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LARP (Live Action Role Playing) is a form of gaming where the participants physically portray characters within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.

It usually takes place at conventions, clubs and other fan meetings where a group – made up of acquaintances or strangers – come together for live roleplaying within a complete or semi-illusory setting. Because of this even non-RPG players can get involved with LARP, as it is a comprehensive activity among fans of different fandoms.

Can be considered a recent and well-known example is Spider-Man cosplayers who remake memes when they see each other. Formerly – still within the spider universe – in many cons, people dressed as Uncle Ben were looking for some Spider-Man to throw themselves on the ground and re-create the classic scene from the movie.

LARP in the World

Much more common in Europe and North America – particularly the United States – LARP was for a long time not widespread beyond this field. However, in recent years this view has changed.

There are currently live action medieval groups operating in Brazil, trying to spread the practice of the hobby across the country. One of the pioneers are the groups O Graal and SBM (Medieval Battle Simulation), which currently have members in the states of São Paulo (where the group started), Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The group uses foam swords to simulate combat, in a safe and fun way for the participants. There are also other groups that spread the activity, such as 7 Reinos Swordplay and Argeon-Larp, both from Rio de Janeiro.[1]


  • Beginnings, any significant events, games or shifts in player culture


The rules of a Live are also different from a regular RPG game. Dice are not used to test skills, simply because it is impractical: All characters have tokens, like in a tabletop RPG, and when characters have a contest (to see if, for example, one character can outwit the other) they perform chip comparisons and, generally quite simple methods to determine the winner.


  • Typical game structure and gameplay features, player expectations, game creator expectations, genres

Mainstream and Fan Views on LARP





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