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You may be looking for Choice Cuts, a clipping zine.

Title: Choice Parts
Publisher: Falcon Press
Editor(s): Cheree Cargill
Date(s): 1987-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Harrison Ford
Language: English
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Choice Parts is an adult het Harrison Ford zine, which includes fan fiction from Star Wars, the Indiana Jones movies, and other films starring Ford. It containes stories by multiple authors, had black and white covers, and interior illustrations by various fan artists.

From the editors: "Just a bit more on the adult side. Stories won't be turned down because of sexual content, but we don't want hard x-rated stuff either. Editor's discretion and stories will be judged individually. Again, the emphasis is on QUALITY."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Dianne Smith

Choice Parts 1 has 154 pages and was published in 1987.

Art by Dianne Smith, Martynn, Jim Markle, Wanda Lybarger, Dani, Barbara Frances-Simon, Cheree Cargill, and Rebecca Carey.

  • Lettercol (3)
  • Standing in Your Shadow by Martie Benedict-O'Brien (7)
  • Changes by Jacqueline Taero (8)
  • Thoughts in the Night (8)
  • Second Chance by Jeannie Webster, art by Martynn (Indiana Jones) (10)
  • Harvest by Jill Stone (15)
  • A Man Like Light by Martie Freeman, art by Jim Markle (16)
  • Han's World by Wanda Lybarger (19)
  • "Remembrance" by Carolyn Golledge, art by Dani Lane (Han and Leia had returned to Corell to find a sacred icon that had belonged to Han's family, shortly before the family holding was destroyed by Imperial troops. Without it, Han could never proclaim his true identity. (A revised version was published in Never Say Die) (23)
  • Familiar Strangre by Lynda Vandiver (56)
  • Choice Verse by Cypher (56)
  • Down to Paradise Road by Patricia D'Orazio (57)
  • Tangible Reflection by Marci Erwin, art by Barbara Frances-Simon (58)
  • Through the Window by Patricia D'Orazio, art by Wanda Lybarger (62)
  • Degrees of Change by Ann Wortham, art by Jim Markle (64)
  • Contrasts by Sarah Macht-DeWitt (67)
  • Chance Encounter by Kate Birkel, art by Lybarger (Tommy Lillard was minding his own business when the strangest looking thing he'd ever seen fell out of the sky--with a beautiful sharp-tongued princess as its passenger.) (68)
  • Sweet Victory by Pat Nussman, art by Lybarger (100)
  • A Selection of Choice Parts by various artists (102)
  • Pastorale by Elizabeth Wilson, art by Rebecca Carey (Kenny Boyd was haunted by his experiences in Vietnam, and a particular nightmare spilled over to engulf his fiancee.) (109)
  • The One That Got Away by Cypher, art by Lybarger (Han had a lead on the most fabulous Jewels in the galaxy. Now, all he had to do was dive to the bottom of an ocean-covered planet, contact the local inhabitants and convince them to turn over their treasure to him.) (129)
  • From the Male Point of View by Mark (154)
  • front cover by Dianne Smith, back cover by Jim Markle

Issue 2

Choice Parts 2 has 133 pages and was published in November 1989. It includes fiction from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Witness, and Frisco Kid. Authors/Artists: Marcia Brin, Wanda Lybarger, Cypher, Beth Lentz, Cheree Cargill, Susan Zahn, Dianne Smith, Carolyn Golledge, Jim Markle and more.

  • The Dread Barge of Garbage by Cypher (Han finds himself tricked into taking on a toxic cargo. Now, no port in the galaxy will allow him to land -- and then the real complications set in!)
  • Undercurrents by Susan Zahn
  • Marion's Lament by Susan Zahn
  • Succubus by Cheree Cargill ("Indy runs into trouble on a dig near the Dead Sea.")
  • other content