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Star Trek Convention
Name: Star Trek: Houston
Dates: March 12-14, 1976 (may have continued as a Trek/Comics con as late as 1983)
Frequency: once
Location: Sheraton-Houston Hotel
Type: for-profit, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek, NASA
Founder: Jim Van Hise, possibly G.B. Love
Founding Date:
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Star Trek: Houston was 1976 Star Trek con held in Houston, Texas. It was billed as "The Largest Star Trek Convention Ever Held in the Southwest!"

This con is not the same thing as Houstoncon.

flyer for Houston Con 1976, side one
flyer, side two
a con souvenir book published by The Phantom Empire.

Guest of Honor were James Doohan, Walter Koenig, and Jesco von Puttkamer.

It had guest and fan panels, twenty Star Trek episodes, a SF film room, "NASA films, a masquerade, and a dealer's room.

The door prize was a painting by Morris Dollens, which was printed on the back of the souvenir program book.

How Many?

The 1976 con was the first one.

It may have continued as a Trek/Comics con as late as 1983. There is an ad for "Star Trek Houston" in an issue of Starlog for this con ("Trek/Comics") at the Hyatt Regency in Houston on June 2-5, 1983.

Contents of the Con Souvenir Book

"Much of the material in this publication was donated by the RB-CC published by Jim Van Hise."

  • inside front cover, black and white illo by Don Rosa, portrays Kirk and Spock coming back through the Guardian of Forever with scads of comic books and pulp zines
  • An Evening With Gene Roddenberry, article by Jim Van Hise, includes photos (5)
  • An Interview with James Doohan (5)
  • The Cage/The Menagerie: A Comparison, an article by Jim Van Hise (7)
  • a full-page ad for Trek (Special Spock Issue) (10)
  • The Tholian Web, many high-quality stills and screen shots with much commentary by an unknown fan (11)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before, article by Jim Van Hise about the show (23)
  • An Interview with Walter Koenig (26)
  • Star Trek: Beyond the Pilots, article by Jim Van Hise (28)
  • half-page fan art by Joyce Huser
  • inside back cover, black and white illo of Enterprise in space heading for a giant germ-planet thing, the artist is credited on it as "SF"
  • back cover, color illo of The Big E in a space battle with a Klingon warship

Images from the Con Souvenir Book