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You may be looking for the Sin and Salvation, the Wild Wild West zine.

Mailing List
Name: Sin and Salvation
Date(s): Jul 28, 2002-present (most activity 2002-07)
Founder(s): Animasola
Fandom: Wild Wild West
URL: here; archive link
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Sin and Salvation is a is a Yahoo group devoted to slash of the Wild Wild West, primarily Jim/Artie.

the group's message history

The group was founded by Animasola. [1]

The mailing list was associated with The Wild Wild West Website ("A slash site for fiction, episode guides and artwork").


Dedicated to slash fanfiction based on the t.v. show Wild Wild West, with Jim/Artie as the main focus.

Requesting membership indicates that you are of legal age where you live and understand that "slash" indicates m/m fiction of a romantic and/or sexual nature.

All membership requests subject to approval by moderators. Short statement describing interest in group appreciated, and could be requested upon application.

Writers posting fiction should expect friendly but constructive feedback. Writers are welcome to submit posted fiction to be displayed on our related website at

Flames (i.e. any personal attack on a list member) will not be tolerated.


  1. ^ "I owe Animasola thanks not only for her wonderful collage included here, but I also owe her for the name. Sin and Salvation, with which she christened the newsgroup when she originally started it." -- from the editorial of Sin and Salvation #1