Flip of a Coin

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Title: Flip of a Coin
Publisher: Two Sons & A Brother Press, then then, Two Three Sons & A Brother Press, and then Three Sons (& A Daughter) & A Brother Press
Editor(s): Paula Truelove and Jenny McAdams
Date(s): 1983-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Harrison Ford, multimedia , Star Wars
Language: English
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The zine's logo by Wanda Lybarger appeared on the table of contents on every issue beginning with #3.

Flip of a Coin is a Harrison Ford zine, which included fan fiction from Star Wars, the Indiana Jones movies, and other films starring Ford. It is primarily gen, but also includes adult het stories.

This zine series began after a similar zine, Facets, ceased publication.

"Flip of a Coin" ran for seventeen issues and won a 1985 FanQ.

More Information About Specific Issues

Regarding the Title

The title of the zine series is from a Harrison Ford quote:

Los Angeles is where you have to be if you want to be an actor.

You have no choice. You go there or New York. I flipped a coin about it. It came up New York, so I flipped again. When you're starting out to be an actor, who wants to go where it's cold and miserable and be poor there? [1]

Fandoms Included

By far and away, the most fiction, art, poetry, and filks were based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

The other fandoms were: Witness (36 fanworks), Blade Runner (32 fanworks), Frisco Kid (22 fanworks), Heroes (film) (21 fanworks), Hanover Street (12 fanworks, The Mosquito Coast (12 fanworks), The Conversation (9 fanworks), and a sprinkling of Journey to Shiloh, Force 10 from Navarone, Sabrina (film), A Time for Killing, The Possessed (film), Regarding Henry, Presumed Innocent, Frantic (film), Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round (references to Ford as a "bellhop" are to his role in that 1966 film), Dynasty (film), Apocalypse Now, and American Graffiti.

There are some unique crossovers with Tim (film), Leave it to Beaver, Little House on the Prairie, and a bunch of Witness/Lethal Weapon stories.

Also included are some small bits of Harrison Ford RPF in the form of illos. The later issues contain a fair amount of meta illos about fans and fandom.


  1. ^ a widely quoted statement, one example: Harrison Ford, the Early Days