The Michigan State University Star Trek Club

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Fan Club
Name: The Michigan State University Star Trek Club (MSUSTC)
Dates: founded in September 1974
Founder(s): Lori Chapek
Country based in:
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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The Michigan State University Star Trek Club is best-known as the publisher of the first 21 issues of Warped Space.

Lori Chapek-Carleton (and Candee Hale?) were the founders. [1]

For more on the protracted legal battle between this club and Lori Chapek-Carleton, see Michigan State University Star Trek Club vs. Warped Space.

Conventions Hosted


Some Flyers

Fan Comments

Paula Block: I always liked media, and I used to write little stories just for myself because nobody else in the world was interested in them when I was growing up, but… I was… I attended Michigan State University, and I was there from, let’s see, 1971-75. While I was there, around 1974, I saw an ad in the school newspaper advertising for Star Trek fans because a club was going to be formed, the Michigan State University Star Trek Club. I decided to go to a meeting, and I met a lot of people who, for the first time in my life, really seemed interested in something I was interested in, too, which, at the time, was Star Trek, even though it had been off the air for five years. And these people had things I’d never seen before, like, slides of episodes and 16mm copies of episodes, and they could identify an episode by just a slide that was put up on the screen, you know, just by the tilt of Spock’s eyebrow. And I liked these people, and I found out that the leader of the pack, the person who had organized the fan club was a woman named Lori Chapek, who later became Lori Chapek-Carlton, and she wanted to start a fanzine because she had seen other fanzines and wanted to do it locally, so I finally, at last, had a venue to put some of my writing and get feedback on it. [2]

Gordon Carleton: In Fall of '74 three young ladies showed up on the State News display advertising office where I hung out) to take out an ad for a new Star Trek club. I went to the second meeting. I observed. By the third meeting, Lori Chapek (one of the young ladies I had first seen in my office and had observed and judged competent at the second meeting) had announced the formation of a fanzine. Jane Clinkenbeard offered some artwork and a cover with a title -- WARPED SPACE. I presented three graphics I had kicking around. [3]


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