You Could Use a Good Kiss

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Title: You Could Use A Good Kiss
Publisher: Evil Twin Press
Editor(s): Susan Zahn & Marjorie Joyce (issues #1 and #2), Susan Zahn (issue #3)
Date(s): 1999-2000, 2016
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
External Links: Evil Twin Press (see note below on alternative links to use to access the fanfic)
website promoting the zine
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You Could Use a Good Kiss is the first issue of a het Star Wars zine that focuses on the Han Solo/Princess Leia relationship. The second issue was called "You Could Use Another Good Kiss." Eventually both zines were posted online.

The third issue was published in time for MediaWest*Con in 2016.

"You could use a good kiss" is a quote from The Empire Strikes Back.

The Editor Posts About this Zine

Kiss Journal/WebCite
Kiss Journal/WebCite, includes comments about her changing views on fandom after the events of September 11, 2001

In 2001, the Editor Canceled the Third Issue

Susan Zahn canceled the third issue and explains why:
This decision was not easy for me, and I can only assume it's not easy to hear. Due in part to the recent events [1] and current economic atmosphere in the Washington DC metro area where I live, I simply cannot dedicate the time and effort I feel would be required to produce a quality zine the likes of the previous two issues. Between my work hours being cut back—and hiring freezes everywhere—and the increased living costs I now face with a new home of my own, the disposable cash and time is no longer available.

This says nothing of the lack of enthusiasm and the very real shift in personal priorities that I've felt in the past two months. I feel that my free time would be better used volunteering for more worthy causes, and I would encourage everyone reading this to likewise consider volunteering if you aren't already...

Fandom is a fun and indulgent distraction, but it is NOT real life, and it should never be a substitute for real life. Part of the reason for my diminished enthusiasm has been because I've watched so many fans over the years allow this distraction to control and influence their lives and relationships. I've seen so many motivated by revenge or ego or the pure need to be accepted by others. Nothing made this fact sink home more than when I read comments from fans immediately following the terrorist attacks. One announced that she now understood how Princess Leia felt. Others immediately began relating these horrific and REAL events with the fantasy of Star Wars, etc., as if they were unable to relate in any other way. I can't begin to describe how much this disturbed me. I feel sorry for them and their apparent inability to understand or acknowledge the real world around them. [2]


Issue 1

You Could Use a Good Kiss was published in May 1999 and has 215 pages.

For dead links, try the Contributing Authors, Archived version page as an alternate source for the fan fiction.

Letters of comment for issue #1 are archived here.

cover issue #1 - Kristin Brown

STORIES and Vignettes

Short Stories

  • Games by Cheree Cargill/art by Laura Sherman (Han and Leia struggle with their feelings for each other. Love triangles can be entertaining—until you learn you're one of the corners.)
  • Force Touch by Judy Ebberley

Long Stories

  • The Immoveable Object and the Irresistible Force, or A Visit to Ord Mantell by Kate Birkel/art by Liz and Rebecca Carey
  • Unrest by Dianora (While on a mission to seek out an eccentric scientist whose work could help the Rebellion, Leia's adversarial relationship with Han continues—but her damaged psyche may be the greatest adversary she's faced yet.)
  • Corruption by Marti Schuller/art by Liz (Just when things seem to settle down to a "happily ever after" for Han and Leia, a "stranger" from Han's past arrives to complicate matters.)
  • A Matter of Ganks by Pat Nussman (Hareboun's back, and he's brought his "friends" with him. Han and Leia find themselves in a very squishy situation as they face of one of their arch-enemies in this alternate universe classic.) (reprinted from Visions #2)
  • Member of the Guild by Kate Birkel/art by Dani (In this alternate universe classic, written before the release of Return of the Jedi, Han's tendency to run from responsibility comes back to haunt him yet again, this time in a conflict of interests that could jeopardize his relationship with Leia and the Rebellion.) (reprinted in Guardian #6)


  • Meeting Your Match by Mary Jo Fox
  • Day and Night NC-17 by Cindy Olsen/art by Liz (This story also won the StarAward for Best Short Story for 1999.) (Haunted by vivid memories of stolen moments with the missing Han, Leia realizes too late how much her life has become intertwined with his.)
  • Perception by Marie
  • Odium by Marie





Issue 2

inside front cover by Rebecca Carey
cover by Gerald Crotty

You Could Use Another Good Kiss, published in 2000, is the second of het Star Wars series of fanzines published by Evil Twin Press. Two zines were published and they focus on the Han Solo/Princess Leia relationship. The first issue was called You Could Use a Good Kiss. Gerald Crotty won the 2002 FanQ Award for 'Best Star Wars Gen Artist.' It contains 340 pages, letter sized, with four color covers by Rebecca Carey, Gerald Crotty, Kate McCredie, and Liz!

