The Menace of the Rest of the Garbage

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Title: The Menace of the Rest of the Garbage
Publisher: Z.P. Florian
Date(s): 2001
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Star Wars
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The Menace of the Rest of the Garbage is an adult het and slash 180-page anthology by Ide Cyan, Vic Coopers, Kit Dee'lyn, Z.P. Florian, Alexandra Jones, Kate, Teresa Kilmer, Cara J. Loup, Renee, Judy S., Marti Schuller, and Veronica Wilson.

front cover
back cover by Kate
title page


The editor/publisher wrote:
At that time SW erotica was an anathema for a good number of fans. But plenty of people wrote erotic stories made erotic drawings like this... But they were keeping them in their desk drawers maybe showing them to a couple of very good friends., I wanted to have a zine to make those stories available for those who believe that there's sex in the SW universe in all shapes and forms. I thought I'll get a lot of flak but it wasn't nowhere near as bad as I expected. [1]
This zine was put together twice once I've done it reaily nice sent it to Linda Knights to be printed Fedex said they delivered it but I never got word from her that she got it, if this is a Sith conspiracy the only way to beat it to use the dark side but it is not faster quicker, and definitely not easier, and have a couple of copies printed just to have something for Mediawest con. This is the second attempt to put the zine together, it is not going to be as nice as the first because I didn't really have time to do this right. But it is still better than nothing. [2]



This zine might cause palpitations or rapid heart beat. Not recommended for those with heart problems, high blood pressure or those who are suffering from severe lack of a wild streak. The editor of the zine is not responsible for uncontrolled yearnings for imaginary characters from another universe. Even if they are caused by this zine. The zine contains advertising for other enticing zines to be acquired... even at the expense of your grocery budget. You have been warned.

About the Art and Handwork

"Back cover by Kate. Illos of Han and Leia by Judy S. Glorious naked Luke on page 98 by Renee. Everything else by Z.P. Florian. Page numbering done by hand by Z.P. Florian. That's why it is so unique."


  • The Story of Lady Carnalia by Z.P. Florian (4)
  • Summer Rains, Summer End by Teresa Kilmer (also in Patient Z Collected) (7)
  • The Gift of Tides by Alexandra Jones (17)
  • Connections by Vic Coopers (31)
  • The Lover by Z.P. Florian and Victoria Wilson (37)
  • The Orchid by Ide Cyan (53)
  • The Dance by Sweet Heart (69)
  • illo for The Dance by Judy S, (74)
  • A Corellian in Hell by The Mud Dwarf (reprint of part one and two) (75)
  • Teaser of Part 3 (80)
  • A World Left Alone in the Sky by Cara J. Loup (81)
  • Mirra by Marti Schuller (108)
  • A Cold Night Sleep by Teresa Kilmer (also in Patient Z Collected) (116)
  • A Gift for a Jedi by Z.P. Florian (130)
  • The Colors of Darkness by Z.P. Florian (132)
  • Follow the Leader by Kit Dee'lyn (142)
  • Market of Zines (161)


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