Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer

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Name: Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer
Also Known As: Jesco Von Puttkamer
Occupation: very frequent Star Trek convention guest, aerospace scientist with NASA, an advisor for Star Trek: The Motion Picture
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Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer was a very frequent guest of honor at many Star Trek conventions, and NASA's (official, unofficial?) Star Trek fan liaison.

He wrote a single piece of fanfic, a story called "The Sleeping God," for Star Trek: The New Voyages #2.

von Puttkamer was also an occasional contributor to fanzines as a columnist and answerer of questions about science and space travel. See Organian Questor #6 (1978), Inside Star Trek #25 (1978), Orion Quadrant #1, #2 (1979, 1980), and Interstat #30 (1980).

a fan-drawn portrait of Jesco (uncredited) printed in the second Shore Leave program book (1980)

Con Guest of Honor and/or Presenter