP, RPG
See also: LARP, Celebrity RPG, Fandom RPG
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A role-playing game or RPG is a game in which the players take on the role of a character. Roleplaying games include:

Roleplaying can also take place in less structured environments. For example, cosplay involves both dressing in costume and acting the part.

Interactive Unstructured Text RPGs

In the 1980s and 90s, fans role-played online as character in multi-user systems such as MUDs and MOOs [3], on message boards and by email[4].

Character or Fandom RPGs are text-based free-form games in which the players take on an identity and interact as if they were that person. Popular platforms have included Instant Messaging and LiveJournal; as of 2012, Tumblr and Twitter are major sites of RP activity.

Celebrity RPGs are similar, but instead of characters, the players take the names and personalities of celebrities.



Gaming cons often have tournaments, some of which are sponsored by the publishing company or official fan clubs; others are run by the convention itself with house rules for points and whatever prizes are available.

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