Lost (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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You may be looking for the K/S story Lost.

Title: Lost
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Lost is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology by Ruth Ann Hepner. This zine collects all the parts of the story as printed as of 1983 in Dr. McCoy's Medical Log.

The Trek Fan's Handbook said this is "a series of 10 stories set to a timewarp theme where... McCoy/Kirk/Spock find themselves in a civil war period. Full series sent in a box."

From Universal Translator #22: "This is a continuing series of stories, to last five years. Size varies according to story, due each June. Xerox."

From Halliday's Zinedex: "A complete set of this series to date by editor Ruth Ann Hepner. A series of 10 stories set to a timewarp theme where Dr. McCoy, Kirk and Spock find themselves in a civil war period that is difficult to get out of because of their own mistrust for each other.

From Datazine #31: "A Civil War experience Dr. McCoy, Kirk, and Spock. McCoy looses his confidnce in himself and needs to get away, but Scotty beams him into a a time warp with the Civil War, on the wrong side -- Gettysburg, 1863 in time for the 3 days battle."

Yes, Ten Stories, But Also Many Volumes

Hepner continued this series way past 1983, and those later parts can be found in Doctor McCoy's Medical Log.

  • v. 3 was in "Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 26" in 1986. From an ad in Universal Translator #30: "Features "Lost, volume 3." A Gettysburg Civil War timewarp experience. How long will McCoy stay in this strange timewarp, and will Kirk be able to bring him home? McCoy meets a group of boys while escaping the war and trying to find his way in life. Written by Ruth Ann Hepner; art by Pam Wetzel."
  • v. 4 was in "Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 32" in 1986. Civil War timewarp experience in which McCoy runs away from Kirk and the Enterprise in an attempt to find himself.
  • v. 5 was "Dr. McCoy's Medical Log 35" in 1987 or before. It is a novel called "Jenny." It is a love story based on a living character, likely a self-insertion of the author.