Revenge of the Garbage

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Title: Revenge of the Garbage
Publisher: Z.P. Florian
Date(s): 1997? 1998?
Series?: yes
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars
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Revenge of the Garbage is an adult het and slash 220-page anthology by various authors. Artwork by Z.P. Florian and Zyene. Cartoons by Maggie Nowakowska.

front cover
back cover



The publisher wrote:
At that time SW erotica was an anathema for a good number of fans. But plenty of people wrote erotic stories made erotic drawings... But they were keeping them in their desk drawers maybe showing them to a couple of very good friends. I wanted to have a zine to make those stories available for those who believe that there's sex in the SW universe in all shapes and forms. I thought I'll get a lot of flak but it wasn't nowhere near as bad as I expected. [1]

From the Title Page

Attention: homemade material, dry clean only. Variations in grammar and spelling are natural to the product. Keep out of reach of children. Do not freeze. Contents might elevate blood pressure, may cause palpitations.


  • LOCs (3)
  • Interlude by Martha Wilson (8)
  • The Price by Elizabeth Stuart (also archived here) (38)
  • Alderaanian Pleasure by A. Gettim (49)
  • Just One Night by Kathy C. (55)
  • Surrender by Cara J. Loup (58) (sequel to "Defeat" by Elizabeth Stuart in the previous issue)
  • Not Alone by B'Erel (73)
  • Joy of Eden by Fire & Water (74)
  • Diplomatic Incident by Randi DuMois (81)
  • Twin Love by M.S. (96)
  • Black Widow by Elizabeth Stuart (also archived here) (101)
  • Flyboys by Z.P. Florian (111)
  • Shadows of Yesterday by Z.P. Florian (131)
  • Too Hot To Handle by Elizabeth Stuart (also archived here) (135)
  • Alexia by Grace Cattlett (140)
  • Spacer's Screw by Laryssa Strangepassion (153)
  • Emperor's Birthday by Fritz (159)
  • On the Edge of a Dream by Cara J. Loup (167)
  • Revenge by A. Gettim Jr. (175)
  • The Perfect Sapphire by Anne Stefan (179)
  • A Little Sip of Wine by Penny Black (187) (Beru/Vader)
  • Feel the Force by Kip Thorsten (196)
  • The Companion by M. Barrassed (198)
  • A Corellian in Hell by the Mud Dwarf (203)
  • Another Night's Work by Rich Gawel (204)
  • The Gift by M. Barrassed (210)
  • Limerick by M. Barrassed (217)


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