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You may be looking for McCoy's Illegible Log or The Medical Log.

Title: Dr. McCoy's Medical Log ("Doctor McCoy's Medical Log")
Editor(s): Ruth Ann Hepner
Date(s): March 1981 - to?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of an unknown issue

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log is a a gen Star Trek: TOS collection of McCoy-centric fiction, art, clippings, and non-fiction published in the 1980s.

It appears to have been a publication of a fan club called "U.S.S. Sirius," but broke off from this club after some "serious copyright problems," something that was mentioned in issue #11.

There are at least 57 issues, some titled "Supplements."

Massive Confusion and Irregularities Regarding Numbering

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log was more like an apazine than a pure fiction zine, with Ruth Ann Hepner as the "head organizer" and contributor of most of the content. The plan was to have it published three times a year (March, June, October) but this appears to have deviated quite a bit. The "subscription" was $7.

Some of Hepner's novels/compilations were distributed under this series name but not specified as such. This means there is A LOT of of confusion and irregularities regarding volume numbering.

Some of the known works created in this series that appear in various issues (at this time unknown) of "Dr. McCoy's Medical Log."

  • "A Search Zine" (From a 1984 ad in Universal Translator #24: "Adapted from ST:SFS, this special zine includes stories, poetry, art, and a personal letter from Harve Bennett, to this editor's delight.")
  • "B.J. and I!" (1985, "A gen Star Trek: TOS collection of fifty stories and poems by B.J. Scurlock and Ruth Ann Hepner, in three volumes, each over 100 pages long. Xeroxed.")
  • "Save the Doctor" (1987 or before, from the publisher in Communications Console #1: "A special tribute where Dr. McCoy gets into all sorts of trouble but always comes out of it.")
  • "Uhura's Cure" written by Peggy Avant (1989 or before. "It's about Uhura dying from a disease and with Spock's help finds a cure for Uhura as with some interesting facts into the relationship with Uhura and Kirk in this story. Other issues are about Doctor McCoy as with this issue, and worth the price of reading." [1])

Some Ads

From a 1982 ad in Riders to the Stars #1: "Consider yourself invited to join DR. McCoy's Medical Log! Dues are $7.00 a year, for which you will received three -- count 'em, three -- medical logs: March, June, and October. The logs contains stories, cartoons, poems, you name it! Anything concerning Star Trek, the Big E, and bones. If you're interested write to Ruth Ann Hepner."

From issue #8 (1983): "Doctor McCoy's Medical Log is an independent and amateur publication and is not intended for personal profit by way of $$$, but by making friends with other Trek fans... The Medical Log is independently organized by One Trek Fan -- Ruth Ann Hepner.... We will continue with the Logs as long as possible to help DeForest Kelley continue with his beautiful character of Dr. McCoy in Star Trek. The fans love him! The fans need him!"

The Trek Fan's Handbook said you could order a zine called "Lost." It was "a series of 10 stories set to a timewarp theme where... McCoy/Kirk/Spock find themselves in a civil war period. Full series sent in a box." It collected all the parts of the story as printed as of 1983 in Dr. McCoy's Medical Log.

From a 1992 ad in FYI Adzine #12: "If anyone can contribute to the Medical Logs, send submissions with a Star Trek theme, featuring Dr. McCoy."

The Best of the Medical Logs

In April 1983, this zine was advertised for sale. The publisher, Ruth Ann Hepner, described it as such: "The best six stories in our 2 1/2 years of McCoying around. Includes Hepner's first story, 'Trial' (which runs 70 pages). Total zine length is 189 pages, xeroxed." [2]

The "Lost" Series: Descriptions by the Author

See Lost.

There will be a series of Civil War McCoy stories for the next few years, good Lord willing and if he can keep up the pace acting --- I can [keep] writing!

The beginning to our series McCoy leaves the Enterprise because of Kirk's wrath on McCoy. Scotty beams McCoy to the Civil War period but on the Northern Side, hoping it will patch things up with him and Kirk realises the danger since McCoy is from Atlanta and beams down to get him, but Scotty purposely prevents their reunion, must find McCoy before his transported to an actual Union prison Camp. Here is the rundown for each year:

1984 Trapped (Spangler's Spring): McCoy will get into some bad spots. He will get captured several times as his Southern accent gives him away. His in a tight spot as Union as Union troops caught him, the Spring is a quiet symbol of truth as both Union and Rebel troops came to get water only later to meet each other at death's door the next day, but it gives McCoy a chance to think about his over future with Kirk as he hears the soothing sounds from the Spring.

