Never Say Die (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Never Say Die
Publisher: Solo Press
Editor(s): Carolyn Golledge
Date(s): 1999-2012
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Never Say Die is a gen Star Wars zine (the last issue is multifandom). It contains reprints of stories by Carolyn Golledge. It has color covers and interior illustrations by various fan artists. Art appears on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1 by Dianne Smith

Never Say Die Issue 1 was published in 1999 and has 248 pages of Han Solo stories by Carolyn Golledge.

It is possible that "Kessel Slave" was also published as the standalone zine Kessel Slave.

  • Remembrance (While on a long-awaited honeymoon to Corellia, Han and Leia search for a lost Falcon clan icon. Without it Han cannot reveal his true heritage. An earlier version appeared in Choice Parts #1.)
  • Kessel Slave (The reason for the Life-Debt Bond between Chewbacca and Solo and Carolyn's version of their first meeting. Takes place before Star Wars: A New Hope. Note: written before the SW novels appeared, contains Carolyn's own background for Solo’s life. Warning - by virtue of its subject matter, violent. Revision reprinted in The Wookiee Commode #7. Winner Best Long Story Star AWards 1991.)
  • Accidental Hero (After being hurt and trapped by an explosion in a Rebel base, Han is determined to track down those responsible.) (first printed in Bright Center of the Universe #5)
  • The Princes and the Nerfherder (This story is set shortly after Star Wars: A New Hope. Wounded on a mission with Leia, Han takes refuge at a smuggler’s cove and earns the nickname. Also in Bright Center of the Universe #5) (It won Honorary Mention in Star Awards 1996.)
  • Honor Among Thieves (Can be read as a sequel to "The Princess and the Nerf Herder." Leia is in danger -- can Han convince her to escape to safety with him back at the smuggler’s cove? And what hidden talents does Leia discover he has?)
  • Some Things Never Change (Leia's private journal from around the time of Star Wars: A New Hope. Also in Bright Center of the Universe #1, but not in this comic book form)
  • Marks of Honor ("It follows a story titled Kessel Slave, but stands alone. In Carolyn's version of Solo's past, he rescued Chewbacca -- from a distance -- and was sent to Kessel for it. Chewie followed and rescued him in turn.") (first printed in A Tremor in the Force #5)
  • Mud, Chains and Underwear (Leia and Luke learn more about Solo’s past as they attempt to undo a warlord’s domination of a world important to Alliance negotiators.)
  • Flicker of Light (Carolyn's version of the missing sandstorm scene in Return of the Jedi -- She wanted a longer reunion for Luke Leia, and Han. They take refuge in Ben’s old place and Luke finds hidden records about Vader. Han helps Luke discover there is still a chance to bring back Anakin Skywalker. First appeared in The Wookiee Commode #3)
  • Bespin Pledge (an earlier version appeared in Flip of a Coin #9)
  • Enemy Territory
  • A Debt Paid ("How did Han Solo recover so quickly from hibernation sickness that he was able to take part in the fight over the Sarlacc pit? What part did Lando play? What did Han and Leia say when finally reunited aboard the sail skiff?") (first appeared in The Wookiee Commode #2)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[Kessel Slave]: I thought that Kessel Slave was fantastic - its a Carolyn Gollege story on Some Rescue. Bit violent, but really compelling. I have kind of a different idea for Han's backstory - less gore, but still not exactly a laugh riot. [1]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Dianne Smith

Never Say Die 2 has 250 pages of Han Solo stories by Carolyn Golledge, illustrated, with the color Dianne Smith cover. It has a large amount of art by Kate McCredie, Zawiah, Wanda Lybarger, and Dianne Smith. Published in 2000. Contains a graphic novel story by Zawaih. The back cover is blank.

  • Die Solo (post ROTJ).Art by Zawiah Zainudin
  • Bespin Breakout
  • False Friends, Art by Wanda Lybarger.
  • Unidentified Flying Object (A Star Wars/Hercules: the Legendary Journeys crossover story. Han Solo crash lands on a strange planet and meets some unusual natives.) (crossover with Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, also in The Less Than Legendary Journeys)
  • In it For the Money Art by Kate McCredie. (Pre A New Hope. A young Han Solo as a disagreement with Chewbacca about selling weapons to support a vicious war. Also in I Don't Care What You Smell #6)
  • Bespin Breakout (Lando endures the horror of seeing his friend captured and tortured on Bespin. Can he do anything to help rescue Solo, Leia and Chewbacca?)
  • Enemy Territory (the part missing from Never Say Die #1). Art by Wanda Lybarger
  • Victory Scars 20 pages. Art by Wanda Lybarger (Burning debris rains on Endor after the destruction of the Death Star. Massive forest fires result -- and the ewok tribes in the distant hills look for the person responsible. Luke Skywalker is targeted as an offering to the Fire Demons. Can Han find him in time? And how can Endor be saved?) (first in A Tremor in the Force #4)
  • Kill or Be Killed Art By Wanda Lybarger (Rebels celebrate one year anniversary of Endor Victory. Han and Leia add one year wedding anniversary. Leia tries to find right moment to tell Han she is pregnant. Imperials attack -- Chewbacca is taken for sale as slave. Han attempts rescue, winds up pitted against a drugged Chewbacca in gladiatorial combat. Reprinted in The Wookiee Commode #7)
  • Hidden Perils (25 pages) Art by Zawiah Zainudin (Han develops amnesia after an accident. Believing Chewbacca has attacked him, he "escapes" from the Falcon only to meet Darth Vader. First appeared in Perceptions and reprinted in Bright Center of the Universe #2)

