Romance on the Rails

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Title: Romance on the Rails
Publisher: Live Oak Manor Press and Gail M. Paradis
Editor(s): Lori Beatty and Jackie Edwards
Date(s): 1985-1986
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Language: English
External Links: Live Oak Manor Press: Romance on the Rails, Archived version
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Romance on the Rails is an explicit het Wild, Wild West anthology.

It required an age statement to purchase.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Laura Virgil

Romance on the Rails 1 was published in summer 1985 and contains 93 pages.

The B&W cover is by Laura Virgil, interior art by Laura Virgil, and Melody Rondeau. It was edited by Lori Beatty and Jackie Edwards.

The editorial by Lori:

We did it! We're a little late, but my editor friends assure me that it's a normal occurance [sic] with first time zines. Jackie and I nave tried to put together a WWW zine that will share with our readers all the affection and excitement we feel for James and Artemus. We have some adventures, a little sex, some humor and some artwork that we hope you'll enjoy.

I do want to make mention here that I am no editor! All the praise for this zine must go to Jackie, for she is the one who did all the work, and I think you'll all agree that she has done it admirably and given this zine a nice Victorian flavor.

Jackie doesn't like to write Editorials, but I do, so I'm taking this opportunity to brag on her a bit. I want to thank her for being so patient with me. Like I said, I'm no editor, and I'm incredibly dumb when it comes to laying out a zine. Poor Jackie nearly had a heart attack when I called her, all excited about a last-minute illo that I'd talked Melody Rondeau into doing. "Lori." she said, patiently, "Do you understand about margins?" "Nope." I blithely replied. "What about 'em?" Well, she calmly explained about alternateing [sic] pages and how if we added a page to this story, we'd have to type the whole thing over again, (which she didn't sound happy about doing) or else come up with something else for the other page. Like any good editor, she put her brain into gear and came up with a solution. So, everybody won...Me, Melody and Jackie.

One last thing regarding the zine. Right before Jackie was to start typing this issue, she injured her hand, which is one reason we didn't make print by Media 'West Con. I, naturally, being the sweet person I am, volunteered to type my monster story for her. Unfortunately, I'm a lousy typist, and I've never had to type a story for print before. Yuk! During the course of that epic story, I had two IBM's conk out on me, and had to finish it at night when my husband could bring home one from the office. Soooo, any typos, mistakes, etc. you find in The Night of the Ormond Curse, please direct all complaints to me. I take full responsibility.

Lastly, we want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement, and we hope we can repay you in some way, by sharing our stories and artwork with you. Please let us know if you enjoy this zine. If you do, my address is listed in the front. If you don't, send all mail to Coca-Cola, New Coke division.
The editorial by Jackie:

When Lori said I don't like to write editorials, she was right, but I just couldn't let hers go by without a word.

First of all, her comment about my doing all the work is a fallacy. Take a glance at the people who did the writing and artwork for this zine and you'll see who did the work. This i s the only zine I've ever done that I didn't contribute something to, and it makes me a little uncomfortable to put my name on it, just for typing and laying out. But it turned out great, and we both hope you'll like it enough to order the next one!

So, on to the more interesting part of this, namely, the stories! Hope you enjoy 'em!

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Romance on the Rails 2 is subtitled "More Romance on the Rails." It was published in 1986 and is 92 pages long. Interior art by Laura Virgil, Sherry Veltkamp, Cathy Schlein, Melody Rondeau.

  • The Night of the Jade Empress by C.J. Murray 3
  • The Night of the Gehenna by Denise Sheets 18
  • O My Sweet Miguel by Joni K. Bourell 36
  • The Night of the Stagecoach by Catherine Schlein 41
  • The Night of the Final Tontine by Laura Virgil 51
  • The Night of the Mysterious Missive by M.A. Rondeau 56
  • The Night of the Traveller by Sharon Dickerson 58
  • Victorian Days by Jean Thrower 62
  • The Night of the Evergreen Bed by Lorraine Beatty 64