The Night of the Crystal Doorways

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Title: The Night of the Crystal Doorways
Publisher: Of Dreams and Schemes Press
Author(s): Catherine Schlein
Cover Artist(s): Catherine Schlein
Date(s): November 1982
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Language: English
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cover by Catherine Schlein

The Night of the Crystal Doorways is a gen 85-page Wild, Wild West AU novel by Catherine Schlein.

There were 75 copies printed for the original print run.


This novella will tell the tale of the adventures of the intrepid secret service agents in a strange universe battle an archvillain (no , they do not meet Darth Vader or our ST heroes).[1]

Reactions and Reviews

This is a Wild Wild West novella that is really a fantasy in disguise. While the story is about James West and Artemus Gordon, a western it ain't! Of course, WWW wasn't really a western either but Man from UNCLE or James Bond set in the past. I have to admit to being intrigued by the show so I have some knowledge of the characters and found them portrayed very well even if in a rather unreal setting. James and Artie are transported to another dimension because of Jim's never-ending love of mysteries and beautiful women. Once there, they are given a quest that must be completed before something happens to both dimensions. It's not quite sword and sorcery, but it has that flavor, almost a fairy tale quality. On the other hand, Cathy has a very earthy sense of humor that shows through in both situation and dialogue. Somehow, no matter how fantastic the surroundings, the people have a feeling of reality about them. Personally, I had a hard time putting this zine down. There are only three full page illos plus a cover for artwork, also by Cathy, the quality of which is very good to excellent. The text is broken up into chapters by titles and filler art. I really liked the simple and clean layout of the zine. I would recommend this zine to anyone who is a Wild Wild West fan or enjoys a good fantasy. [2]


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