Gone to Texas

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Title: Gone to Texas
Publisher: Joni Bourell
Editor(s): Laura Virgil
Date(s): December 1981/January 1982
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia (Westerns)
Language: English
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Gone to Texas is a gen multimedia 119-page Western fanzine originally published by Laura Virgil. Authors and artists include Laura Virgil, Ken and Joni Bourell, Ruth Kurz, Ronni Sacksteder, Bruce Melton, Becky Kores, Irene Shafer, Donna Chisholm, David Gordon, Jeanine Hennig, Cheree Cargill, and Catherine Schlein.

From an Ad

A new fanzine dedicated to the Old West in fiction and fact - put out by real boot stompin' native goat-roper Texans!

Not in the Zine

The editor notes that:

Two stories originally planned for "Gone to Texas" have not been included. These are: "Wars Never Really End, They Live Forever" (Jesse and Frank James) because of a problem of prior commitment to another editor, and "Night of the Witch Hunt" (a sequel to Ronni Sacksteder's "Night of the Blind Begger" (Wild Wild West) as it was still unfinished at the time "Gone to Texas" was put to bed.


  • The Cheyenne, article by Randy Cargill (1)
  • Died of Disease, article by Kenneth Bournell (7)
  • Guns of the West, article by Laura Virgil (9)
  • The Not-So-Great-Train-Robbery by Laura Virgil ("Heyes and Curry had figured the train to be easy pickings, but they weren't expecting their target to belong to to Secret Service Agents.") (Alias Smith and Jones/Wild Wild West) (12)
  • 1881 by Joni Bourell (14)
  • A Moment in Time by Catherine Schlein ("The field hospital was just one more stop for Captain Artemus Gordon, and even if he wasn't a doctor, he could save a life.") (Wild Wild West) (17)
  • Bret Maverick, review by Laura Virgil (25)
  • The Midnight Toll by David Gordon (Two Mules for Sister Sara) (26)
  • The Night Of the Episode That Didn't Start Off With the Night of Whatever, parody by Kenneth Bourell (Wild Wild West) (36)
  • The Meshuggene Kid by Krene Shafer (Frisco Kid) (46)
  • Emy by Becky Kores (51)
  • Aces and Eights by Laura Virgil ("It was going to be the poker game of the century: Brett Maverick versus Hannibal Heyes.") (Alias Smith and Jones/Maverick) (53)
  • Night of the Forest Green by Joni Bourell (Wild Wild West) (68)
  • You Think We're Who? by Donna Chisholm (Alias Smith and Jones/Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid) (79)
  • Josey, poem by Ruth Kurz (Outlaw Josey Wales) (90)
  • Sam by Joni Bourell (Laredo) (91)
  • Amy by Ronni Sacksteder (Wagon Train) (100)
  • Walter's Gold by Bruce Melton (Bonanza) (108)

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