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Title: Flip of a Coin
Publisher: Two Sons & A Brother Press, then then, Two Three Sons & A Brother Press, and then Three Sons (& A Daughter) & A Brother Press
Editor(s): Paula Truelove and Jenny McAdams
Date(s): 1983 - 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Harrison Ford, multimedia , Star Wars
Language: English
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Flip of a Coin is a Harrison Ford zine, which included fan fiction from Star Wars, the Indiana Jones movies, and other films starring Ford. It is primarily gen, but also includes adult het stories and began after a similar zine, Facets, ended.

"Flip of a Coin" ran for seventeen issues and won a 1985 FanQ.

Its editor, Paula Truelove, also started the fan club The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces in 1977.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, J.R. Dunster

Flip of a Coin 1 was published in 1983, is 112 pages long and contains 17 stories. J.R. Dunster, Scott Lerner, Wanda Lybarger, D. C. Wickes, Wendy Ikeguchi, Betsy Peed, Donna Oakes, Martie Benedict, and Suzy Sansom.

  • A Rainbow Above You by D.C. Wickes (Heroes)
  • I Call It Luck by Karin L. Zygowicz (Star Wars)
  • Reply to a Conversation by J.A. Berger
  • Starting Over by Paula Truelove (Hanover Street)
  • A Toast to Innocence by Peggy Barilla (Frisco Kid)
  • An Other, a Star Wars story
  • a Heroes vignette by Sherry MaGee
  • Deja Vu by Martie Benedict (Star Wars)
  • Kenny's Improvisation Song by Martie Benedict (Heroes)
  • Daemon by Ruth Radecki (Indiana Jones)
  • Discovery by Sherry Magee (Heroes)
  • Under the Rainbow, a Frisco Kid vignette by Pat Nussman
  • Reflections on a Medallion by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones)
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark and Frisco Kid poems by Jacqueline Taero
  • Reply to a Conversation by J. A. Berger (The Conversation)
  • Somewhere Outside Los Angeles - January 2020 by D. C. Wickes (Blade Runner)
  • Plus Cea Change by Pat Nussman (Frisco Kid)
  • filks by Martie Benedict

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Comparisons between "FLIP OF A COIN, with its soon-to-be-deiunct predecessor, FACETS, are inevitable. FLIP is obviously designed to take up where FACETS left off--that is, as a source of stories about and general celebration of the roles of Harrison Ford-and a lot of Ford fen will be watching to see how this new zine measures up to its famous forerunner. In this first issue, FLIP does very well indeed, particularly considering that it a first issue. Physically, it's a very handsome zine. The attractive J.R. Dunster portrait of Harrison on the cover, printed on a good quality stock, leads into an attractively, if simply, laid out interior with clean printing and mostly-competent art. Unlike FACETS, FLIP is full size, rather than reduced, type, which may or may not be a plus, depending on how you feel about the reduced vs. non-reduced debate. The literary contents, though more uneven than its physical appearance, are easily up to the standard of FACETS, which tended to vary wildly between the well and the execrably written. Actually, this issue's material is somewhat better than the average FACETS, perhaps because the more modest volume of material prevents the good stories from being buried, or perhaps because FACETS' better writers seem to be the ones who've made the switch. Two stories in FLIP stand out, though for different reasons. D.C. Wickes' "A Rainbow Above You", though by no means perfectly written, is remarkable for the sensitivity of the human relationships and the sheer drama of its culminating scene. A Kenny Boyd (HEROES) story set in the same universe as Sherry Magee's Kenny stories (in FACETS and SYNDIZINE), it concerns Kenny's trauma resulting from Vietnam, set in the context of a growing relationship with a childhood friend, Annie, who has her own problems stemming from a divorce and lifestyle change. Many fan-created females have the 'feel' of a cardboard character brought to life (such as it is) ior the mere purpose of romancing the male character or a tough-woman aiter-ego for the author (who can out-drink and out-fight the hero, generally rendering him perfectly superfluous). Annie doesn't have that feel. She's a real person I'd be happy to read about aside from her relationship with Kenny. What I like best is that, like most intelligent women placed into a similar situation, she has doubts about what she's letting herself in for in getting involved with a man in Kenny's mental state. Obviously, this is partially a romance and a verv tenderly-drawn one, the growth of the relationship traced in a helievable and touching way. But it is also a story about a man pulling himself from a mental slough by taking the hand of another. As I said before, it's not perfectly written. It needs to be longer. Another scene or two Kenny and Annie early on would have given more the flavor of a slowly-developing friendship/love affair. A few scenes alone with Kenny's nightmares would have provided more foreshadowing to the shattering climax-which is both well-written and gripping. The biggest fault lies, perhaps, with the first scene, an almost solid chunk of what-has-gone-before, which bogs the reader down before she gets a chance to become involved in the tale. These are relatively minor problems, though, which some thoughtful editing could have swiftly eliminated. The story itself is very good indeed and made doubly appealing by the fact that it concerns a little-explored Harrison role. The other story is based on a role few writers would care to attempt: Martin Stett in THE CONVERSATION. Stett is Harrison'S most villainous role-a fascinating, manipulatively-evil man, with homosexual undertones and few, if any, socially redeeming qualities. Since obviously most writers who create stories on Harrison's roles like Harrison and thus want to emphasize his more pleasant screen personalities, it follows that this role should be a trifle neglected. J.A. Berger tackles it, however, in "Reply to a Conversation" and succeeds in portraying the snake-like fascination of the character. Stett, like some omnipresent demon, haunts the hapless wiretapper, Caul, through countless changes of residence and masterminds an investigation which plunges Caul into a clever, inescapable snare. Vader and Stett would be bosom buddies; he makes Belloc look like a pussycat. Good villains, however, are just as fascinating for actors as heroes-or perhaps more so-and Berger skillfully awakens the reader's awareness of that fascination. Although the story's pace falters toward the end, on the whole Berger manages admirably in writer about this rather difficult Ford role. Other offerings are less successful, though by no means absolutely awful. "Starting Over", a HANOVER STREET story by Paula Truelove, illustrates why editors should be cautious about printing their own work. The idea is not bad, but it needs a thorough edit which is not something you can do for yourself. The main female character is an example of a woman who exists for no other reason but to play girlfriend to Halloran. One gets no feeling of a definite personality there and no idea of why Halloran should be attracted to her. The ideas, scenes, and personalities are simply not fully developed enough to make it a good story. Peggy Barilla's "A Toast to Innocence" (FRISCO KID) similarly could use a heavy editing. The Tommy characterization is good enough, the female character strongly drawn, but the 'point' of the story comes across weakly. What is said in the story really doesn't seem to add up to what happens in the end. The writing itself is facile, but it could use some trimming, and the point of view used switches abruptly in several places, resulting in a jarring change in tone. I have by no means covered all the territory in FLIP. There are several other stories, including the single SW story, a charming HEROES vignette by Sherry Magee, a FRISCO KID vignette by Pat Nussman, excellent RAIDERS and FRISCO KID poems by Jacqueline Taero, and some of Martie Benedict's beautiful song lyrics. The art deserves some mention. FLIP is notable for having only one piece of art that I consider below acceptable-the accompaniment to Taero's RAIDERS poem, "Reflections on a Rebellion"; which was clumsy in execution. On the other hand, the same artist did a lovely, evocative Han ilIo for the SW story, "An Other", and that's more typical of the general quality of the art. Especially notable are Wanda Lybarger's numerous illustrations. In the past few years, Lybarger has developed into one of fandom's top illustrators: she is not only able to catch a likeness, but to bring the actual spirit and motion of a scene into life. Her illos for "Under the Rainbow" are particularly good, as is the graceful Tommy accompanying the Nussman vignette. Also striking is the back cover BLADE RUNNER poster-like design by Scott Lerner. Both design and execution here are bold and evocative. If FLIP goes on as it has started, it will be something to look forward to for Ford fen, in terms of both stories and art, as well as a nice-looking package, though editing may need more work in the future. Truelove and McAdams, incidentally, intend to put out FLIP quarterly. Which is rather a feat in itself. [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2

