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Title: Mélange
Publisher: Pandora Publications
Editor(s): Barbara Fister-Liltz and Joan B. Shumsky
Date(s): 1983-1986
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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a flyer for the series

Mélange is a gen multifandom anthology "dedicated to the many worlds of media fan writing." [1] Each issue contains original prose, poetry, screenplays, and articles.

The back covers are all identical. See issue #2.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1

Melange 1 was published in 1983 and contains 68 pages. The illustrations are by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

From the editorial:

We've got a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a pinch of m-m-m-m-m-m for good measure and we're serving it up as a most appealing, intoxicating brew called MELANGE. Welcome to our debut issue...beautiful, don't you think? My co-editor Joan and I couldn't be more delighted and certainly more surprised by the wealth of really fine writing contained within the covers of our first edition. When we initially broached the idea of a new mixed media anthology, we only considered a one-shot zine, selecting the best of a multitude of universes in prose and poetry. To be honest, we really went into this thinking we could persuade friends to clean out their bureaus and desks and give us their old, unused, yet decent bits of writing. We're heavily into recycling! So, while we'd anticipated being little more than a clearing house for unused, sometimes obscure material, we were literally gifted with a cornucopia of fresh, alive and vibrant treats. And the stream of submissions keeps coming — the original concept of a one-shot book was immediately scrapped and we're gladly embarking on a new series. We couldn't be happier! We offer to you, dear reader, a variety — that's the name of our game— every thing from dreamworlds, from the world of THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS to the dying/rebirth born in Rick Deckard's BLADE RUNNER universe to the whimsical wit of a sleekly handsome and mysterious REMINGTON STEELE. We are everything...mmmm, delicious!

Issue 2

Mélange 2 was published in 1983 and is 44 pages long. The art is by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2, all of the back cover look like this

From the editorial:

MELANGE began as a fantasy for us and in less than a year, it's blossomed into a fantasy for a lot of other people as well. We are beginning to see ourselves in a new, more sophisticated light and we've come to realize our little offering is here for some time to come. Author Robert Bloch was kind enough to accept and review a copy of MELANGE I and his admonishment was that we are no longer creating fanzines out here—rather, we have grown into a magazine. Kinda like the sound of that, don't you? It's not snobbery, either, but a sense of class and maturity, a feeling of a university-style publication that will (hopefully) be a stepping-stone to real pro fessionalism for the talented writers and poets who have so graciously filled the rooms of our home between these covers. To each and every one of you, many, many thanks for making us something special...by being so very special yourselves. To everyone who blessed us with supporting and reading our first go-'round, our gratitude and affection...we're alive and well and growing because your fantasies have taken on shape, form and substance.

  • The Searcher: A Song for V'Ger, filk by Roberta Rogow (Star Trek: TOS) (5) (also in Rec Room Rhymes #3)
  • The Hand of Justice, fiction by Patricia D'Orazio (Indiana Jones) (8)
  • We Met in Archaeology 101, poem by Patricia D'Orazio (Indiana Jones) (16)
  • First Blood, fiction by Pat Hailey (First Blood) (20)
  • Don't Look Book, fiction by Pat Hailey (Rambo) (21)
  • Swords of Vega, fiction by Kelly Hill (Mark of Zorro) (22)
  • I'm a Smuggler, poem by Kathryn Agel (Star Wars) (25)
  • I'm a Princess, poem by Kathryn Agel (Star Wars) (26)
  • Steele Life—With Commentary, fiction by Pat Nussman (Remington Steele) (28)
  • Song for Tomorrow, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Wars) (31)
  • Home Stars, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Wars) (32)
  • Kulani, fiction by Karen Bates (Buck Rogers, Hawk) (36)
  • World Enough, fiction by Helen S. Woolverton (Indiana Jones) (42)

Issue 3

Mélange 3 was published by Pandora Publications in May 1984 and has the subtitle: A Mixed Media Anthology. It is digest sized and has 68 pages (reduced type size). Only 100 copies of this fanzine was published. Art by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

cover #3

It includes stories and poetry for: Star Wars, Blade Runner, Logan's Run, Knightrider and Hanover Street.

