Back to the Wild Wild West

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Title: Back to the Wild Wild West
Editor(s): Catherine Schlein until 1984, then Ann Teipen
Date(s): August 1982-sometime in the 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Language: English
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Back to the Wild Wild West is a gen quarterly newsletter and is a fan club zine. Issues contain fan fiction, photos, artwork, interviews, tidbits on Robert Conrad and Ross Martin, villains, guest stars and more. There are 104 issues (which is also the number of episodes) and averaged around 25 pages (each 10-34 pages). Each issue is 8-1/2 x 11 inches, stapled, and published every two months.

It was one of the first Wild Wild West zines published.


This description is from the publisher: "This mini-zine includes the following features, SCRAPBOOK (pictures of WWW regulars and guest stars), GREAT AUNT MAUDE'S KITCHEN (a cooking/fiction column featuring Artie's culinary delights, WINGS (a letter column), BACKTRACK (episode guide and review column with full commentary, VILLAINS OF THE WEST and WOMEN OF THE WEST (concerning the marvelous guest stars), WRONG, WRONG WEST (concerning the laughable historical inaccuracies in the show, and there were many!), THE WHITE PAGES (half of this mini-zine is devoted to WWW fiction by authors such as Schlein, Beatty, Teipen, Thrower, Culler, Emerson and others. Approx. 30 pages, reduced, published quarterly." [1]

Issue 1

Back to the Wild Wild West 1 was published in August/September 1982.

Issue 53

Back to the Wild Wild West 53 was published in Jan/Feb 1992.

Issue 65

Back to the Wild Wild West 65 was published in Jan/Feb 1994. Fic: Great Aunt Maude's Kitchen L.C. Wells

Issue 83

Back to the Wild Wild West 83 was published in January/February 1997.



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