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You may be looking for McCoy's Illegible Log or The Medical Log.

Title: Dr. McCoy's Medical Log
Editor(s): Ruth Ann Hepner
Date(s): around 1979 (the December 1981 issue cites "the previous two years")
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of an unknown issue

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log is a a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of McCoy-centric fiction and art published in the 1980s.

There are at least 57 issues.

This title may have perhaps acted as more of an informal fiction exchange, with some of it more formally bound for sale, than a regular series of zines. It is also possible that Ruth's many other McCoy-centric novel zines were sort of published under this series name but not specified as such. In any case, it is a unique, if not somewhat confusing, series.

This fanwork was more like an apazine than a fiction zine, with Ruth Ann Hepner as the "head organizer" and contributor of most of the content. The plan was to have it published three times a year (March, June, October) but this appears to have deviated quite a bit. The "subscription" was $7.

Some Ads

From a 1982 ad in Riders to the Stars #1: "Consider yourself invited to join DR. McCoy's Medical Log! Dues are $7.00 a year, for which you will received three -- count 'em, three -- medical logs: March, June, and October. The logs contains stories, cartoons, poems, you name it! Anything concerning Star Trek, the Big E, and bones. If you're interested write to Ruth Ann Hepner."

From issue #8 (1983): "Doctor McCoy's Medical Log is an independent and amateur publication and is not intended for personal profit by way of $$$, but by making friends with other Trek fans... The Medical Log is independently organized by One Trek Fan -- Ruth Ann Hepner.... We will continue with the Logs as long as possible to help DeForest Kelley continue with his beautiful character of Dr. McCoy in Star Trek. The fans love him! The fans need him!"

The Trek Fan's Handbook said you could order a zine called Lost. It was "a series of 10 stories set to a timewarp theme where... McCoy/Kirk/Spock find themselves in a civil war period. Full series sent in a box." It collected all the parts of the story as printed as of 1983 in Dr. McCoy's Medical Log.

From a 1992 ad in FYI Adzine #12: "If anyone can contribute to the Medical Logs, send submissions with a Star Trek theme, featuring Dr. McCoy."

Reactions and Reviews: Unknown Issue

DR McCOY'S MEDICAL LOG from Ruth Ann Hepner, has a wonderful story called "Uhura's Cure" written by Peggy Avant. It's about Uhura dying from a disease and with Spock's help finds a cure for Uhura as with some interesting facts into the relationship with Uhura and Kirk in this story. Other issues are about Doctor McCoy as with this issue, and worth the price of reading. [1]

The Best of the Medical Logs

In April 1983, this zine was advertised for sale. The publisher, Ruth Ann Hepner, described it as such: "The best six stories in our 2 1/2 years of McCoying around. Includes Hepner's first story, 'Trial' (which runs 70 pages). Total zine length is 189 pages, xeroxed." [2]

An Issue Published in December 1981 (possibly issue #4)

cover of December 1981 issue

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log (issue published in December 1981) contains 40 pages.

  • Soul of the Dove, fiction by Jeanie Humphrey
  • Intrepid Intrepid, fiction by B.J. Spurlock
  • some photos taken by a fan of the show as it appeared on her televisions set
  • other unknown content

An Issue Published in April 1984

cover of April 1984 issue
detail from the title page of April 1984 issue

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log (issue published in April 1984)

  • McCoy/Kelley Zodiac by S.L. Maria
  • Con Pictures by Deabora Beats (1982) St. Louis
  • New York Con '81 transcribed by Vel Jaeger
  • The Star Trek Puzzle by S.L. Maria
  • On Stage by Terry Clark
  • Media Review by Scott E. Taylor and S.L. Maria
  • History of Starfleet Carriers by Scott E. Taylor


