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Name: Jean Stevenson, Jean L. Stevenson
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek, Star Wars, and Pern
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Jean L. Stevenson is a fan writer.

a caricature by Gordon Carleton of Jean Stevenson, printed in Paladin #1 in 1980

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:

"Jean L. Stevenson has been active in science fiction fandom since 1976; member of core group in naming the shuttle Enterprise; writing since '76, short stories, novellas, poetry, songs, articles and reviews in the following: DAGGER OF THE MIND, FANTASIA II, FARTHEST STAR 1 and 2, GALACTIC DISCOURSE 1, GUARDIAN 2 and 3, IDIC 6, JUNDLAND WASTES, MAHKO ROOT 1, PERN PORTFOLIO, TIME WARP 2 and 3, WARPED SPACE; with Juanita Salicrup and Leslye Lilker wrote and performed "Tiptoe Through the Fanzines" (musical parody) for T'Con 1979. YOU MAY DENY, a novel (ST), was self-pub1ished in 1979. Future publications include GUARDIAN 4 and FACETS 11 (Raiders): TIME WARP 6 and ALDERAANI IMPERATIVE (Swars). EVOLUTION OF A REBEL was her first Star Wars fiction."