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Name: The Wild Wild West Website
Fandom: Wild Wild West
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The Wild Wild West Website is a website for fans of the show. The website is divided into gen and slash.

It was associated with the mailing list Sin and Salvation.

Gen Section

The portal page gen. It includes a link to the slash section.

This section includes:

  • The Wild Wild West Chronology
  • The Wildest Home Page in the West
  • Gary Sarff's Home Page
  • Gary Lambert's Wild Wild West Home Page
  • Review of Wild Wild West movie
  • Audio and Video Clips of Wild Wild West Episodes

Slash Section

The slash section is here. ("If you are over the age of majority in your location and want to know more about Jim and Artie, then please join us! Clicking on the button below signifies that you are legally able to view such material.")

It is a "slash site for fiction, episode guides and artwork."

The slash fiction archive.

From the slash section:

Put together a couple of hunky men in form-fitting gorgeous clothes, fast horses, a Victorian-deco train, and an assortment of leering bad guys, and what do you have? Instant Slash! And also The Wild Wild West television series that aired from 1965 to 1969.

Wild Wild West has to be one of the most openly slashy shows ever produced. The guys sit close to each other on their train--far closer than even tight camera shots would have required--they trade soulful looks, they're shown buttoning various items of clothing in scenes as suggestive as that infamous one in Star Trek (Captain Kirk putting on his boots as the female guest brushes her hair). In more than one ep, either Artie or Jim is apparently killed, providing emotional fodder for the other one ("Oh my god, Jim, NOOOO!"), and though they are repeatedly paired with one or another woman, it's made clear that they prefer each other's company.

Bob Conrad's physique, which the directors apparently enjoyed showing off as much as he did, certainly contributed to the popularity of the show. Ross Martin, no slouch in the good-looks department himself, added an air of roguishness and a complexity of character that perfectly offset Jim West's Boy Scout image.

To top it off, there were enough plot holes to drive their train through, and very little pre-canon info on the characters--a fan writer's paradise. WWW is still a relatively small fandom, with only a couple of zines, and a handful of sites online, so jump in and help it grow!