Brotherly Love (Robin of Sherwood zine)

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Title: Brotherly Love
Publisher: "this is a JeanZine, an amateur publication"
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood, multi
Language: English
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back cover by Mary-Stacy MacDonald
front cover

Brotherly Love is a 49-page gen Robin of Sherwood zine by Jean L. Stevenson. It has the subtitle, "Being a Tale of the Hooded Man," and was the first Robin of Sherwood novel published. [1]

The first half of the zine is a single RoS story, "Brotherly Love". The second half is a collection of poetry/lyrics for various fandoms including Star Wars and Indiana Jones) and for science fiction in general (filks).

The Author's Foreward

comments from the insane asylum:

So, folks, this is what happens when you have two weeks to go before the con and nothing better to do. MAKE A ZINE! Write a story: well, actually, that was already done. Beg from your friends: the artist, of course, has other things to do with her time and energy and talent. Beg from the editors: the friendly ghouls & cannibals really want to give hard, incisive blue pencil to above-mentioned story. Add some songs: assume that everyone wants to know the words you're singing on the tape you put out same con last year. Take advantage of the WANG. Thank God for word processors—and for copiers. (Just think if we were monks doing this by hand!) Momentarily, have the ego to present the whole to friends, acquaintances and strangers in hopes of their purchasing power rubbing off on you. And hope, pray, cross your fingers that some major news event won't put Dan Rather on the air at all and odd hours. (So, thanks to CBS News, my employers.) Haul it to the con. Why am I doing this?

Well, I did say this was an insane asylum.


  • Brotherly Love (25 pages)
  • Songs for Star Voyagers (25 pages)

Sample Interior Gallery


  1. "Spirit of Sherwood".