1985 Dr. Gordon: McCoy meets up with another doctor and became friends. They help each other with their stress problems in helping people with their pain. Gordon wanted to give up to life from loosing his family in a raid and McCoy has lost his confidence doctoring because of Jim. The War's struggle to survive will help them find their needs.

1986 Pickett's Charge: McCoy and Gordon find themselves becoming friends. For McCoy's Gordon is the friend he needs after loosing Jim's trust. For Gordon, McCoy helped him want to live again. But how can one live in a war that's about to start. The day's battle bring their senses back as it became to busy to say idle doctoring. McCoy misses Kirk and Gordon realizes [this]. Why does it take Kirk so long to find Bones?

1987 Devil's Den and Jenkin's Calvery: A bit of excitement here. McCoy get's a taste of the fighting at Devils Den. A group of maurder's [sic] terrorize citizens and hurt Gordon. McCoy is furious but he is stopped as White Robe's make McCoy a Southern Spy. A nasty but exciting scene for a while and Kirk finally finds McCoy shot by the Calvary.

1988 General Lee and McCoy: I haven't figured this one out yet but working at it.

1989: A year open for suggestions.

1990 End: McCoy and Kirk find the truth about each other and beam back to the Enterprise under strange circumstances. Will McCoy stay on the Enterprise? [3]

My special LOST series looks great for the first introduction. It's 50 pages and I won't have any other stories, etc. I'd like LOST to be by itself to help the special Civil War theme. And I know it will continue at least five years. If any of you want to help please let me know. I could use poems and artwork always. I'm planning on having McCoy's son run into him in a battle conflict in an area at Gettysburg called Devil's Den. How about that! [4]

Issue 1 (March 1981)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 1 was published in March 1981.

Issue 2 (1981)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log was published in 1981 and contains about 150 pages. The art is dated 1980.

front cover
back cover
  • The Trial of Doctor McCoy, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • The Cell, poem
  • In the Cave, poem
  • McCoy is Home, poem
  • New Friends and Old, poem by Joseph Perry

Issue 3 (August 1981)

Issue 4 (March 1982)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 4 contains 40 pages. It has illos by Nancy Gervais.

front cover of issue #4

This issue has a newspaper clipping that shows actor Michael Ansara talking with Ruth Ann Hepner (age 18) and "singer Lori Hilton." Hepner was secretary of the "Conchise Fan Club."

  • Soul of the Dove, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Soul of the Dove, story by Jeanie Humphrey ("'The Soul of the Dove'" is an alternative ending to the aired episode of "The Day of the Dove" and contains violence that may upset some readers. Some subjects in the story such as the bonding between Spock and McCoy may seem Adult but is necessary to relate to the rest of the story. All in "all its an exciting story. Might be a bit touchy at times but exciting. Enjoy!")
  • What If Spock Dies? by Ruth Ann Hepner ("Special Story: What if Spock gets wounded on a battle raid with Kirk and a raiding party. He comes back to sick-bay and McCoy operates. But dies in the operation! How will, the Enterprise crew take it. How will McCoy take it! How will you take it! WARNING: This is a very sad story!")
  • Physician Heal Thyself, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • A Medical Malady, poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • A Doctor for All Time, poem by B.J. Scurlock (has a date of November 1981)
  • A Poem for Leonard Nimoy by B.J. Scurlock (has a date of December 1981)
  • Country Doctor, poem by Teresa Sarick
  • Intrepid, Intrepid, fiction by B.J. Scurlock

Issue 5 (November 1982)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 5 was published in November 1982.