From the editorial:

If, as they say, the third time is the 'charm', this issue of MELANGE will not disappoint... On this voyage into the many worlds of media fantasy, we'll again encounter Deckard, Rachael and the Ripper in the stunning sequel to "Edge of the Blade". Our exciting cargo includes a satirical romp in the Hanover Street universe, and a chilling television script based on the series, Logan's Run. What voyage nowadays would be complete without a stopover or two in the Star Wars universe, which includes an exciting new literary form--a triologue! We also make a short trip to visit the port-of-call known as the Knightrider universe where, a few words say, oh, so much! We have been told that our poets are exceptional talents. Who are we to deny this as you will see when the worlds of Blade Runner and Star Wars unfold in magic imagery before your eyes.

  • The Spider, poetry by Barbara Brayton (Blade Runner) (5)
  • Death Run screenplay by Jean Graham ("A chilling and faithful account of life in the "City of Domes". Run with Logan, Jessica and their android friend, Rem as dedicated Sandmen Ted by Logan's one-time friend, Fran cis, pursue the fugitives, overtake them and bring them back to the City for judgement. Share with Logan and Jessica their surprise at learning who the real rulers of the City are.") (Logan's Run) (8)
  • Thoughts Behind the Mask and Obi-Wan’s Explanation poetry by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars/Return of the Jedi) (24)
  • Eulogy for a Deposed King, fiction by Kelly Hill (Knightrider, film not series) ("Another Hill vignette based on the film, the KNIGHTRIDERS. The King is dead. Long live the king. Billy would have loved this eulogy!") (27)
  • Something to Look Forward To, fiction by Kathryn Agel (Star Wars/Return of the Jedi) ("Even morning sickness befalls royalty, Leia was to learn. However, she's not quite so certain how her new husband will take to the idea of impending fatherhood. How long could she keep it from him and what would he say when he found out that his bride of less than a year was going to have their baby? Well, after all, Han was a Corellian and Corellians LOVED children...didn't they?") (part of Starbird's Children Universe) (29)
  • Stiff Competition, satirical fiction by Martie Benedict (Satire. "Margaret Sellinger was to repeat that phrase over and over to herself until it became a challenge. After all, it's a matter of the right choice — or is it? David Halloran was soon to find out.") (Hanover Street) (33)
  • Saving Grace, Happily Conversations, two poems by by Jean L. Stevenson ("One, the 'beginning' and the other the 'end' of the love story of Han and Leia--the end, as we know it. But, something tells us it's 'not over yet'. As you will see from what the author calls an "experimental trio-logue" to Han's last hour, this particular love story will live through eternity.") (Star Wars/Return of the Jedi) (38)
  • Blade’s End, fiction by Patricia D’Orazio (Blade Runner) the sequel to "Edge of the Blade." (NOTE: It is listed as "Blade's Edge" in the TOC, and a correction in the next issue makes an apology for calling it "Edge of the Blade." -- "This was an unfortunate glitch in communications and we hope we are forgiven.") ("Deckard, Rachael and the Ripper all dance on the "edge of the blade" in the nightmare world of our future envisioned by BLADE RUNNER. Routine procedures do not apply—the hunter becomes the hunted and as events career toward their climax, Deckard comes to understand what it means to be that most dreaded of the blade runners-- a Ripper Agent.") (44)

Issue 4

Mélange 4 was published in 1984 (probably around December) and is 81 pages long. The art is by Barbara Fister-Liltz.

This issue has a recipe for "Arrakeen Delights," a Dune inspired cookie recipe: "In accordance with the dietary laws of the Fremen of Arrakls." Substitute cinnamon for "melange."

front cover of issue #4

From the editorial:

Melange IV contains a variety of fiction, script and poetry reminding one of the picture of trees against a clear blue autumn sky, trees whose leaves furnish us with a visual delight. Curl up next to a cosy fire whose light casts dancing shadows on the walls and whose warmth adds to the pleasure. Fitting atmosphere and a space in time where we can leave behind the mundane world and share, if only vicariously, the many worlds of media fantasy. We are, indeed, fortunate this issue to welcome a writer who has been gone too long, as far as we are concerned, from the world of fan fiction. She has written a chilling tale which takes place after the events in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and is the prelude to a larger, more terrifying story. Who, among us hasn't been a tiny bit curious about the "mysterious" Remington Steele and his equally "mysterious" past? An unusual answer to the question is offered in this issue of Melange....Jaime Sommers, the "Bionic Woman" is in fine fettle in a TV script, as once again she balls Oscar, Rudy and the OSI out of another ticklish situation....Return of the Jedi promised to answer many questions concerning the middle Star Wars trilogy. This issue of Melange presents two stories that take the answers a step further. Hanover Street, the bittersweet wartime romance of Halloran and Maggie, typified the love stories of World War II. This "alternate ending" story by one of Melange's favorite authors, will hold your interest long after you finish reading it, asking for more! We are always delighted to present our poets and in this issue, they encompass the worlds of Mork and Mindy, To Catch a Thief, Remington Steele, and Star Wars. As we are about to embark on our fifth issue, my amazement and delight concerning the success of our 'one-shot' knows no bounds! We continue to receive marvelous contributions and hearty encouragement from our readers for our efforts. Our deepest appreciation to them all!

  • A Note from Boulder, poem by Teresa Sarick (Mork and Mindy/It Takes a Thief) (7)
  • A Temple of Doom, fiction by Juanita Salicrup (Indiana Jones) (8)
  • Friends, and I'm Going to Have to Hit Him, Laura, poems by Kelly Hill (Remington Steele) (13)
  • Contamination, fiction by Jean L. Stevenson (Remington Steele) (15)
  • Family Ties (Return of the Jedi) (3 pages) by Cheree Cargill (On Endor, Leia and Luke discuss Anakin Skywalker, reprinted in A Tremor in the Force #6) (25)
  • The Sunspot Recovery, a screenplay by Jon R. McKenzie (The Bionic Woman) (28)
  • Etudes, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (ROTJ) (60)
  • A Consummation Devoutly To Be Wished, fiction by Martie Benedict (Return of the Jedi) (reprinted in You Could Use a Good Kiss #1) (62)
  • Spelling Lesson, poem by Kathryn Agel (Star Wars) (64)
  • The Hanover Countess, fiction by Patricia D'Orazio (Hanover Street) (67)

Issue 5

Mélange 5 was published in 1985 and 64 pages. Art by Barbara Fister-Liltz and Frank Liltz.

front cover of issue #5
  • Maiden Flight, poem by Pat Nussman (Star Wars) (3)
  • Phantom, fiction by Pat Hailey (Airwolf) (5)
  • Simon and Simon, article by Jean Thrower (9)
  • The Introduction, fiction by Diane C. Farnsworth (The Streets of San Francisco) (17)
  • Song of the Ewok Widow, Relative Questions, poems by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (19)
  • Noserunner/Eyesore, satire by Martie Benedict (Blade Runner) (20)
  • The Medal, fiction by Kelly Hill (Gallipoli) (21)
  • So Much Promise, fiction by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Wars) (24)
  • Inside Indiana, poem by Barbara Brayton (Indiana Jones) (26)
  • Champions, poem by Teresa Sarick (Champions) (27)
  • Dance of Kali, fiction by Patricia D'Orazio (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) (28)
  • biographical section (59)

Issue 6

cover issue #6

Mélange 6 was published in Fall 1985 and contains 84 pages (reduced type size).

The art is by Frank Liltz (general) and Barbara Fister-Liltz (fannish).

  • Indy Visits His Mom, poem by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom) (4)
  • Called Home by Linda Boster (Witness (movie)) (5)
  • One For The Books & Domestic Bliss by Diane Farnsworth (Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea) (9)
  • A Fright In The Night, a dialogue by L. A. Carr (Star Wars) (12)
  • Into The Fire (sequel to "Phantom") by Pat Hailey (Airwolf) (13)
  • Nom d’un Nom, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Wars) (18)
  • The Seven Hours Affair by Jean Graham (reprinted in Relative Encounters #1) (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) (19)
  • Steele-on-Arrival by Kelly Hill (Remington Steele) (30)
  • Bless Me, Miss Kate by S. T. Peach (Star Trek: TOS) (34)
  • Running Fever by Christine Jeffords & Mary A. Otten (reprinted in The Brother's File) (Simon & Simon) (52)
  • The Hero, The Jester And Me, poem by Jean L. Stevenson (Star Wars) (84)

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7

Mélange 7 was published in 1986 and contains 61 pages.

