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Star Trek Convention
Name: QuasiCon
Dates: November 1, 1975 from 9 pm to 4 am
Frequency: once
Location: Apartment 8, 125 N. Hagadorn, East Lansing, Michigan
Type: fan-run, relax-a-con
Focus: Star Trek
Founding Date:
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QuasiCon was a very small Star Trek convention at a fan's apartment. It was the third Michigan MicroCon.

Con Report

QuasiCon I, held on November 1st from 9 p.m. until approximately 4 a.m. had fourteen attendees (due to lack of publicity), but that was about the capacity of Apt. 8, 125 N. Hagadorn in East Lansing, so it all it worked out for the best. Pre-convention surprises included a visit from Margaret Basta, Patti Helmer, and Carol Lynn, of S.T.A.R./BABEL, WondayCon, and KRAITH fame, respectively.

Paula Smith, hawking MENAGERIE 7 & 8, had the only dealer's table, and Dorsai David Manship provided a one-man security force and door-answering service in the persona of his Klingon alter ego. Transportation for 3.5% of the attendees was provided by the inestimable man of Steele, Jim.

Pro-guest-of-honor was Mike Toman (for his short story in Science Fiction Emphasis I, edited by David Gerrold).

The art show consisted of two articles by Gordon Carleton, one of which was purchased by Paula - she was entitled to it as she had commissioned it month's before!

Panels and discussions included (in approximately this order) House of Zeor/STAR TREK Lives!, KRAITH, MENAGERIE, StarCons past and present, WARPED SPACE, convention anecdotes, the palm readings of all the convention members by Paula Smith, the dramatic reading of an upcoming LP6 film, weapons and tactics (and the attempted confiscation of same), etc., etc.

Over $1 worth of prizes were awarded, for little or no particular reason. Carol Lynn (as Lt. Mary Sue) won a remote control alien ala "Spock's Brain", Dennis T (in grungy Starfleet dress uniform) won the city of Lansing. Paula Smith (as Elizabeth Dehner) won a defense against mugatos, Diane Scott (as a tribble breeder) won the elephant never used in "Shore Leave", Deita Reed (a florescent green woman) won the tiger they did use in "Shore Leave", David Manship won an entire planet with satellites, Carol Hydeman won Chekov's vodka bottle, and Jim Steele won Spock's first computer.

Pumpkins were provided by G'irc'H, Kimeya Maya, and the Cross-Chapman group. Live entertainment was provided by KTt'N T'Kat. Aside from MicroCons, QuasiCon was the only convention I've been to where refreshment was provided.

I went to bed at 3 a.m., but heard that the con lasted at least another hour ... [1]


  1. con report by Lori Chapek in Warped Space #12