  • Star Trek: 1982 by Ruth Ann Hepner (Star Trek RPF, "Warning -- this is a FANTASY! Please do not start rumors and [it] is not intended to harm anyone's private life or cause possible static. Written for drama's sake.") (In this story (taking place in August 1982), DeForest Kelley gets put in jail in Los Angeles, for selling drugs to William Shatner's daughters. This causes obvious problems, including that with the current Star Trek film and his wife staring divorce proceedings. Kelley stops eating and people are mean to him. Shatner thinks he's really guilty, Nimoy thinks he was framed. Nimoy visits Kelley in jail, tells him to never give up hope, and tells him he loves him. There's a fire in the jail and another inmate is injured; Kelley takes him to the prison doctor instead of running away. ("I'm still Dr. McCoy in my heart.") Shatner growls bitterly and tells Nimoy he hoped Kelley burns to death as he can't forgive him for selling drugs to his daughters. Shatner finally visits Kelley in jail, and Kelley sobs in relief. Shatner relents and tells him that "I'm your Captain, now stop." The trio shares a warm hug. Kelley is released into Shatner and Nimoy's custody. Kelley chops some firewood for Shatner. Marcy Shatner brings them sandwiches. Nimoy tells Kelley that 5000 fans have signed a petition that says they think Kelley is innocent. There is a lot of crying, and then some Paramount executives come to the house to beg Kelley to "come back to Paramount." Kelley cries some more. Shatner grovels. Marcy Shatner makes a big meal, which Kelley says must be why "Bill is so heavy." Kelley cries some more and Shatner tucks him into bed after giving him a sedative. Later, on the movie set at Paramount, a kidnapper takes Kelley by gunpoint and asks for a million dollars. Shatner and Nimoy rescue him by putting a smoke bomb in the air conditioner. Carolyn Kelley and DeForest Kelley kiss and make up. Marcy makes another meal. "Bill grins and blushes. The new movie will start next week. "It's going to be a special one." As Bill walked by, he watched De with Carolyn. It's as it should be, he thought. Bill and Marcy will never hurt you again, my dear friend. You have forgiven me. You have." The End.)

Issue 6 (December 1982)

Contains "The Ultimate Gift" and "Love & Rebirth."

January 1983

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 7 was published in March 1983 though some of it was written in January 1983 [5] and contains 90 pages. On the cover: "Dr. McCoy's Georgia." Inside it is called "The Life of McCoy Series Part 1: McCoy Manor & Georgia."

cover of issue #7 (January 1983)

It contains poems by Ira Wolcott and Ruth Ann Hepner, sketches by Hepner and Nancy Gervais, and a review of the Sugar Bowl between Georgia and Penn '83.


  • McCoy Manor (has lots of chapters) by Hepner
  • Divorce by Hepner
  • Destiny by Terry Clark
  • Anniversary by B.J. Scurlock
  • The Chosen Path by Katherine Fritz


  • Help Others by Wolcott
  • Try Again by Wolcott
  • Health by Wolcott
  • McCoy Manor by Hepner
  • The Lending Hand by Wolcott
  • Pondering by Wolcott
  • Giving by Wolcott
  • Passing Time by Wolcott
  • many, many more poems by Wolcott

Issue 7 (March 1983)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 7 was published in March 1983 and contains 50 pages.

It may be the novel by Ruth Ann Hepner called "Treason."

Summary: "McCoy's branded a traitor after turning Spock over to the Romulans in order to save a mission. Kirk doesn't understand, and McCoy is court-martialed. Their friendships seems useless, and McCoy retires in order to escape life in a penal colony. He goes home to Georgia, then becomes ill. Is this the end of a beautiful friendship?" [6]

Issue 8 (June 1983)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 8 was published in June 1983 and contains 110 pages. It is subtitled "Jenny, a Gettysburg Experience." On the cover: "R.A. Jenny Hepner By." The illos are by Nancy Gervais.

front cover of issue #8

The zine is more like a scrapbook than anything else. It consists of one long story about McCoy meeting Jenny Wade (a real person) during the Civil War. The fiction takes up about half of the zine. The other half of the zine is:

  • several poems
  • clippings from newspapers about space exploration
  • photocopies of photos taken at Gettysburg by the author
  • photocopied pages of a graphic non-fiction account of Gettysburg
  • photocopied photos of Jenny Wade's house and interior
  • pamphlets
  • publicity stills of DeForest Kelley in various movies
  • some photos taken with a camera off of the television screen
  • fanart by Nancy Gervais and other unidentifed artists
  • photos from the movie "Gone with the Wind"
  • some Confederate slogans and pamphlets about the South rising again
  • odd photo montages of an undetermined nature

Issue 9 (October 1983)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 9 was published in October 1983 and contains about 346 (single-sided) pages.

front cover of issue #9
back cover of issue #9

The art is by Nancy Gervais, Cathi Brown, Shona Jackson, and Ruth Ann Hepner.

From the zine: "Speaking of mimeo there are still bad pages and I had to go over some of the rough ones. I hate that job. But some pages were badly blurred. I had such a hard time getting into using mimeo but I think I know now. You would laugh -- or cry if you saw how I have to struggle with that bottle fluid getting it to go. I get so mad sometimes."