For dead links, try this website as an alternate source for the fan fiction. Summaries are from various fanzine publisher flyers)



  • Romance of the Century by JoJo/art by Kate McCredie ("What's fiction and what's real, and does anyone really care? Han and Leia aren't quite sure, but they do learn that sex sells.")
  • In Limbo by JoJo/art by Liz (In the uncertainty that comes after war, Han and Leia contemplate the vague futures of a couple of ex-war heroes.)
  • The Dreams by Z.B./art by Kate ("What if events had been different on Bespin? Han returns after meeting with Jabba, just as he'd promised.")

Short Stories

  • Sexual Politics by Patricia D'Orazio/art by Laura Sherman (originally appeared in StarQuest, 1988). Leia learns some hard lessons about sacrifice during her brief tenure in the Senate. Just how much is she willing to give for the good of the rebellion?")
  • Grounded by Judy Ebberley/art by Liz ("While grounded on an Alliance base, Han unintentionally stirs up some trouble for Leia.) (Han's worst nightmare, to be grounded from flying, comes true, and the rebels are faced with their most challenging task to date-keeping Solo busy").
  • Dreaming NC-17 by Cindy Olsen/art by Liz (What do dreams reveal about our thoughts, wishes and desires? If two people share the same desires, is it possible for them to share the same dream? Han and Leia find out one warm summer night.... Received a 2000 Star aWards Honorable Mention for Best Short Story.) ("Maybe it was the food or just a full moon, but Han and Leia weren't getting much sleep that night. And who can blame them?")

Long Stories

  • Ice, story by Leela Starsky/art by Kate McCredie (Han and Leia are trapped in an ice cave on Hoth.) ("When the ceiling of a stockroom on Hoth comes crashing down, it's up to Han and Leia to keep themselves occupied and alive until help arrives.")
  • A Shuffle of the Deck by Deb Durkee/art by Liz ("Han's out of carbonite and things just aren't the same anymore-including his desire to keep his secrets to himself. But how much are Leia and the others ready to hear?")
  • Men Are from Corellia, Women Are from Alderaan by Helen Potter/art by Kristin Brown (Han and Leia have a very unusual problem to solve.) ("Can lightning strike twice? If not, Han and Leia may never be the same again. If nothing else, they've certainly gained new insight into one another!")


  • A Matter of Commitment -story and art by Dani ("originally appeared in Flip of a Coin #4/5, 1984) The rebel agent on Ord Mantell has disappeared without a trace and it's Leia's job to find out why and fill in until they can get a replacement. Luckily for her, Han and Chewie were already headed in that direction.")
  • Mergers and Acquisitions by Susan Zahn/art by Kristin Brown and Kate McCredie ("What would you do on an all-expenses-paid business trip to the playground of the rich and famous? Leia finds out for herself as she and Han head for a rendezvous on Ord Mantell.")
  • Sabacc by Kate Birkel/art by Dani ("originally appeared in Guardian #7, 1986). In this gripping climax to "Member of the Guild," Han's duties as the official liaison between Corell and the Rebel Alliance reaffirm Han's opinion regarding responsibilities-especially when Yoda arrives on base to mastermind the offensive. Can Han preserve his relationship with Leia and save the galaxy at the same time when the Empire makes its move to wipe out the rebellion once and for all?")