Flip of a Coin 2 was published in July 1983, is 160 pages long and contains 36 stories. Artwork by Wanda Lybarger, Sheila Paulson, Barbara Frances-Simon, Carlotta Vaughn, D. C. Wickes, Betsy Peed, Martynn, Suzy Sansom, Donna Oakes, Wendy Ikeguchi, Jan Keeler, Peter Parker, Dani Lane, Lisa Brown, and Cheryl Flint.

  • Deja Vu by T.S. Weddell (An alternate universe tale, Star Wars.)
  • Reflections on a Medallion Reflected by Mysti Frank (Indiana Jones)
  • The Way That It Goes by D.C. Wickes (Heroes) ("Another in the Kenny Boyd, Annie McBride tales.")
  • Corellian Pirate by Karin L. Zygowicz (Star Wars)
  • Devolution by Martie Benedict (Blade Runner)
  • Rendezvous by Ruth Radecki (Star Wars)
  • Long Distance by D. C. Wickes (Heroes)
  • The Lodi Straight by Martie Benedict (Frisco Kid) ("Tommy and Avram have a revealing "religious" experience when they encounter Kevie and Lang, Martie's bawdy ladies...")
  • Thoughts by Suzy Sansom (Blade Runner)
  • The Wedding Present by Joan Shumsky (Star Wars) ("Han Solo had plans for the Alliance's reward until a beautiful, fiesty Princess walked into his life.")
  • Plane Talk by Paula Truelove (Indiana Jones)
  • Ice by Martie Benedict (Star Wars)
  • Gunhand of Circumstance by J. A. Berger (Frisco Kid) ("The second story in the Gunhand Trilogy, featuring Tommy Lillard, Pico McGuire, and Cord.")
  • Kismet by L.A. Adolf ("Indiana Jones is dead, but his obsession with the powerful and mysterious Ark of the Covenant lives on.")

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Flip of a Coin 3 was published in 1984, is 170 pages long and contains 26 stories. Artwork by Marj Ihssen, Wanda Lybarger, Cheree Cargill, Suzy Sansom, Dani Lane, Yvonna Zan, D. C. Wickes, E. Crawford, and Barbara Frances-Simon.

  • The Corellian Mutation by Martie Benedict O'Brien (Set before Star Wars: A New Hope. Han goes to Voola, the planet of the Talathi winged women, during mating season, but encounters an ancient danger.)
  • Eufordia by Martie Benedict (Harrison Ford)
  • Still in Saigon by Cheree Cargill (Heroes)
  • Sea Hawk by Pat Nussman (Han Solo)
  • Apocalyptic Reflections by Sara Fensterer (Apocalypse Now)
  • The Call of the Lembah Temple by Dani Lane (Indiana Jones)
  • Recessional by L.A. Adolf (Star Wars)
  • Eternal Triangle by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones)
  • Communion by Martie Benedict (Blade Runner)
  • Interlude by Anne Elizabeth Zeek (Indiana Jones)
  • The Real War by Sherry Magee (Heroes)
  • other unknown content

Issue 4/5

cover of issue #4/5

Flip of a Coin 4/5 was published in 1984, is 300 pages long, and contains 28 pages. Writers include Jacqueline Taero, Sheila Paulson, Christine Jeffords, Kathryn Agel, Martie Benedict, and Janet W.. Artists include Dani, Wanda Lybarger, Suzy Sansom, and Martynn

  • The Doppleganger, part one, by Christine Jeffords (Star Wars)
  • Clare de Lune by T.S. Weddell ("Indiana Jones meets a mysterious woman in Paris. A companion story to Hunter's Moon.")
  • Encounter by Sheila Paulson
  • Ring Around the Cobra by Linda Ruth Pfonner ("Indiana Jones believes he is being returned to Tanis to finish the excavations there, but his kidnappers have a more deadly purpose in mind.")
  • other unknown content

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Laura Virgil

Flip of a Coin 6 was published in February 1985, is 254 pages long and contains 25 stories. Artwork by Laura Virgil, Wendy Ikeguchi (back cover), Wanda Lybarger, Dani Lane, Scott Lerner, Suzy Sansom, Yvonne Zan, SMAP, and Dave Garcia.