  • McCoy Incidents, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner (this is reprinted in an issue in 1990)
  • The Harvest, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • An Angry Man, fiction by B.J. Scurlock ("An Angry Man is a unusual account and a sensitive story for Captain Kirk trying to make up his mind if he should take up being Admiral or not and it takes an unusual psychological but very real mission going through the Vietnam War. It takes Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy to bring Kirk back but will he stay. Thank you B. J. for this story. And I just want to give a little progress report for you here and the members. An Angry Man was advertised in Universal Translator and went over very well. My own "Treason" came close. After their add I received several orders which continued letters came in for about one month. I am still getting stragglers. So congratulations as well B.J. for doing so well with the response of fans still asking for An Angry Man. As if that wasn't enough I sent several copies to BASH for them to sell at the con in Nov. at Mass. So B.J. congratulations again. I'm sure they will get a good response. It's also my first try at selling for any convention and am anxious about it. Once again the mimeograph is rather bad but I took a weekend to get the most bad pages out and that was some job. An Editor really shouldn't spoil a perfectly good story with her printing but I had such a terrible time with it. Sorry B, J. would like to hear from you members how you liked An Angry Man. Do drop a letter.")
  • Absolution, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Private Fears, poem by Madge E. Longhurst
  • Dr. McCoy's Medicine, poem by Charles L. Hareford II
  • A Man Called McCoy, poem by Deborah Beats
  • McCoy, poem by Madge E. Longhurst
  • I Am a..., poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • A Doctor for All Time, poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • Country Doctor, poem by Teresa Sarick
  • Physical Heal Thyself, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Genesis, poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • Entity: Divided Unity, poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • The Triad, poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • Why, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Remember Me, poem by Deborah Beats
  • Universe's Child, poem by B.J. Scurlock
  • Remember Me, Doctor, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Absolution, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner

Issue 10 (March 1984)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 10 was published in March 1984 and contains about 285 pages (since this is printed single-sided, this is 142 pages of text). The art is by Kayleen Sybrandt, Deborah Beats, and Cathi Brown.

cover of issue #10

It contains the long novel "Kiska." On the cover: "A special Unicorn Circus Story."

From the editorial:

I shouldn't mention this perhaps, but at the office where I work at, going on my 24th year for the State, they brought in a copier for our room. Guess where it's standing. Right! In back of me! Joy! Oh happy bliss!!!! Of course you know I'm going to sneak copies now and then. They all know about it here at the office. Ruth's in her glory now. Who can resist when its so handy. Now I have two copiers to use. Woopie!

I'm not to keen about mimeo anymore. It gets me angry when it doesn't go well and uses up alot of wasted paper. It really doesn't save either so might stick with xerox for now. Two machines, wonderful.

  • Unicorn, poem by Tracey Woodend
  • Kiska, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • A Philadelphia Experience, fiction about T.J. Hooker & Romano in Phillie with the Mummers, by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Idleness, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • The Immortal, fiction by Sarah Chan
  • Mudd's Wonder, fiction by B.J. Scurlock
  • Cupid's Helper, fiction by Nancy Gervais
  • The Test of Friendship, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Parsic, cartoon by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • The Work of Teri S. Wood: Trouble with Terkkers, Amok Time, Klingon Party, Transition Ended [7]
  • Leonard Nimoy, Meet the Mummers, The Paramount Fire & W. Shatner Hero newspaper clippings
  • a cartoon "courtesy of Ruth Ann Adams Friendship Newsletter"
  • many odd, random clippings, badly photocopied photos with the subject of clowns, circuses, unicorns, parades, and unknown topics

Issue 11 (June 1984)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 11 was published in June 1984 and contains about 134 pages (since this is printed single-sided, this is 60 pages of text).

front cover of issue #11
back cover of issue #11

It contains part of the series "Lost," and has this novel's title on the cover.

From the author:

[original typos and grammar preserved]:

I don't mind telling you I am proud of this issue of the Medical Log. It's a great tribute for Dr. McCoy and his interest in the Civil War beaming him into the Gettysburg era with Kirk coming up the rear.

This is just the beginning for the true-blue McCoy fan. I promise at least 5 years, maybe even longer of a continued series for our favorite handsome Dr.

Again if any of you would like to help out in drawing, poems and ever, short verses, please let me know. S.L, Maria and Tracey Woodend were a big help and hope they continue. It gave a personal McCoy touch.