  • The Doctor by Tracey Woodend
  • assorted birthday greetings by Tracey Woodend
  • Dr. McCoy's Georgia by Ruth A. Hepner
  • Physician Heal Thyself by Ruth A. Hepner
  • A Man Called McCoy by Deborah Beats
  • Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, Knowing by Ruth A. Hepner and Ira S. Wolcott (1934)
  • Dr. McCoy and Gem by Ruth A. Hepner


  • Birthright by Tracey Woodend (Spock and McCoy)
  • Editor to Voices of the Stars McCoy sketches by Nancy Gervais
  • Kirk and McCoy by Shona Jackson
  • back cover of McCoy by Cathi Brown
  • other art by Ruth A. Hepner


  • Warlock Report by Ruth A. Hepner
  • Panic by Lynn Campion
  • Friend or Foe by Natonne Kemp
  • A Man of Many Talents by Natonne Kemp
  • Emotion, a Dirty Word by Natonne Kemp
  • Birthright; a full length story by Ruth Ann Hepner (also published as a standalone story)
  • Dr. Leonard McCoy; 10% Discount by Ruth Ann Hepner
  • Star Trek III; Prelude to War by Scott E. Taylor

Issue 8

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 8 was published in June 1983 and contains 110 pages. It is subtitled "Jenny, a Gettysburg Experience." On the cover: "R.A. Jenny Hepner By." The illos are by Nancy Gervais.

front cover of issue #8

The zine is more like a scrapbook than anything else. It consists of one long story about McCoy meeting Jenny Wade (a real person) during the Civil War. The fiction takes up about half of the zine. The other half of the zine is:

  • several poems
  • clippings from newspapers about space exploration
  • photocopies of photos taken at Gettysburg by the author
  • photocopied pages of a graphic non-fiction account of Gettysburg
  • photocopied photos of Jenny Wade's house and interior
  • pamphlets
  • publicity stills of DeForest Kelley in various movies
  • some photos taken with a camera off of the television screen
  • fanart by Nancy Gervais and other unidentifed artists
  • photos from the movie "Gone with the Wind"
  • some Confederate slogans and pamphlets about the South rising again
  • odd photo montages of an undetermined nature

Issue 16

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 16 was proposed in late 1984 and was to have 100 pages.

Issue 17

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 17 was published in 1985 and contains 80 pages.

  • An Angry Man by B.J. Scurlock (Kirk goes through a time warp to the Vietnam War, followed by McCoy and Spock) (reprinted in issue #30)
  • The Evil One by Scurlock and Hepner
  • a T.J. Hooker story by Hepner

Issue 18

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 18 was published in 1985 and contains 100 pages. It contains stories in three volumes (100 pages each) by B.J. Scurlock and R. Hepner.

Issue 19

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 19 was published in 1985.

Issue 20

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 20 was published in 1985.

Issue 21

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 21 was published in 1985.

Issue 22

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 22 was published in 1985 and contains 200 pages. It features "Strangers Among Us." In it, Dr. McCoy has another time warp experience, this time in Amish country, where he must decide to stay or go.

Issue 23

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 23 was published in 1985. It contains 'Firebomb" in which Witness copy Harrison Ford meets T.J. Hooker in a story about the Philadelphia MOVE evacuation incident.

Issue 24

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 24 was published in 1985 and contains 50 pages. It has a con report for Shore Leave #7 where DeForest Kelley was the guest. The zine includes photos from this con, as well as other cons.

Issue 25

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 25 was published in 1986 and is 285 pages. It contains a special report from freelance writer Linda Simeone about William Shatner and his horses. It also contains, among other things, info about Shore Leave #7 and DeForest Kelley.

Issue 26

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 26 was published in 1986.

From an ad in Universal Translator #30: "Features "Lost, volume 3." A Gettysburg Civil War timewarp experience. How long will McCoy stay in this strange timewarp, and will Kirk be able to bring him home? McCoy meets a group of boys while escaping the war and trying to find his way in life. Written by Ruth Ann Hepner; art by Pam Wetzel."

Issue 27

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 27 was published in 1986.