  • Congratulations, Harrison! (1)
  • cartoon by Dave Garcia (3)
  • Hello! (4)
  • cartoon by Wanda Lybarger ( 4)
  • reviews (4)
  • Adventures in Dining by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones) (11)
  • "Remington" Solo by Joan B. Shumsky (Han Solo) (12)
  • Leave it to Solo, or . . . Beaver Joins the Alliance, also here by Randy/T.S. Weddell (Star Wars/Leave It To Beaver] (Star Wars/Leave It To Beaver crossover. Han and Chewie find themselves shipwrecked on a strange primitive planet -- their only hope, a small boy named Beaver.) (13)
  • Marion by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (26)
  • Corellian Fantasy by Marcia Brin (Star Wars) (27)
  • Just Passin' Through by Barbara Anderson (Frisco Kid) (53)
  • Exercise in Nostalgia by Jacqueline Taero (American Graffiti) (56)
  • Introspective on a Black Chevrolet by Linda Pfonner (American Graffiti) (57)
  • Solo? by Tonya Cox (Star Wars) (59)
  • First Snow by Barbara Brayton (Blade Runner) (60)
  • Karma by L.A. Adolf (Indiana Jones) (61)
  • cartoon by Suzy Sansom (85)
  • Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye by Patricia J.D. Kyle (Kenny Boyd) (86)
  • Renewer's Wind by Martie Benedict (Star Wars) (91)
  • Thoughts on the Air by Martie Benedict (Star Wars) (96)
  • I Don't Believe I Saw That! by Sherry Magee (Indiana Jones) (98)
  • Just Askin' by P.A. Barilla (Harrison Ford) (102)
  • Once a Scoundrel, Always a Scoundrel by Barbara Anderson (Star Wars) (103)
  • cartoon by Peggy Dixon and Diane Pitman (131)
  • Echoes of a Conversation by Marcia Brin (The Conversation) (132)
  • [How Hard Can It Be? by Martie Benedict (Indiana Jones) (133)
  • The Cowboy and the Christians by Michelle Worley (Frisco Kid) (160)
  • For the Love of a Friend J.A. Berger Posted (Han is captured by Darth Vader and must fight off a mental attack with Luke's help through the Force.) (Star Wars) ( (164)
  • cartoon by Yvonne Zan (185)
  • 20 Seconds by Ruth Radecki (Lt. Col. Barnsby) (186)
  • Simply Indiana by Jazqueline Taero (Indiana Jones) (188)
  • The Doppleganger, part two by Christine Jeffords (Star Wars) (189)
  • Legacies (part one) by Pat Nussman and Liz S. (Set post-Return of the Jedi. Senate President Mon Mothma, claiming fear of the Vader heritage, has outlawed Luke, Leia, and Han, leaving the way clear for her own secret plans for the New Republic. But not everyone in the new regime believes Mon Mothma's story: General Rieekan and his wife, General Kayka Amnnssu, play a dangerous middle ground, protecting their outlawed friends under Mon Mothma's increasingly suspicious eye.) (209)
  • Notices (249)
  • Guidelines for Submissions (252)
  • cartoon by Suzy Sansom (252)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Wanda Lybarger

Flip of a Coin 7 was published in August 1985, is 214 pages long, and contains 32 stories. Artwork by Wanda Lybarger (front cover), Martynn, Barbara Frances-Simon, Yvonne Zan, Suzy Sansom, Dave Garcia, D.C. Wickes, Rebecca Carey, Dani (back cover) and Phyllis Milby.