As for drawings I canna draw one line streight. So I am forced to trace. I'm good at that and use the coloring book. That alone takes time getting the streight, I mean right bodies for the right scene. So if any of you want to help out in future LOST issues, let me know.I send you a copy of the next issue with a stamped envelope and postage and you get a complimentary copy for your help. So come on, pitch in!

June is here and I'm glad to mail LOST out when the movie comes out. Great timing and I love it. Just happened that way. After LOST is finished I'd like to put the whole issue together and make one big special run. Wouldn't it look terrefic.


I did two runs on the first issue making 40 copies each! Making half one trip and the other later and of course sneaking copies at work sure helps! Much!


Also for all of you its time to renew for hext year. Hope you take advantage to the LOST series as they really look great. This is the best experiance I had in a long time. writing and distributing McCoy stories. Its great and I love, it; more so McCoy. Still do!

  • Lost, fiction by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • At the Spring, poem by S.L. Maria
  • The Man, poem by S.L. Maria
  • Of Stars and Wind and Time, poem by S.L. Maria
  • Words to Friends, poem by Tracey Woodend
  • Questions, poem by Tracey Woodend
  • Escape, poem by Tracey Woodend
  • Freedom, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Physician Heal Thyself, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • A Town Ready for War!, poem by Ruth Ann Hepner

Issue 12 (March 1985?)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 12 was planned for March 1985 and was to have 110 pages.

From a flyer in issue #11:

This will be 110 pages of nice submissions given to me to print for you. This issue includes several pieces of work from the Starfleet club I once belonged to and with me being Captain to the crew of Sirius. Since then I have resigned from some serious copyright problems with them. And because of this I didn't care to continue in that club. I was concerned they would try something with my own Med Log. However, I have included these members and hope they don't mind me using their work. Their Trek talent is an asset with the Medical Logs. Thank you to John E. Bailor, Natonne Kemp, Deborah Beats, Diane Compel, Tracey Woodend, S.L. Maria, Scott E. Taylor, Andrew Pl Schneck.

My thanks also to the Medical Log submissions for the fine stories, artwork and cartoons. We are 3 years in writing for McCoy -- Odyssey watch out!

Fiction was to include:

  • Returning Home by Ruth A. Hepner
  • A Star Trek Halloween Story by Ruth A. Adams
  • Through the Eyes of Pavel Chekov by B.J. Scurlock
  • Season's Greetings by Charmaine Wood
  • Captain Doctor by Mary Delcambre
  • Star Flek by John E. Bailor ("This story could offend just about everyone who reads it." -- promises the flyer)
  • Dr. McCoy... 10 Cent Discount by Ruth A. Hepner

Poems to include:

  • Friend or Foe by Natonne Kemp
  • A Man of Many Talents by Natonne Kemp
  • Emotion's a Dirty Word by Natonne Kemp
  • A Man Called McCoy by Deborah Beats
  • I'm Sorry Bones by Ruth A. Hepner
  • Dr. McCoy's Georgia by Ruth A. Hepner
  • Winter Conscellations [sic] by Diane Compel
  • To Be Alone by Tracey Woodend
  • I, T'Pring by S.L Maria
  • The Challenge by Scott E. Taylor
  • Of Starss and Wind and Time by Scott E. Taylor
  • Media Review by Scott E. Taylor
  • Space Music by S.L. Maria
  • What Uhura Might Say by B.J. Scurlock

Issue 13 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 13 was published in 1985 and contains about 50 pages.

flyer for this novel, printed in "Dr. McCoy's Medical Log" #11

It might be the novel "The Vexesation Within" which the author planned for March 1984 but may have used different material for that issue instead.

In issue #10, the author wrote:

I'm now working on a special friendship story. The kind I like and this is 50 pages with illustrations. I'm getting it proof-read by an expert who is a newspaper lady and couldn't get more expert help than that. And my writing could get spruced up in some areas. You've been a wonderful not complaining in this area. But "The Vexesation Within" has 3 parts. Will use it for March 85 issue. When you editing the years go by fast.

From two ads in Universal Translator: "The next few days were special for McCoy, Kirk, and even Spock. Patching up a special friendship grew into a legend for the crew to watch and admire. but forgiveness was the key word. McCoy found his peace and happiness at last on the Enterprise. Due in '85, 60+ pages, over 15 illos." Another description: "...contains a three part story... McCoy is left alone to die in a strange cave. Can Kirk leave Bones to die? Can McCoy understand why it happened? Will the friendship survive?." )

Issue 14 (1985)

Issue 15 (1985)

Issue 16 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 16 was published in 1985 and was to have 100 pages.