Issue 28

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 28 was published in 1986. It was a ST anniversary issue subtitled, "Infinity." It was a about DeForest Kelley at Shore Leave #7, includes full transcript of his remarks, photos, rare photos from Kelley's old movies and 200 pages of fiction.

Issue 29

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 29

Issue 30

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 30 was published in 1986 and contains 200 pages.

  • Tamarin by Cathi Brown (reprint from unknown source)
  • An Angry Man by Scurlock (reprinted from issue #17, Kirk goes through a time warp to the Vietnam War, followed by McCoy and Spock)
  • Bad Company by Hepner

Issue 31

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 31 was published in 1986 and contains 130 pages of stories and art.

  • Rebirth by Hepner
  • art by Howard and Wetzel

Issue 32

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 32 was published in 1986 and contains 200 pages.

  • Lost, part four (Civil War timewarp experience in which McCoy runs away from Kirk and the Enterprise in an attempt to find himself.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 33

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 33 was published in 1986 and contains over 450 pages. The author writes that it is the "very best in the LOG series. Full length stories and articles, uncut. A must for any newcomer, photocopy, mailed in a box."

Issue 34

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 34 was published in 1987 or before and contains 200 pages.

"The best in stories, poems, and art. A special preview for a full length ST Novel, a reading experience by Rengstorff. Special portfolio of art of Enterprise crew."

Issue 35

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 35 was published in 1987 or before. It is chapter five of "Lost," and it is called "Jenny." It is a love story based on a living character.

Issue 36

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 36 was published in 1987 or before. It is a 330-page novel called "Too Near To Tomorrow" by Marie Greene Rengstorff, it includes a portfolio of the Enterprise crew by Jeni Stace.

Issue 41

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 41 contains "A Lincoln Story." It is a continued timewarp Civil War story about McCoy, Kirk and Spock. It includes Abraham Lincoln art and information.

Issue 42

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 42 is a 300-page zine that contains "Swatara," a love story for McCoy based on a true happening in Revolutionary Days in Pennsylvania. It also has two additional stories involving McCoy. The theme is carried over with material about Indian folklore, McCoy and Star Trek.

Issue 43

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 43 contains 150 pages of art and poems.

Issue 44

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 44

Issue 45

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 45

Issue 46

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 46 was published in 1989 or before.

  • "A Matter of Time" by Peggy Avant. (Dr. McCoy's feelings come out in the open he had for Christine for years as they fall in love. Along with finding a cure for his friends James Kirk and Spock.)
  • perhaps other unknown content

Issue 47

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 47 was published in 1989 or before.

  • Joanna McCoy by Peggy Avant (She comes aboard after being cured from a disease on a death planet. Her father did not know it was her they found. Once on board she falls in love with Mister Spock and the jealousy from her father.
  • perhaps other unknown content

Issue 48

Issue 49

Issue 50

Issue 51

Issue 52

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 52 was published in March 1990.

The editor/compiler sounds as though she is getting a bit weary: "A Minority of One makes a Majority of a fanzine! With your support we can continue but only with your support."

  • The Stranger (Amish), story by B.J. Spurlock
  • Delusions, story by B.J. Spurlock
  • Stroke, story by R.A. Hepner
  • Cousins, story by R.A Hepher ("from a spuff about Perfect Strangers"
  • A Minority of One, story by Jeanne McGrew
  • Soul of the Dove, poem by R.A. Hepner
  • This Way to Eden, notes by R.A. Hepner
  • The Dragon, poem by S.L. Maria
  • Poems of Star Trek by Francine Davis
  • Star Trek reviews
  • convention photos
  • art by Nancy Gervais and Cathi Brown

Issue 53

Issue 54

Issue 55

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 55 was published in 1992 or before.

  • contains convention pictures of William Shatner DeForest Kelley

Issue 56

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 56 was published in 1992 or before.

Issue 57

Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 57 was published in 1992 or before.


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  2. from Universal Translator #18