  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • The Better Idea by Cypher (Harrison Ford) (9)
  • A Moment Stolen by Paula Truelove (Star Wars) (11)
  • Far Away in Lancaster County by Donna Oakes (Witness) (12)
  • Tea for One by Barbara Anderson (Hanover Street) (13)
  • Blade Runners Aren't Supposed to Have Feelings by Ruth Radecki (Blade Runner) (19)
  • Leia Has the Last Laugh by Diane Pitman and Peggy Dixon (Star Wars) (24)
  • Book Thoughts: Storm Without -- Storm Within by Barbara Anderson (Witness) (28)
  • Transitions by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (31)
  • cartoon by Yvonne Zan ( (37)
  • Thoughts of Indy: The Palls of Academe by Cypher, Fortune and Glory by Jacqueline Taero, Dressing for Success by Cypher (38)
  • No More Killing by Margeurite O'Rourke (Blade Runner) (40)
  • Bellboy by Cypher (Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round) (41)
  • An Evening Out by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (49)
  • Carol for a Lonely Night by Wanda Lybarger (Star Wars) (50)
  • cartoon by Sharon Palmer (71)
  • New Farmhand by Jacqueline Taero (Witness) (72)
  • [Reunion by T.S. Weddell (Indiana Jones) (73)
  • cartoon by Suzy Sansom (84)
  • The Final Jump by Kathi Barnes (Star Wars) (85)
  • Tom Foolery by Cypher (Tommy Lillard) (92)
  • A Pumpkin Tale by Sherry Magee (Heroes) (93)
  • Vigil by Jacqueline by Taero (Witness) (96)
  • It's Not Over Yet by Barbara Anderson (Star Wars) (97)
  • Warm Beer and Tea by Jacqueline Taero (David Halloran) (128)
  • Turning Time lyrics by Martie Benedict (Witness) (129-144) (What I Know, I Am the Sentinel, Lay Me Down, Hold on in the Dark, Radio Lady, Reflections, Woodwork, Sunsets, Feelin' Hard, Giving, Years Away, Turning Time, Fate, Stand Up and Be Counted, Where is the Heartbreak?
  • Spring Thaw by Sally A. Syrjala (David Halloran) (145)
  • The Bibliophilic Society, Critics Corner, Book Review (Witness) (148)
  • cartoon by Yvonne Zan (150)
  • Apocalypse Then by Robin White (Kenny Boyd) (151)
  • Yankee Doodle Wookiee by Phyllis Milby (155)
  • Holding Out for a Hero by Barbara Anderson (multifandom) (156)
  • A Cold, Dark Night in Nepal by Ruth Radecki (Indiana Jones) (157)
  • My Two Friends by Sherry Magee (Witness) (158)
  • Hey, Kids, the Reviews are In by Jacqueline Taero (Harrison Ford) (160)
  • From Inside Wishing Out by Linda Ruth Pfonner (Star Wars) (161)
  • Epitaph by Jacqueline Taeiro (Paul Winjam) (162)
  • Legacies (part two) by Pat Nussman and Liz S. (Set post-Return of the Jedi. Senate President Mon Mothma, claiming fear of the Vader heritage, has outlawed Luke, Leia, and Han, leaving the way clear for her own secret plans for the New Republic. But not everyone in the new regime believes Mon Mothma's story: General Rieekan and his wife, General Kayka Amnnssu, play a dangerous middle ground, protecting their outlawed friends under Mon Mothma's increasingly suspicious eye.) (163)
  • Notices (204)

Issue 8

front cover of issue #8, Karen River

Flip of a Coin 8 was published in February 1986 and was 216 pages long. It contains 31 stories.

Cover art by Karen River (front cover) and Barbara Frances-Simon (back cover). Other art by Rebecca Carey, Dani, Cherie Fontyn, Pat Grant, Judith Low, Wanda Lybarger, Jim Markle, Martynn, Sharon Palmer, Mary Platt, Tina Mauldin, Karen River, and Tracy Taylor.

  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • Guidelines for Submission to FLIP (16)
  • The Cross-Universe "Get" Story to End Them All by Jaqueline Taero (multifandom) (17)
  • Good-Time Tommy by Cypher (Tommy Lillard) (21)
  • Because You're Going Somewhere by Martie Benedict-O'Brien (Star Wars) (22)
  • Shadow Dancing by Sally Syrjala (Witness) (24)
  • cartoon by Sharon Palmer (27)
  • Silver Bird by Pat Nussman (Star Wars) (28)
  • Change of Minds by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (30)
  • Farewell to the Sea Gulls by Becky Cope (Blade Runner) (32)
  • Bone Appetit by Cypher (Harrison Ford) (37)
  • Like Me by Tracy Taylor (Blade Runner) (38)
  • Multiple Choice by Karen Ripley (Witness) (39)
  • The Woman in Wine and Gold by Elaine Christinani (Star Wars) (50)
  • Last Laugh by Peggy Barilla (Blade Runner) (51)
  • cartoon by Elizabeth Warren (Star Wars) (54)
  • Vignette in Search of a Story by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones) (55)
  • Red by Kathi Barnes (Witness) (58)
  • You Know, the One About Mos Eisley by Tracy Taylor (Star Wars) (60)
  • Protege by Dani (Witness) (62)
  • What a Drag! by Cypher (American Graffiti) (66)
  • Maggie May by Martie Benedict-O'Brien (Blade Runner) (67)
  • The Man, Indiana Jones by Stacy Strey (Indiana Jones) (70)
  • Escape from Norway by Barbara Anderson (Hanover Street) (71)
  • Book: Turning the Page by Jacqueline Taero (Witness) (92)
  • The Final Call by Paula Truelove and Jenny McAdams (Martin Stett) (93)
  • Doomsday Book by Martie Benedict (Temple of Doom) (97)
  • Christmas Vignette, or You Want Norman Rockewell, We Got Norman Rockwell by Sherry Magee (Kenny Boyd) (111)
  • cartoon by Wanda Lybarger (116)
  • If You Were a Carpenter... by Rebecca Carey (Harrison Ford) (117)
  • Goodbye by Pat Grant (Star Wars) (118)
  • Quote-Acrostic by Elizabeth Warren (Raiders of the Lost Ark) (120)
  • The Princess and the Palace Slave by Elaine Christiani (Temple of Doom) (122)
  • Voices in the Dark by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (124)
  • The Crystal Skull by Barbara Anderson (Indiana Jones) (125)
  • Remember the Fire (Farewell to Chewie) by Martie Benedict-O'Brien (Star Wars) (166)
  • Terra Nova by Cypher (Star Wars) (167)
  • Book Ends by Tonya Cox (Witness) (204)

Issue 9

front cover of issue #9, Rebecca Carey
front cover of issue #9. The cover drawings for #9 were simple, plain, contour-line drawings, all printed alike, not meant to be colored in. However, some fans did color them (of which this is an example).[2]
back cover of issue #9, Rebecca Carey

Flip of a Coin 9 has 202 pages. It was published in August 1986 and contains 30 stories.

Artwork by Karen River, Wanda Lybarger, Judith Low, Dani Lane, Rebecca Carey (front and back covers), Dianne Smith, Tracy Taylor, Martynn, Julie B. Jones, Mark Fisher, Jim Markle, and Tina Mauldin.

