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Name: Carolyn Cooper
Type: fanzine publisher, fic writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Star Wars, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Star Trek: TOS
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Carolyn Cooper is a long time fanzine editor, publisher, writer and illustrator.

Her letterzine Blue Pencil contained what we now call meta essays, some of which have been highlighted here on Fanlore.

She also published The Klingon Joke Book and The Imperial Joke Book as well as the long running Star Wars fanzine series From a Certain Point of View.

In the days before the Internet, she published short daily newsletters at the 1986 Mediawest for convention attendees that were slipped under their hotel room doors.

Cooper also campaigned to get the fandom adzine Universal Translator on the Hugo ballot, though it did not win.

In 2020, she contributed an essay about fanzine history to Geek Elders Speak, a small press publication anthology about female creativity in mid-20th century fandom. [1]

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