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You may be looking for T'Kon, the British Star Trek con.

Name: T'Con
Frequency: there were two, 1978 and 1979
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Focus: fans, Star Trek
Founder: see below
Founding Date: 1978
URL: A Brief History of MediaWest
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shirt from T'Con

T'Con was held in 1978. It was commandeered by Paula Smith and Gordon Carleton and Lori Chapek-Carleton.

Boldly Writing says the most talked about zine at this con was Future Wings.

Paula Smith talks about this con here, in a 2010 interview with Transformative Works and Cultures.

T'Con, along with SeKWesterCon, was one in a series of cons that eventually became MediaWest*Con in 1981.

Cons in the Series


program guide cover for T'Con, art by Gordon Carleton

The first con was March 24-26 1978. It was held at the Hilton Inn in Lansing, MI. Attendance was limited to 250. There was an art show, dealer's room, a costume show, a Saturday night banquet and a Sunday brunch. It was "completely accessible to handicappers" as per a flyer.

The con skit was a musical parody called "Tiptoe Through the Fanzines" performed by Jean L. Stevenson, Juanita Salicrup, and Leslye Lilker.

From the MediaWest History page: "Panel topics included fanzine heroines, creating alien cultures, Darkover, science in fan fiction, sexism in fan fiction, art for publication, the political, economic, & social structure of the Star Wars universe, filk, costuming, reviewing & editing 'zines, going pro, and K/S. Fan Qs were awarded, and a Pigs In Space sketch was performed."[1]


The second con was held at the Hilton Inn in Lansing, MI on May 25-28, 1979.

front cover, Gordon Carleton
back cover, Gordon Carleton
program book cover, showing back and front covers together
  • filksongs were sung by "Salvage 3" (Jean Stevenson, Juanita Salicrup, and Leslye Lilker)
  • a skit called "The Dead Engineer Sketch" was performed by Martynn, Nancy Hillman, Linda Melnick, and Trinette Kern
  • the con skits on Saturday night were "Mr. Jones Saves the Day" and "And the Scrod Shall Rise Again"
  • Spocky Horror Picture Show was performed.
  • the Fan Qs were awarded
  • some panels: "Created Worlds," "Star Trek and the Movie, What Changes Will It Make?", "An Overall Look at Star Wars as a Fandom," 'Eroticism in Fandom, How Should It Be Handled?", "The Philosophy of Violence," "Partners," "Fringe Fandoms: 'Starsky & Hutch,' 'U.N.C.L.E.', 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Superman', 'Rocky Horror', 'Dragons, Darkover& Dernyi,'" "Long-Time Fans Reminisce," "How to Survive the PO," "and "Nessie, UFOs, and Genetic Engineering," and panels on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Wars fandom, eroticism, filk, 'zines, pro novels and pro market, and fringe fandoms.
  • there was a Georgette Heyer Tea, an art show, dealer's room, and a video room
  • there was a notice in the con program by Amy Falkowitz that most likely had to do with the subject of erotica and slash in fannish works, a subject that was often very divisive: "I've been in fandom a while... and in general, I've had a great time, and gotten to know a lot of wonderful people. And I've seen a concept come alive. The IDIC. It's a beautiful symbol, folks. And its meanings are even more so. And most of us are good examples of those meanings. But there is something unkind and cruel among us. It's the 'love letters.' The nasty, malicious, threatening, and now, anonymous letters that are being sent to people. Hey, folks, IDIC is all of us. Fandom is all of us. And not one of us has the right to treat anyone else in such a manner... When one of us stoops to such childish meanness, it reflects on all of us... But if this sort of thing goes on, how can we really live and believe in them?"
  • there is a photocopy of a court order, a default judgement with the plaintiff (Lori Chapek-Carleton) being awarded $922 by the defendant (the Michigan State University Star Trek Club regarding rights to some early issues to zines



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