  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • Little One by L.A. Adolf (Star Wars) (12)
  • Hanover Street, 1964 by Madge E. Longhurst (31)
  • Scotch and Champagne by Barbara Anderson (Indiana Jones) (32)
  • cartoon by Donna Oakes (42)
  • Smuggler's Blues by Christine Haire and Stacy Strey (Star Wars) (43)
  • Night Watch by Cathie Whitehead (Witness) (44)
  • Deckard in Doubt by Jacqueline Taero (46)
  • Bespin Pledge by Carolyn Golledge (Star Wars) (a revised edition appeared in Dagobah #2) (47)
  • cartoon by Susan Hall (55)
  • The Quest for Asparagus by Jenny McAdams (Harrison Ford) (56)
  • Star Light, Star Bright by Cypher (Mosquito Coast) (60)
  • Fox Hunt by Cypher (Harrison Ford) (61)
  • Momentary Fantay by Jacqueline Taero (Witness) (62)
  • Remembrance by Sally Syrjala (Star Wars) (64)
  • Canning by Elaine Christiani (Witness) (67)
  • Out of the Frying Pan... and ... Into the Fire? by Elaine Christiani (68)
  • Han Just Wants to Have Fun by Cypher (Star Wars) (70)
  • Recurrent Nightmare by Cathie Whitehead (Indiana Jones) (72)
  • The Lamb Among the Goats by Karen Ripley (Witness) (74)
  • Flying Solo by Stacy Strey (Star Wars) (89)
  • The Best Laid Plans... by Barbara Anderson (Tommy Lillard) (90)
  • Judas in the Wings by Peggy Barilla (The Conversation) (114)
  • Knight's Game by Pat Nussman and Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (115)
  • Genesis Revisited by Cypher (Indiana Jones) (137)
  • For Small Favors... by Peggy Barilla (Kenny Boyd) (138)
  • cartoon by Brad Morris (146)
  • Paradise Run by Cypher (Star Wars) (Han finds himself entered in the most dangerous race in the galaxy, along with nine pilots who will do anything to win its rich prize.) (147)
  • Rachel's Song by Stacy Strey (Rick Deckard) (173)
  • First Rendezvous by Cathie Whitehead (Frisco Kid) (174)
  • It's Not the Years, It's the Wardrobe by Jacqueline Taero (177)
  • I'll be Back by Jill Thomas (Star Wars) (179)
  • Hunt Without Moonlight by Linda Ruth Pfonner (Han Solo) (Han awakes after the carbon freeze a prisoner in Jabba's Palace, and his last coherent memory is of being in the cantina on Tatooine...) (179)
  • Hanging Lamps by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (202)
  • Notices (203)
  • Deadline for issue #10 (208)

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Wanda Lybarger
back cover of issue #10, Martynn

Flip of a Coin 10 was published in February 1987 and is 262 pages long. It has 31 stories. It has a color cover front and back. Artwork by Wanda Lybarger (front cover), Martynn (back cover), Julie B. Jones, Jim Markle (inside back cover), Dani, Cherie Fontyn, Dianne Smith, L. Rogan, Yvonne Zan, Suzy Samsom, and SMAP.

  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • Guidelines for Submissions (11)
  • The Magic Shirt by Jacqueline Taero (Harrison Ford) (12)
  • All I Ever Wanted by Kathryn Agel (Star Wars) (14)
  • The Good Woman by Cypher (Frisco Kid) (16)
  • American Dream by Martie O'Brien (Heroes) (34)
  • Revelation by Irina Ozernoy (Mark Blackwood) (36)
  • Midnight Musing by Cypher (Allie Fox) (39)
  • Just Another Useless Experience, Jones Style by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones) (40)
  • The Question by Jacqueline Taero (Rick Deckard) (42)
  • Somewhere in Kansas by Elaine Christiniani (Frisco Kid) (44)
  • Copping a Plea by Cypher (Witness) (54)
  • Me and Indy Jones by Marguerite P. O'Rourke (Indiana Jones) (55)
  • Tripping the Light Fantastic by Barbara Anderson (Star Wars) (56)
  • Company Cuisine by Cypher (Martin Stett) (75)
  • Bad, Bady Indy Jones, filk by Adrain Barton, Mike Geraghty, Ann Morris, (76)
  • Sufficient Unto the Day.... by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (78)
  • Coming To by Elaine Christiani (Witness) (80)
  • Fly Like the Wind by Christine Haire (Star Wars) (82)
  • Day of the Gladius by Robin White (Indiana Jones) (83)
  • Still Smuggling... And Proud of It by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (107)
  • Maybe by Ruth Radecki (Indiana Jones) (108)
  • Insider by Pat Nussman (Witness) (110)
  • Nocturnal Activities (??) by Jill Thomas (Indiana Jones) (112)
  • The Medicine Show by Cypher (Han's quest to find a cure for Chewie's illness leads him to some old friends and strange places.) (Star Wars) (113)
  • cartoon by Sharon M. Palmer (145)
  • Luck by Karen Ripley (Frisco Kid) (146)
  • Indiana Jones by Liz Gregory (158)
  • The Last Television Conversation Between David Halloran and Margaret Sellinger by Jeanna Falk (159)
  • Farewell to Samuel by Jacqueline Taero (Witness) (160)
  • [The Pure Faith by T. S. Weddell (Indiana Jones) (161)
  • Tempatation? by Rebecca Toon and Irina Ozernoy (Star Wars) (175)
  • And Noodles (Lines for a Future Waitress) by Elaine Christiani (Rick Deckard) (176)
  • A New Meaning by Carolyn Golledge (Witness) (Winner of a 1988 Fan Q award for best novella, (published later in Never Say Die #9) has a sequel in BetterIdeaZine) (177)
  • Landwoman by Elaine Christiani (Star Wars) (251)
  • cartoons by Sharon M. Palmer (252)
  • Notices (253)

Issue 11

cover of issue #11, Jim Markle

Flip of a Coin 11 was published in November 1987 and was 314 pages long. It has 32 stories.

