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Title: Only Trek
Editor(s): Katharine Scarritt and Mary Lowe
Date(s): December 1982-July 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Only Trek is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of art, poetry and fiction.

Art has been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Mary Lowe
back cover of issue #1, Pat Kilner

Only Trek 1 was published in December 1982 and contains 202 pages. Cover: Mary Lowe, back cover: Pat Kilner. Art by Mary Lowe, Barbara Gordon, Barbara Walker, Pat Kilner, Mark Dowman, James Doyle, and Paula Mathai. The typing was done by Pamela Rose.

[From the editorial:] ONLY TREK is a little late, as you who preordered can see, but, now that you have it in your hands, we think you can see why. When we set the deadline for ONLY TREK, we expected to have 130 pages, but the project blossomed (where did all those pages come from?) and when you're pasting up more than 200 pages—with half-tones, color, reductions, etc.—hours can seem like days. (In fact, they are days!) All seriousness aside, we hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labor (!). ONLY TREK is an attempt to return to the original themes and ideas in the series; to present a crossection of artistic interpretations of Trek. Although the definition of "Trek" is nebulous, and subject to many different interpretations, we hope this zine will satisfy the requirements of "Trekness". (Trekness? Ican'tbelieveIsaidthat.) We have new writers and artists making their debut here, as well as some of the more established names in fanfiction. Of course, LOC's will be welcomed with open arms, and printed in the next issue (even if they say bad things!) We are accepting contributions for ONLY TREK #2. Subject matter is not restricted, although X-rated material may be published separately. The only requirement is that the submission have as its theme one of the basic themes of Star Trek.
  • By the Book (Editorial) (1)
  • Prologue by Shona Jackson (3)
  • The Human Thing To Do by Joyce Tullock (Spock and a reluctant McCoy are guest speakers at a scientific symposium attended primarily by Vulcans. McCoy feels uncomfortable and out of place and plans to avoid fulfilling his obligations at the symposium until he overhears a conversation that changes his mind.) (5)
  • The Sailing by Pamela Rose (11)
  • To Search No More by Heidi Bloebaum (38)
  • T'lya [1] by Jan Beckworth (39)
  • The Thrill of It All by Heidi Bloebaum (42)
  • Called by the Stars by Teresa Sarick (43)
  • Deadly Compassion by Donna Toutant (45)
  • In the Cold Reality of Fight by Crystal Ann Taylor (73)
  • Vision In the Mirror by Katharine Scarritt (75)
  • The Elusive Enterprise by Teresa Sarick (filk, "elusive butterfly of love) (87)
  • Mneme: the Muse of Memory by Alayne Gelfand (It is ten years since the Enterprise was destroyed with close to 400 dead. In his dying moments Spock had implored McCoy to care for Kirk, and the doctor has tried to do that although confined to a wheelchair. He begins to worry that his care is not enough when Kirk claims to be visited by his dead companions.) (89)
  • Genesis by Sharon Hunter (94)
  • The Needs of the Many by Patricia Frazer Lamb (95)
  • Eclipse for Mourning by Amanda Wesley (96)
  • Second Chance by Jeanne Noga (99)
  • In Phoenix Fire by Nancy Esther James (Empath, Gem's view) (136)
  • This Side of Purgatory by Nancy Esther James (Leyla's view) (137)
  • Saturday Night Vulcan by Diane Miskiewicz and Cinde Deren (Somehow Spock is persuaded to accompany McCoy on a trip to a 'real, live 20th century disco'. It proves to be the horrendous experience he anticipated, but with a surprise that might make it all worthwhile.) (139)
  • Just Watch by Patricia Demetri (158)
  • Shadows of Silence by Lori Paige (161)
  • Where the Resemblance Ends by Mary Lowe (181)
  • On Friendship Won by Sharon F (198)
  • Do You by Patricia Demetri (202)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