  • Sonata, poem by Sheryl Adsit (Airwolf) (4)
  • Across the MeKong, fiction by Pat Hailey (Rambo) (A gritty short story about the rescue of of POWS. The author has a firm grip on the character of John Rambo in a tight, well-structured story.) (5)
  • As the Twig is Bent, As the Twig is Bent: From a Different Point of View, two poems by Kathryn Agel (part of Starbird's Children Universe) (Star Wars) (10)
  • Snow Bound, Melting Point, two poems by Pat Nussman (Star Wars) (11)
  • Bamboo Flutes by Sheila Paulson (The Master) (also in Author's Choice) ("Acquittal" is a sequel to "Bamboo Flutes" and appears in Heat #4) (12)
  • Great Expectations by Jeannie Webster (Indiana Jones) (A mature view of Indy and Marion in 1941 when she announces her pregnancy, which would directly interfere with an upcoming dig.) (15)
  • Heat, poem by Tristan Wilde (Miami Vice) (18)
  • Excerpts from a Journal, One Possible Future, two short fiction pieces by Karen Bates (Terminator) (19)
  • The Arcade, fiction by Susan Corbell (Star Wars) (21)
  • Cassius, fiction by Jean L. Stevenson (Apocalypse Now) (23)
  • Rememberance, poem by Barbara E. Brayton (Witness) (26)
  • Illusions, fiction by Virginia Waldron (Dark Shadows) (27)
  • A Friend in Need by William Hunt (MASH) (A TV script: when a high school friend of Radar's is brought in wounded, it's difficult to know who's more in need: the friend or Radar.) (39)
  • Flame of Fantasy, poem by Teresa Sarick (Wizards and Warriors) (57)
  • If a Day, poem by Teresa Sarick (Happy Days) (57)

Issue 8

Mélange 8 was published in 1986 and has 54 pages.

front cover of issue #8
  • The Imperial Guard's Tale, poem by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (3)
  • The Son of the Father, fiction by Cheree Cargill (Starman) (4)
  • Image on My Soul, fiction by Linda Terrell and Ginny Mila (Blake's 7); also in Chronicles Annual and Touched #9 (5)
  • The Mind of a Man, fiction by Teresa Sarick (Airwolf) (8)
  • You Can't Go Home Again, fiction by Linda Boster (Witness) (15)
  • Nightmares, poem by Nancy Gervais (Airwolf) (20)
  • Michael, poem by Nancy Gervais (Airwolf) (21)
  • Partners, fiction by Pat Hailey (Lone Wolf McQuade) (22)
  • Reopening the Old Wound, fiction by Matthew Whitney, art by Mary Stacy-MacDonald (Star Trek) (27)
  • Healed with a Kiss, fiction by Jean L. Stevenson, art by Mary Stacy-MacDonald (Raiders of the Lost Ark) (32)
  • The Other, Other Woman, fiction by Nancy Gervais (Airwolf) (35)
  • Homecoming, fiction by Jean Thrower (Simon and Simon) (36)
  • Float, poem by Teresa Sarick (Matthew Star) (44)
  • For the Birds, fiction Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, art by Rosenthal (Blake's 7) (reprinted in 1989 in The Other Side #6, a slash zine) (45)
  • Trilogy, poem by Kelly Hill (Mad Max, Thunderdome) (54)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

[For the Birds]: One of the earliest serious stories Leah and I collaborated on. In fact, I think it might be the first serious one. Although it isn't a slapstick type comedy like Bizarro 7, it does have its own element of absurdity. The original illustration is included. Originally published in Melange and later reprinted in B7 The Other Side #6 (Why was this printed in an Australian "adult" zine? I don't know. The story is not even R-rated). [2]

[zine]: I came across this zine recently. The story by Terrell and Mila hints delicately at the possibility of A/B, but so discreetly that the story passed as gen in two out of its three publications. (It wasn't unusual in those days, BTW, for a story to see print three times on three different continents.)

But I was very puzzled by the second B7 story, because I don't have it anywhere in my listings, and yet I'm sure I've read it before. I even think I remember seeing it on a full-size page, A4 or letter size as the case may be, but maybe I'm imagining that.

Authors, help! Leah and Annie, do you remember whether this story was ever published anywhere else? Am I imagining having seen it in another zine? (It's also remotely possible that I read this very zine before, in my early days in fandom when I devoured huge quantities of fiction very quickly, and then semi-forgot about it.) [3]


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