Art is by Jim Markle (front cover), Dianne Smith (back cover), Cherie Fontyn (inside back cover), Dani Lane, Lisa Brown, Wanda Lybarger, Martynn, Yvonne Zan, Judy Low, Rebecca Carey, Julie B. Jones, and Sheila Paulson.

  • cartoon by Yvonne Zan (2)
  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • Guidelines for Submissions (15)
  • Back from Vacation by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones) (16)
  • Confrontation by Elaine Christiani (Star Wars) (18)
  • Police Story by Cypher (Witness) (21)
  • Blind Alley by Tonya Cox (Allie Fox) (22)
  • The Debt by Sally A. Syrjala (Star Wars) (24)
  • Say What? by Cypher (various characters) (27)
  • Angel of Mercy by Jean Marie Dewey (Indiana Jones) (28)
back cover of issue #11, Dianne Smith
  • Escape! by Beth M. Lentz (Rick Deckard) (62)
  • Mosquitia by Debra Edwards (Allie Fox) (62)
  • The Other Side of the Jump by Beth C. Masterson (Star Wars) (66)
  • To Sleep! Perchance to Dream by Michelle Worley (Indiana Jones) (71)
  • Carbonite Enlightenment by Marci Erwin (Star Wars) (78)
  • Evening on the Wind by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (79)
  • Return of the Corellian by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) *2)
  • Etchings in a Child's Eye by Jacqueline Taero (Allie Fox) (83)
  • Winter Dreams by Tracy Taylor (Star Wars) (84)
  • Resume by Cypher (Rick Deckard) (90)
title page for Gold, art by Wanda Lybarger
  • Gold by Martie O'Brien (Allie Fox). A collection of filk lyrics inspired by Mosquito Coast, illustrated by Wanda Lybarger (91)
  • First Lesson by Marcia Brin (At age seven, Han Solo is taken in by a Wookiee clan. But after having been abandoned by all those he loved, can he ever learn to trust again?) (103)
  • Singapore Sling by Barbara Anderson (Indiana Jones) (115)
  • Silent Sol(o)iloquy by Jill Thomas (Star Wars) (162)
  • Curtain Call by L.A. Adolf (Star Wars) (163)
  • My Dearest John by Christine Haire (Witness) (176)
  • A Tommy Tale, part one by Wanda Lybarger (Frisco Kid) (177)
  • Save Us from Princesses by Ruth Radecki (Star Wars) (221)
  • Fireside Soliloquy by Elaine Christiani (Frisco Kid) (252)
  • Indiana Wants Me by Jeanna Falk (253)
  • Thoughts to the Dripping of Rain by Jacqueline Taero (Rick Deckard) (254)
  • Bill of Fare by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (256)
  • How Do You Tell a Friend? by Susan Zahn (Star Wars) (259)
  • The Parting by Jacqueline Taero (Frisco Kid) (260)
  • Ever Had One of Those Days... ? by Jill Thomas (Indiana Jones) (262)
  • Lethal Witness by Cypher (Witness) (264)
  • Willie Scott's Restaurant Review by Jacqueline Taero (Indiana Jones) (304)
  • Notices (305)

Issue 12

front cover of issue #12, Cherie Fontyn

Flip of a Coin 12 has 290 pages. It was published in August 1988.

Art by Jim Markle (back cover), Cheri Fontyn (front cover), Wanda Lybarger, Julie B. Jones, Dani, Dianne Smith, Martynn, Rebecca Carey.

  • Indy's Prayer by Chypher (2)
  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • Memo to the General: Leia, and Memo to the General: Han by Pat Nussman (113)
  • Poetic Justice by Carolyn Golledge (This is a "what if?" alternate. I was disappointed when The Empire Strikes Back ended without Han and Leia being reunited. So.... I wondered...what if something had gone wrong with the carbon freeze?) (14)
  • Swearin' at the Green by Cypher (Indiana Jones) (27)
  • Deus Ex Machina by Ruth Radecki (Allie Fox) (28)
  • En Route by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (30)
  • Two-Faced Coin by Cathie Whitehead (Allie Fox) (33)
  • Eye of Innocence by Barbara Anderson (Walker) (34)
  • The Saga According to Han Solo by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (40)
  • Turnabout by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (46)
  • Game by Cypher (Allie) (49)
  • Age Old Question by Susan Zahn (Star Wars) (50)
  • Fool's Gold by Irina Ozernoy (Indiana Jones) (52)
  • Short Story by Cypher (Frisco Kid) (73)
  • A Fable by Elaine Christiani (Star Wars) (73)
  • Alone by Christine Haire (Witness) (88)
  • Halloween Tales by Sherry Magee (Kenny Boyd) "The Classics" (89)
back cover issue #12, Jim Markle
  • Father, Why? by Beth C. Masterson (Witness) (134)
  • Howling in Madness by S. Robin Dean (Deckard) (135)
  • Prior Commitment by Catherine Anson (Star Wars) (136)
  • cartoon by Goose (157)
  • The End of the Affair... Beginning Again by Michelle Worley (Halloran) (158)
  • Egyptology by Cypher (Indiana Jones) (161)
  • Perdition's Price by Jacqueline Taero (Star Wars) (162)
  • Pact by Elaine Christiani (Star Wars) (164)
  • Say What? by Cypher (various characters) (168)
  • A Tommy Tale, part two by Wanda Lybarger (Frisco Kid) (169)
  • Ode to a Teddy Bear, and Rebuttal by Cypher (Walker) (213)
  • Comeuppance by Jacqueline Taero (214)
  • Silent Witness by Cypher (Witness) (216)
  • Interoffice Correspondence: MC by Jacqueline Taero (Allie) (290)
  • Notices (291)
  • Submission Guidelines (262)

Issue 13

cover of issue #13, Dianne Smith

Flip of a Coin 13 has 278 pages, was published in August 1989, and contains 17 stories. It has art by Dani, Wanda Lybarger and Dianne Smith. Front and back covers by Dianne Smith.

