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You may be looking for Millennium Trek.

Title: Millennium
Publisher: Michigan State University Star Trek Club
Editor(s): Tina Henry, co-editor Edward Salaski
Date(s): 1977-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Millennium is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology published by the Michigan State University Star Trek Club.

It was the first zine published by the club after the departure of Warped Space.

Issue 1

Millennium 1 was published in March 1977 and contains 70 pages. An ad in Scuttlebutt #1 says "contains part of the 'Diamonds and Rust' series."

  • Editorial (2)
  • Cartoons by Kim Blekis (3)
  • Because of You by Ginna La Croix (4) (also in Trek Encore #4)
  • The Star Fleet Captain's Litany by Pandora Chaos (17) (poem)
  • A Very Active Imagination by Elizabeth Carrie (20) (A young fanzine writer gets into trouble: in the middle of writing, she finds herself aboard the Enterprise.)
  • Warriors by Ingrid Cross (32) (poem)
  • Tiger Stars by L. Jeanne Powers (34) (poem)
  • D and R Synopsis by Rusty Hancock (35)
  • Undone, a D & R segment by Cheryl Rice (37) (in the Diamonds and Rust series)
  • art by Susan Armstrong (inside back cover), Kathi Higley, Gee Moaven, Marty Siegrist (front and back cover), Pat Wood

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

There is absolutely nothing memorable in this first issue by the Club since Warped Space pulled out, save for the Diamonds & Rust chapter, Undone by Cheryl Rice. The other material can't begin to come up to it, some even more suitable for a free club zine. In art, Gee Moaven, Marty Siegrist, and new artist Pat Wood stand out among other drawings that just miss looking like the characters they were aimed for. Poetry is fair. Good cover drawing, well bound, secure, adequate layout, easy to read. A promising future. [1]

Issue 2

Millennium 2 (aka "Second Millennium") was published in August 1977 and contains 70 pages. The art is by Marty Siegrist, Pat Thompson, Joni Wagner, and Kim Blekis.

cover of issue #2, Marty Siegrist, from an idea by Dennis Tabaczewski
  • Editorials (2) by Ingrid Cross and by Tina Henry
  • The Strategist, fiction by Susan Stephenson (McCoy presents Spock with a lollipop after his vaccination, as a lure to get Kirk down to Sickbay for his own booster.) ) (reprinted in Log Entries #23) (4)
  • IDIC by Rusty Hancock (9)
  • Discourse, poem by Toni Cardinal (14)
  • A Question of Philosophy, poem by Toni Cardinal (15)
  • Before I Sleep, poem by David Lubkin (16)
  • Bah, Humbug!, poem by David Lubkin
  • Ruth: Leave-Taking, poem by Erin St. John (17)
  • Remembrance, fiction by Diane McClaugherty (18)
  • The Late Show by Winston Howlett and Paul Kirby (22)
  • Tal I Zar by Elizabeth Carrie (24)

Issue 3

Millennium 3 (aka "Third Millennium") was published in May 1980 and contains 56 pages. It features artwork by Kathi Higley, Connie Sever and Marty Siegrist.

This issue focuses mostly on Spock and what aliens are once more doing to him.

cover of issue #3
  • At the Speed of Thought by Elizabeth Carrie (2)
  • The Waiting Room by Carrie Sever (15)
  • The Presence by Toni Cardinal (19)
  • Cartoons by Kathi Higley (56)

Issue 4

Millennium 4 (aka "Fourth Millennium") was published in May 1981 and contains 54 pages.

cover of issue #4, Clark VanHekkon
  • A Paramount Predicament by Marilyn Newton (2)
  • Nonbah's Vigil by Shona Jackson (25)
  • Help by Laurie Shanahan (27)
  • Returning Home by Ginna LaCroix (30) (also in Trek Encore #3)
  • Visit from a Sea of Stars by Michelle Bowers (35)
  • art by Michelle Bowers, Shona Jackson (inside front and back covers), Luellen Phelps, Marty Siegrist, Philip Rose (back cover) and Clark VanHekkon (front cover)

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