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Name: Heroes
Creator: Jeremy Paul Kagan (director)
Date(s): 1977
Medium: live-action film
Country of Origin: United States
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Heroes is a 1977 film starring Henry Winkler, Sally Field, and Harrison Ford.

Fanworks for the film are sometimes created as part of the broader Harrison Ford film fandom and sometimes crossed with other shows. Similar fandoms are The Frisco Kid and Hanover Street.

While the movie was filmed before, but released after Star Wars: A New Hope.

Short Film Description

In "Heroes," Henry Winkler portrays a Vietnam War veteran with PTSD who sets about finding the men from his unit that had served with him in Vietnam. Sally Field portrays Winkler's girlfriend. Harrison portrays one of Winkler's former soldiers in his unit, now a dysfunctional stock car driver. Ford's character is a troubled, edgy man who keeps a stolen M16 rifle in the trunk of his car.


While there was a spate of fanworks in the 1980s for this film, there are few more recent ones. The number on Archive of Our Own is zero.

These fanworks focus on Harrison Ford's character to such a degree that a fan could be forgiven for not knowing there was anyone else in the movie!

"Heroes" fanworks focus on Ford's readjustment to civilian life, his trauma in Vietnam, and his stress.

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