  • Editorial
  • Cartoon by Paula, Jenny and Goose
  • Reviews
  • Execution by Elaine Christiani
  • Raiders of the Lost Sun God by Melody Womack and Jan Slusher (Indiana Jones)
  • Cartoon by Goose, Jenny and Paula - Indiana Jones
  • New Horizons by Michelle Worley (Barnsby)
  • The Last Retirement by Barbara Anderson (Deckard is in a desperate struggle to survive and obtain credentials for he and Rachel to travel off-world. He strikes a deal with an under-world contact... but his payment requires retiring one more "skin job.")
  • Interruptions by Catherine Anson (The rebels and the Ewoks are celebrating the triumph of the Battle of Endor, but all Han has in mind is spending some time alone with Leia for his own kind of celebration. Unfortunately, the entire universe seems to be plotting against him.)
  • Winter Witness by Cypher (In the urban wilderness, John Book and Martin Riggs are right at home. But when they and two dangerous prisoners are stranded in the wilds of Alaska in the middle of the winter, the big city cops find their street smarts are useless--and if the killers don't get them, nature must might.)
  • They Shoot Banthas, Don't They? by Cypher (A seemingly innocuous contest turns into a dance of death fot Han and Nova as their partners Chewbacca and Phloth the fungus race to the rescue.)
  • Cartoon by Goose and Max - Allie Fox
back cover of issue #13, Dianne Smith
  • R & R by Phyllis Milby (En route to Hawaii for some much needed rest and relaxation, Kenny Boyd inadvertently boards the wrong plane and lands in Australia instead. What begins as a disaster turns into a soul-searching stay in the Land Down Under when Kenny is "adopted" by a young retarded man, Tim Melville, and his family.)
  • Castellon by Pat Nussman and Jacqueline Taero (Han and Luke have rescued Leia from Vader's grasp but the three of than must now destroy the Emperor-- and must seek additional training from Yoda to do so. Will they be able to accomplish this task? And will Leia's rescue from the Dark Side prove lasting?)
  • Witness as a Retread ANGEL? by Wanda Lybarger
  • Coming Attractions by Karen Eastbrook
  • Cartoon by Wanda Lybarger - John Book
  • Execution by Elaine Christiani (Han Solo)
  • Cartoon by Goose and Max - Ham Solo
  • Silent Prayer by Susan Zahn - poem
  • Encore by Jacqueline Taero - poem
  • Plots by Elaine Christiani - poem
  • The More Things Change by Cypher -poem
  • Cypher's Gems - poems
  • I Should Have Known Better by Ruth Radecki - poem
  • Priorities by Susan Zahn - poem
  • art by Dani, Wanda Lybarger and Dianne Smith

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 13

I just finished FLIP OF A COIN #13. It's a zine dedicated to all of HF's characters. There are three stories that are really good: "They Shoot Banthas, Don't They?" by Cypher, "Interruptions" by Catherine Anson, and Winter Witness" also by Cypher. The last one is a John Book/Martin Riggs (LETHAL WEAPON) cross over universe and they are excellent (the other two stories in this universe included). FLIP has a lot of SE readers, judging from the LoC pages. [3]

Issue 14

cover of issue #14, Barbara Frances-Simon

Flip of a Coin 14 has 259 pages. It was published in October 1990 and contains 29 stories.

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: ". This issue includes three selections by Cypher: "Island Witness" - badly injured in the line of duty, John Book and Martin Riggs are taken by their friend Tank Tankersley to a sleepy Caribbean island to recuperate. But their vacation takes a deadly turn when a local activist is murdered and the two big city cops find themselves battling police corruption and the powerful owners of a local resort; "The Last Adventure" - His life had been filled with risk, prizes, and women. Now, with his days drawing to a close and his prospects dim, he knew he had to reach out one more time for his final chance at fortune and glory; "Echoes" -The beautiful widow and her young son were adrift in Philadelphia. At first, they were nothing more that part of John Book's job. Soon, however, they became more--much more. And More!"

  • fiction by Cypher, Barbara Anderson, Carolyn Golledge, Phyliis Milby, Elaine Christiani, Karen Estabrook, Cat Anson, Debbie Sandage, Susan Zahn and Paula Truelove
  • art by Wanda Lybarger, Dani, Rebecca Carey and Barbara Frances-Simon
  • poetry by Jacqueline Taero, Cypher, Susan Zahn, Christine Haire and Laurel Meulendyk
  • cartoons by Dani, Goose and Cherie Fontyn
  • Star Witness by Carolyn Golledge ("A crossover story. While tracking an Imperial Officer accused of war crimes, General Han Solo crash lands in Pennsylvania and is mistaken for someone by the name of John Book.")
  • Island Witness by Cypher
  • The Last Adventure by Cypher
  • Echoes by Cypher
  • other unknown content

Issue 15

Flip of a Coin 15 was published in November 1992 and contains 286 pages.

front cover of issue #15, Nicola Pearce
back cover of issue #15, Barbara Frances-Simon
inside back cover, issue #15, Wanda Lybarger
inside front cover, issue #15 Barbara Anderson

Art by Nicola Pearce (front cover), Barbara Frances-Simon (back cover), Barbara Anderson (inside front cover), Wanda Lybarger (inside back cover).

