The Wild Wild Loveless

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Title: The Wild Wild Loveless
Publisher: Tia's Pals Press
Lindberg's Legacy Press
Editor(s): Vivian Arney and Anne Collins Smith
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Wild, Wild West
Language: English
External Links: Fanzines Published by Tia's Pals' Press
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The Wild Wild Loveless is a gen 95-page Wild, Wild West anthology featuring Loveless.

The front cover is by C.L. Crouch and Becky Bormann.



  • "The Night of the Paragon's Shadow" by Anne Collins Smith. "I'd like to be where I'm appreciated," said Artemus Gordon. "I'd like to be where I can make a difference. I'd like to work for you, Dr. Loveless."
  • "The Night of the Stumbling Blink" by Vivian Arney. It was like getting hit by lighting! What if the little man in the store had really been Miguelito Loveless? No, that wasn't possible! It was like some crazy "Mary Sue" story with me as the main character!
  • "The Night of the Golden Talon" by Leah McGrew. Ahead, the cave was beginning to lighten. Jim and Artie paused to exchange a glance before continuing. A grinding sound startled them. Looking up, they saw metal bars descent from the ceiling. The agents turned to run, but bars slid down to block them. They were trapped!
  • "The Night of the Small Inconvenience" by Vivian Arney. "Jim, are you sure you're all right?" Artie asked. "Sure, I'm fine. Why?" "I don't know, exactly. You just don't seem to be yourself today." West waved the idea away. "I've just got a lot on my mind, that's all."
  • A Few Choice Words by Viv Arney/Marie Soo
  • Also featuring "The Wild Wild West M&M Game"; "Loveless In Song" (research on the ballads sung in the Loveless episodes); "Loveless In Story" (reviews of fan fiction featuring Loveless); miscellaneous poetry and humor.