Bloody Marvelous!

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Title: Bloody Marvelous!
Publisher: Whine Press
Editor(s): Carolyn Cooper
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Kung Fu: TLC
Language: English
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Bloody Marvelous! is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues 155-page anthology of fiction edited by Carolyn Cooper.

It also includes five vignettes, online and club listings, poster, bookmark, and artwork by J.M. McClure and Carolyn Cooper.

From the flyer: "In the spirit of new births, issue #1 of "Bloody Marvelous!" is devoted to, and filled with, pops -er, fathers of all kinds; new fathers, grandfathers, lost fathers, fathers-in-law, dead fathers, foster fathers, temporary fathers and more."

A second issue was to have been published in fall of 1995, but it did not make it off the ground.


Summaries are from the flyer:

  • Tiger Over the Mountain by Carolyn Cooper ("Kwai Chang Caine discovers the Tao of baseball and the truth of his own father's words.") (8 pages)
  • Scarborough Fair/Canticle by Carolyn Cooper ("Why "Peter?" And why didn't Laura's family take him in after the destruction of the temple?") (10 pages)
  • Fatherhood by Andi Byassee ("When Annie is stricken, Peter gets a lesson in parenting. Annie hurt, Peter babysits, Need I say more?") (7 pages)
  • Redemption Lost by Carolyn Cooper ("As "The Bardo" showed us, Peter didn't really accept Caine's departure after "Redemption" with equanimity.") (4 pages)
  • Family Reunion by J.M. McClure ("When Paul Blasidell returns home for his mother's funeral, with Caine and Peter in tow, no fatted calf awaits.") (18 pages)
  • Two Shaolin and A Baby by Carolyn Cooper ("Peter is trying to find a psychopathic sadist, but Pop needs him to babysit. We can't say any more without ruining the fun?") (40 pages)
  • Undercover (2 pages)
  • A Violent Man by Carolyn Cooper ("While on a hot date, Peter takes out a gunman on a spree and becomes a hero. So, why isn't he happy? There's hurt; there's comfort; there's Caine trying to find something to eat in Peter's fridge.") (40 pages)
  • Borrowed Time by Mary Lowe ("Peter has a son, but something is wrong. The question is where's Pop?") (18 pages)