  • Hello! (2)
  • Reviews (3)
  • Red Sky at Morning by Susan Zahn (Star Wars) (10)
  • Fall (For Mr. Winjam) by Elaine Christiani (Paul Winjam) (20)
  • Confessions of a Fordaholic by Karen Estabrook (20)
  • cartoon by Wanda Lybarger ( 28)
  • Naked Peril by Cypher (Han finds himself trapped in a strange place and has no idea how he got there or why.) (29)
  • Journal (For Jack) by Elaine Christiani (Jack Trainer) (47)
  • Sweet Dreams by Cat Anson (Witness) (48)
  • cartoon by Wanda Lybarger (67)
  • Just Part of the Job by Susan Deborah Smith (Star Wars) (68)
  • L.A. Haiku (For Deckard and Rachel) by Elaine Christiani (73)
  • Shiloh Spring by Wanda Lybarger (Willie Bill Bearden) (74)
  • The Chalice by F. Elizabeth Gregory (Indiana Jones) (98)
  • The Mark of a Lady by Elaine Christiani (Star Wars) (99)
  • Ties That Bind by Cypher (Tommy Lillard and Willie Bill Bearden) (103)
  • Your Friend is Quite a Mercenary by Cat Anson (Star Wars) (133)
  • Business Card by Paula Truelove and Barbara Anderson (Jack Ryan) (168)
  • Trust Fund by Barbara Anderson (Star Wars) (169)
  • Haute Couture by Elaine Christiani (Indiana Jones) (286)
  • Notices (287)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 15

[Trust Fund]: "Trust Fund" in Flip of a Coin #15 has to be the best SW story I can recall ever having read! It's got it all!. All the characters are included, in character, and each has a part integral to the plot ... and boy, is there one wow of a plot!! Adventure, excitement, a Jedi may not crave these things (though Barbara has Luke disclaiming this! Yes!) but the readers sure do! And Barbara gives them plenty! I particularly enjoyed her refreshing characterization of Luke ... a real flesh-and-blood human being of three dimensions ... and a beginning love life with an equally real lady! (Speaking of which, I want more of Spacer and Luke, Barb, so get to it!) Hence, it came as no surprise to me when "Trust Fund" won the "Best Long Story" Star Award of 1992! Congratulations! So, how's about taking over from Zahn for us, Barbara? Pull...llli...ease!! [4]

Issue 16

Flip of a Coin 16 was published in April 1994 and contains 239 pages. Art by Nicola Pearce (front cover), Barbara Frances-Simon (back cover), Dani, and Z.P. Florian.

front cover of issue #16, Barbara Frances-Simon
inside front cover, issue #16
back cover of issue #16, Nicola Pearce
inside, issue #16
  • Hello! (3)
  • Reviews (4)
  • cartoon by Bill Patterson (9)
  • Hoth to the Flame by Elaine Christiani (Star Wars) (10)
  • Murphy's Law by Karen Estabrook (Witness) (12)
  • Brotherhood by Cypher (Jack Ryan) (27)
  • Checkmate by Susan Zahn (Star Wars) (28)
  • Lucas' Island a.k.a. Gilligan on the Falcon by Barbara Anderson (Star Wars) (38)
  • cartoon by Barbara Anderson (39)
  • Popular Mechanics by Elaine Christiani (Harrison Ford) (40)
  • The Patriot Game by Cypher (Willie Bill Bearden) (42)
  • The Pirate's Woman by Cat Anson (Star Wars) (43)
  • Cuban Crisis by George Register and Paula Truelove (Jack Ryan) (72)
  • Have You Looked at a Ford Lately? by Barbara Anderson (85)
  • Long Distance by Elaine Christiani (Witness) (90)
  • A Tale of Three Henrys by Michelle Worley (Indiana Jones) (92)
  • Video Games by Cat Anson (Star Wars) (108)
  • Whole New Worlds by Jennifer Moore (Indiana Jones) (156)
  • Artifact and Archeologist by Jennifer Moore (Indiana Jones) (156)
  • Trials by Karen Estabrook (Witness) (158)
  • cartoon by Barbara Anderson (172)
  • A Royal Pain by Ruth Radecki (Star Wars) (172)
  • cartoon by Barbara Anderson (203)
  • Boats, Why Did It Have to Be Boats? by Cypher (Indiana Jones) (204)
  • Chase a Shooting Starr by Cypher (Star Wars) (205)
  • Henry by Cypher (Henry Turner) (239)
  • Notices ( 240)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

This is the first time I picked up the paean to all things Ford, mostly to check out the SW and Indy stories. (Sorry, but I don't care about bitty-witty characters Harrison played before SW, and there's no way anyone can write Jack Ryan better than Tom Clancy.) I definitely recommend this zine to those who believe Harrison Ford rules the universe, and is the greatest hunk of the past millennium. Men, you won't get it. The zine is very nicely produced, with a professional binding job and excellent artwork. The zine features fan-written stories based on a number of characters Ford has played throughout his career, with a good number of Han Solo stories. The Solo stories are all romantic in nature, most of them with action as well. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there's Mary Sue-O-Rama occurring here—one story even featured a character with a name all-too-similar to a known Ford fan. But that's okay. We all do it from time to time. I just wish that some of the writers, in their zeal to portray Han as Super Stud, didn't have to do so at Leia's expense. (Okay, so I'm biased). My favorite story is one by Sue Zahn; it's honest, it doesn't tell you over and over that Han is the tomcat of the spaceways, and it portrays Leia as a real person, not a stereotype or a convenient figure for a sex scene. Another good one is by Ruth Radecki, where Han is portrayed as a mature, level-headed person. A funny, if not risque, story finds Han tracking down the maker of a naughty movie based on his life. Like I said, this is definitely for gals only. #17 should be out this spring. [5]

Issue 17

Flip of a Coin 17 has 244 pages. It was published in May 1996.

  • unknown content


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