As the title suggests, this zine is for Trek fans. It does not contain anything but G-rated stories. There is a color cover, and oddly enough, it is the weakest piece of art in the whole zine. Inside the art is good to excellent and the layout is well done. In the editorial, it is stated that this zine is late because it grew from 130 pages to 200. In my opinion, at least one of the stories could have been left out, and it would have been a better zine for it. The two stories I enjoyed most were 'Second Chance' and 'Where the Resemblance Ends.' 'Second Chance' is pure Trek, Kirk dealing with an alien race, but it is a story as much about the aliens as Kirk and Spock and good science fiction in the bargain. 'Where the Resemblance Ends' is a Trek meets Questor story. Entertaining and it makes you smile. Then there is 'Saturday Night Vulcan.' I couldn't find anything right about it. The characters seemed wrong, the premise was weak, it was too long... The rest of the stories are basically good without inspiring any real enthusiasm on my part. Most focus on Kirk and Spock but some are about McCoy, Uhura, and even about Saavik. If Trek is your love, this is a good first effort, and it deserves a second chance. [2]
  • The Human Thing To Do / McCoy tries to opt out of a dinner for him and Spock as guests of honor among Vulcan scientists.
  • The Sailing / After "Where No Man" Kirk sinks into depression over Gary Mitchell; Spock accompanies him on a sailing trip and they are shipwrecked.
  • T'lya / Spock's will declares Saavik his heir, bringing her into the family.
  • Deadly Compassion / Kirk and Spock are stranded by a shuttle crash, which also leaves Kirk blind. Villagers capture them and attempt to free Kirk from his blindness by killing Spock to destroy his "evil spell". They escape this group only to come upon another which would kill them to prevent them from suffering lingering death from their injuries.
  • Vision In the Mirror / Mirror-Spock must decide whether to join Marlena's resistance movement or remain with Kirk.
  • Mneme: the Muse of Memory/ After a dreary retirement spent reliving the deaths of his ship and crew, Kirk - & a crippled McCoy - are visited by the long-dead Spock.
  • Second Chance / Kirk & Co. discover secrets of an ancient space-faring equine race when Kirk is possessed by one of their humanoid partners.
  • Saturday Night Vulcan / The gang conspire to throw Spock a surprise party -- at a disco. Cute.
  • Shadows of Silence / Kirk & Uhura in shuttle crash while escorting an ambassador to his trial for a grisly murder - who turns out to be a werewolf. Lousy premise & trite ending, but otherwise nicely executed.
  • Where the Resemblance Ends / Enterprise travels to 1975 to discover android left by Preservers to assist human technological development, leading to fertile ground for Spock & McCoy to debate the humanity of machines.
  • On Friendship Won / Spock comforts Kirk after a mission that failed to prevent total war.
  • Notable Poems:
    • In Phoenix Fire / [Empath, Gem's view]
    • This Side of Purgatory / [Leyla's view]
    • Filk: The Elusive Enterprise / ("elusive butterfly of love") [3]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Mary Lowe
back cover of issue #2, Pat Kilner
frontispiece from issue #2 by Pat Kilner

Only Trek 2 was published in July 1985 and contains 134 pages.

The art is by Mary Lowe, Barbara Walker, Carolyn Cooper, Lee Heller, Paula Mathai, Barbara Gordon, and Pat Kilner.

This zine was sold at MoreEastly Con and other places. Some fans were quite unhappy about how long it took for this issue to be printed. [4]

[From the editorial]: There is a moment of truth during the production of every zine, usually about two a. m. before the deadline when you wonder whether you are completly, totally insane or not. Upon some reflection you decide yes, of course you are out of your mind, but so what? It's fun! (You think.) We have observed this phenomenon at first hand on several local Texas zines, as well as collecting stories from editors in other parts of the country. But what would life be like without the sound and fury of producing and collecting zines? Only Trek 2 might be subtitled 'the long and short of it' in more ways than one. First, almost every submission we received was either a short-short or a looong story. The LOC's on Only Trek 1 followed the same pattern. A few detailed letters and a lot of brief notes to the effect of "I liked it". For this reason we decided not to publish them - it would have been a bit sparse. To help round out the zine we have three stories that are reprinted from out-of-print zines. Hopefully, many of you will not have encountered them before. (Yes, Mary, I know that's an awkward construction, but have you got any better suggestions?) Sunshine For Sale is from Nexus 5 [5], Symbiosis is from Deck 5 Digest 1, and A Different Kind of Love Story is from Phoenician Star Galley. An interesting mix, we think. Hope you enjoy it. Only Trek 3 is in the early planning stages, and looking for contributors of stories and art. SASE for more information to : Katharine Scarritt.
  • Editorial (1)
  • frontispiece art by Pat Kilner (2)
  • Space Child's Lullaby by Shona Jackson (3)
  • Sunshine for Sale by Pamela Rose (5) (while the editorial says this story is reprinted from Nexus #5, it is actually from Enter-comm #5)
  • Placeless Space by Lee Heller (13)
  • Weekend Rates by Adele Peterson (15)
  • The Task by Jeanne Noga (16)
  • Recognition by Patricia Demetri (48)
  • Who Mourns for Adonais by Lee Heller (49)
  • A Different King of Love Story by Kandy Fong (50) (from Phoenician Star Galley)
  • No Kill I by Wendy Rathbone (51)
  • In a Spring Still Not Spoken Of by Nancy James (53)
  • Bonds by Ciane McAuliffe (63)
  • After Amok Time by Heidi Bloebaum (64)
  • Koon-ut-Kalifee by Shona Jackson (67)
  • Vulcan Woman’s Lament by Wendy Rathbone (68)
  • The Testing of Honor by Jeanne Noga (70)
  • The Mask by Ciane McAuliffe (109)
  • Genesis by Ann Wortham (111)
  • Vigil by Alayne Gelfand (112)
  • Star Touched by Meg Fine (121)
  • Maybe by Sharon Hyler (123)
  • Symbiosis by Mary Lowe (129) (from Deck Five Digest #1
  • One Summer Day by Teresa Sarick (134)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews for Sunshine for Sale.


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  4. A fan wrote a personal statement complaining that her story was accepted to this zine two years previously, and she hadn't heard a peep from the editors since. -- a letter by Ann Wortham in Datazine #38
  5. This is in error; the story is actually from Enter-comm #5