It might be the novel "The Gift of Sight."

In it, McCoy goes blind, and Kirk gives his eyes to him.

Issue 17 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 17 was published in 1985 and contains 80 pages.

  • An Angry Man by B.J. Scurlock (Kirk goes through a time warp to the Vietnam War, followed by McCoy and Spock) (reprinted in issue #30) From a publisher's ad: "'An Angry Man' by B.J. Scurlock, the only regular writer for the Medical Logs. Kirk goes through time to the Vietnam War, while wondering if he should leave the new Enterprise for good to become Admiral. It takes McCoy and Spock to find him in the rice paddies." [8])
  • The Evil One by Scurlock and Hepner
  • a T.J. Hooker story by Hepner

Issue 18 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 18 was published in 1985 and contains 100 pages. It contains stories in three volumes (100 pages each) by B.J. Scurlock and R. Hepner.

Issue 19 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 19 was published in 1985.

THIS MAY BE THE CONTENT (based on it being published on the occasion of the actor's 65th birthday on January 1985).

cover of issue #19 (a reprint of the cover of #5)
detail from the title page
  • McCoy/Kelley Zodiac by S.L. Maria
  • Con Pictures by Deborah Beats (April 1982) St. Louis
  • New York Con '81 transcribed by Vel Jaeger (likely a Schuster Star Trek Convention)
  • The Star Trek Puzzle by S.L. Maria
  • On Stage by Terry Clark
  • Media Review by Scott E. Taylor and S.L. Maria
  • History of Starfleet Carriers by Scott E. Taylor


  • The Doctor by Tracey Woodend
  • assorted birthday greetings by Tracey Woodend
  • Dr. McCoy's Georgia by Ruth A. Hepner
  • Physician Heal Thyself by Ruth A. Hepner
  • A Man Called McCoy by Deborah Beats
  • Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, Knowing by Ruth A. Hepner and Ira S. Wolcott (1934)
  • Dr. McCoy and Gem by Ruth A. Hepner


  • Birthright by Tracey Woodend (Spock and McCoy)
  • Editor to Voices of the Stars McCoy sketches by Nancy Gervais
  • Kirk and McCoy by Shona Jackson
  • back cover of McCoy by Cathi Brown
  • other art by Ruth A. Hepner


  • Warlock Report by Ruth A. Hepner
  • Panic by Lynn Campion
  • Friend or Foe by Natonne Kemp
  • A Man of Many Talents by Natonne Kemp
  • Emotion, a Dirty Word by Natonne Kemp
  • Birthright; a full length story by Ruth Ann Hepner (Summary from an ad in Universal Translator #21: "Birthright' is a special friendship story to celebrate De's 65th birthday. When a strange alien force invades the Enterprise, McCoy is left paralyzed. Only a three-way mind meld between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy can let the doctor choose his birthright: McCoy manor or the Enterprise.")
  • Dr. Leonard McCoy; 10% Discount by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Star Trek III; Prelude to War by Scott E. Taylor

Issue 20 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 20 was published in 1985.

Issue 21 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 21 was published in 1985.

Issue 22 (1985)

Issue 23 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 23 was published in 1985. It contains 'Firebomb" in which Witness copy Harrison Ford meets T.J. Hooker in a story about the Philadelphia MOVE evacuation incident.


Issue 24 (1985)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 24 was published in 1985 and contains 50 pages. It has a con report for Shore Leave #7 where DeForest Kelley was the guest. The zine includes photos from this con, as well as other cons.

Issue 25 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 25 was published in 1986 and is 285 pages. It contains a special report from freelance writer Linda Simeone about William Shatner and his horses. It also contains, among other things, info about Shore Leave #7 and DeForest Kelley.

Issue 26 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 26 was published in 1986.

From an ad in Universal Translator #30: "Features "Lost, volume 3." A Gettysburg Civil War timewarp experience. How long will McCoy stay in this strange timewarp, and will Kirk be able to bring him home? McCoy meets a group of boys while escaping the war and trying to find his way in life. Written by Ruth Ann Hepner; art by Pam Wetzel."

Issue 27 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 27 was published in 1986.