  • Last Resort by Industria/art by Kate ("Everyone needs a touchstone to ground them to reality. Han realizes that more often than not, he's Leia's last resort.")
  • Only Night NC-17 by Cindy Olsen/art by Kate? Or Liz? (A companion piece to "Day and Night." Imprisoned in carbonite, Han's mind struggles with a confusing mess of nightmares, memories and regrets.) ("Confined to carbonite imprisonment with nothing but his memories, Han struggles to make sense of it all.")
  • Light by Barbara
  • The Kiss by Rabeya Khandaker
  • Love: Now and Forever by Nadja Lee
  • Homecoming by Rebecca Wolking/art by Rebecca Carey
  • Solo by Nadja Lee


  • Change My Mind by Wendy Schwartz
  • Leia Dear by Allison Shaw
  • That Don't Impress Me Much and Head over Feet by Allison Shaw
  • Princess by Susan Zahn
  • Head over Feet by Rosalind Sulaiman
  • Sweet Corellian Wine by Wendy Schwartz
  • Han's All I Think About These Days by Wendy Schwartz
  • Princess, It's Cold Outside by Susan Zahn
  • How You Make Me Feel by Wendy Schwartz


  • Kristin Brown
  • Rebecca Carey
  • Gerald Crotty
  • Dani
  • JoJo
  • Liz
  • Kate
  • Laura Sherman

Issue 3

You Could Use a Good Kiss 3 was published in May 2016 and has 390 pages. It has the subtitle: "This Time It's Personal."

flyer for issue #3

From a flyer: This issue represents the collected works of Susan Zahn’s award-winning Kismet series, newly revised into one volume. The book is 390 pages, spiral-bound, with laminated color covers, and color artwork inserts. Featuring new and classic illustrations by Kristin Brown, Rebecca Carey, Mark Fisher, Jean Kluge, Laura Quiles, Liz, Wanda Lybarger, Kate McCredie, Karen River, Stephanie Swanger, and Joni Wagner."

  • A Finite Distance (1) (reprinted from Dagobah #7)
  • Just Rewards (co-written with Erin Darroch). "'If money is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive'." (2)
  • 100 Words--Pretty (29)
  • Alliance Avant-Garde. "Leia struggles to find her niche now that her role and life in general has changed. Han offers an option that leaves a mark. Original version won STAR aWARdS Best Short Story 1994." (31) (reprinted from A Tremor in the Force #8)
  • Two Steps Forward. "As things grow rocky for Han, Leia, and Chewbacca while out on a mission, it's difficult to tell whether or not they're making progress." (42)
  • Full Circle. "Coming of age is never easy, even for a princess. Leia takes time out to reflect, despite a rather handsome distraction." (46)
  • I'd Rather Call You Sweetheart (52)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. "What happens on Ord Mantell stays on Ord Mantell. Original version won STAR aWARdS Best Long Story 2000." (53)
  • Between the Lines. "The fallout from Han & Leia's mission to Ord Mantell spills over on Hath. Original version won STAR aWARdS Best Long Story 1995." (119)(reprinted from Dagobah #8)
  • Boy! What Love Has Done to Me! (148)
  • Into the Fire. "Whether things are getting better or worse after the disaster on Hoth really depends on one's point of view." (153)
  • 100 Words--Fall (270)
  • Beyond Rendezvous. "Following events on Bespin, Leia faces tough decisions while working to rescue Han." (272)
  • Fortune's Fool. "Han is feeling out of place and out of time as the events of Return of the Jedi overtake him." (299)
  • Checkmate. "Han faces both his evil demons and shifting events just before the Battle of Endor." (338) (reprinted from Flip of a Coin #16)
  • Nobility's Price (344)
  • Full Disclosure (co-written with Erin Darroch). "In the aftermath of the destruction of the second Death Star, Han and Leia have some catching up to do." (346)
  • 100 Words--Twins (364)
  • Fine (367)
  • The Announcement. Han and Leia find a little peace. (368)
  • 100 Words--Sneak (371)
  • A Shift in Paradigm. Nearly a year after events on Endor's moon, Leia ponders why she's not satisfied. (372)
  • Where the Heart Is. It's not so much the end as the beginning. (387)
  • 100 Words--Survive (387)


  1. the series of four coordinated suicide attacks upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. areas on September 11, 2001, otherwise known as 911
  2. You Could Use Another Good Kiss Journal, Archived version Kiss Journal