Issue 28 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 28 was published in 1986. It was a ST anniversary issue subtitled, "Infinity." It was a about DeForest Kelley at Shore Leave #7, includes full transcript of his remarks, photos, rare photos from Kelley's old movies and 200 pages of fiction.

Issue 29 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 29

Issue 30 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 30 was published in 1986 and contains 200 pages.

  • Tamarin by Cathi Brown (reprint from unknown source)
  • An Angry Man by Scurlock (reprinted from issue #17, Kirk goes through a time warp to the Vietnam War, followed by McCoy and Spock) (From a publisher's ad: "'An Angry Man' by B.J. Scurlock, the only regular writer for the Medical Logs. Kirk goes through time to the Vietnam War, while wondering if he should leave the new Enterprise for good to become Admiral. It takes McCoy and Spock to find him in the rice paddies." [9])
  • Bad Company by Hepner

Issue 31

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 31 was published in 1986 and contains 130 pages of stories and art.

  • Rebirth by Hepner
  • art by Howard and Wetzel

Issue 32 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 32 was published in 1986 and contains 200 pages.

  • Lost, part four (Civil War timewarp experience in which McCoy runs away from Kirk and the Enterprise in an attempt to find himself.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 33 (1986)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 33 was published in 1986 and contains over 450 pages.

The author writes that it is the "very best in the LOG series. Full length stories and articles, uncut. A must for any newcomer, photocopy, mailed in a box."

Issue 34 (1987 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 34 was published in 1987 or before and contains 200 pages.

From the author in an ad: "The best in stories, poems, and art. A special preview for a full length ST Novel, a reading experience by Rengstorff. Special portfolio of art of Enterprise crew."

Issue 35 (1987 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 35 was published in 1987 or before. It is chapter five of "Lost," and it is called "Jenny." It is a love story based on a living character, likely a self-insertion of the author.

Issue 36 (1987 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 36 was published in 1987 or before. It is a 330-page novel called "Too Near To Tomorrow" by Marie Greene Rengstorff, it includes a portfolio of the Enterprise crew by Jeni Stace.

Issue 41

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 41 contains "A Lincoln Story." It is a continued timewarp Civil War story about McCoy, Kirk and Spock. It includes Abraham Lincoln art and information.

Issue 42

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 42 is a 300-page zine that contains "Swatara," a love story for McCoy based on a true happening in Revolutionary Days in Pennsylvania. It also has two additional stories involving McCoy. The theme is carried over with material about Indian folklore, McCoy and Star Trek.

Issue 43

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 43 contains 150 pages of art and poems.

Issue 44

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 44

Issue 45

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 45

Issue 46 (1989 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 46 was published in 1989 or before.

  • "A Matter of Time" by Peggy Avant. (Dr. McCoy's feelings come out in the open he had for Christine for years as they fall in love. Along with finding a cure for his friends James Kirk and Spock.)
  • perhaps other unknown content

Issue 47 (1989 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 47 was published in 1989 or before.

  • Joanna McCoy by Peggy Avant (She comes aboard after being cured from a disease on a death planet. Her father did not know it was her they found. Once on board she falls in love with Mister Spock and the jealousy from her father.
  • perhaps other unknown content

Issue 48

Issue 49

Issue 50

Issue 51

Issue 52 (March 1990)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 52 was published in March 1990.

The editor/compiler sounds as though she is getting a bit weary: "A Minority of One makes a Majority of a fanzine! With your support we can continue but only with your support."

  • The Stranger (Amish), story by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Delusions, story by B.J. Scurlock
  • Stroke, story by R.A. Hepner
  • Cousins, story by R.A Hepher ("from a spuff about Perfect Strangers")
  • A Minority of One, story by Jeanne McGrew
  • Soul of the Dove, poem by R.A. Hepner
  • This Way to Eden, notes by R.A. Hepner
  • The Dragon, poem by S.L. Maria
  • Poems of Star Trek by Francine Davis
  • Star Trek reviews
  • convention photos
  • art by Nancy Gervais and Cathi Brown

Issue 53

Issue 54

Issue 55

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 55

The zine contains 20 pages of snapshots taken by fans and compiled by Ruth Hepner, as well as autographed pictures of the Star Trek cast. Con photos are those of DeForest Kelly in St. Louis in 1983 and 1984 and Bill Shatner in Texas.

Issue 56 (1992 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 56 was published in 1992 or before.

Issue 57 (1992 or before)

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 57 was published in 1992 or before.


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