Issue 3

front cover issue #3, Dianne Smith
back cover of issue #3, Kate McCredie

Never Say Die 3 was published in December 2001 and is a 260-page, all Han and Leia issue. Front cover by Dianne Smith. All stories illustrated by artists including Zawiah Zainudin, Kate, Wanda Lybarger, Dani and others. Falcon Run by Carolyn Golledge won the 2003 FanQ Award for 'Best Gen Star Wars Story.'

  • Bespin Delusion by Carolyn Golledge (What happened when Han, Leia and Chewie walked into Vader's little dinner party on Bespin?) (also in On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah #3)
  • Falcon Run (winner of a 2003 FanQ) (Set post Return of the Jedi. Some months after their wedding, Han and Leia take a much needed holiday. Leia is captured by Imperial agents andtaken to an all female prisoner camp. Here, the Imperials are harvesting human ovarian tissue for use in clone production. Han tracks her down, but injured, is hidden among the women.. Han could easily get himself and Leia out, but when the Imperials begin killing the prisoners, they must plan a mass breakout.) (4)
  • Picnic at the Cove, Scene 1 (These story segments tie the major stories together with scenes in- which Han and Leia enjoy some R and R and reflect on past events.) (48)
  • Enemy Territory (Sequel to Flicker Of Light. There was no explanation given in ROJ for Han becoming a General in the Alliance. This is my response. Alsowhere the Imperial shuttle for the Endor mission came from, and what the rebels' feelings were re cloned stormtrooper POWS. This story also explores Han's misunderstanding of the relationship between Luke and Leia and his offerto stand aside for them.) (also in The Wookiee Commode #5) (50)
  • Picnic at the Cove, Scene 2 (Leia makes a deal with Solo - she'll tell him about her fantasy of him, if he will tell Myra the story of his adventures while blind and held prisoner in the Dark Reaches.) (101)
  • Journey Into Darkness (After his rescue from Jabba, Han learns his eyesight will gradually fail. Should he go ahead with his plans to many Leia? Can he manage the Endor mission? Will he survive being kidnapped by former smuggler friends?) (also in The Wookiee Commode #6) (103)
  • Picnic at the Cove, Scene 3 (Han makes some confessions about how it felt to be blind.) (141)
  • Mutiny (After opening a new power station, Leia plans to take some time out with her husband They go skinny dipping in the lake, only to uncover a strange religious cult worshipping droids. It is in feet a cover for raising funds for an Imperial counter-revolution. Han and Leia are captured.) (also in The Wookiee Commode #6 (142)
  • Reflections by Lina Ovchinnikova (179)
  • [Above All Shadows] - part 1 and part 2 - (Luke uncovers a tremendously powerful source of Dark Power on a far distant world. Han insists on accompanying him only to find himself being used against the Jedi.) (first published in Southern Knights #2, then in Alliance and Empire #2) (180)

Issue 4

cover issue #4

Never Say Die 4 was published in 2003 and has 250+ pages with color covers and perfect bound. All stories by Carolyn Golledge (Han and Leia). Art by Zawiah, Kate and Dianne Smith.

  • Trading Places (Han resorts to desperate measures to keep track of another smuggler who is assigned to transport prisoners for the rebels. Note: This story is the third and final in a series concerning Han’s involvement with female scientist Patrina Kelvin and Imperial Major Sovrynsky (Hagren’s friend). The other stories were "A Certain Courage" and "Operation Antidote".)
  • Guilty (Post Return of the Jedi. Han and Leia argue publicly, calling off their formal wedding and disavowing their earlier Corelli Bonding ceremony. Later, Leia is found close to death, badly beaten and Han is accused.) (also appeared in A Tremor in the Force #6)
  • High Seas (After the victory of Endor, there were still many Imperial strongholds to be cleared. Han and Leia accept a supposedly peacful misson to escort a victorious Rebel-allied prince who is returning to his native land, via sea, aboard a hospital ship carrying his wounded soldiers. (Note: This story precedes Wedding Day Bruise) Appeared in Tremor in the Force #7)
  • Gathering Darkness (Badly wounded in an attack by an Imperial refugee army, Solo is held hostage. Will Leia agree to their demands -- even if it means risking the Alliance personnel in her command? Also appeared in Bright Center of the Universe #1 1990. Winner of Best Long Story Star AWards 1990)
  • Talisman (Sequel to Gathering Darkness. Leia, Luke, and Jake team up to help Solo track down his enemy, Hagren. The Sith Lord has fled to a strange world where powerful sorcerers have learned new ways to control The Force. Also appeared in Bright Center of the Universe #3)
  • Wedding Day Bruise (20pp COMIC) (Han is best man at a Corellian pilot friend's wedding. Will they survive the buck's night? Will Leia kill Han when she learns what happened? Also appeared in I Don't Care What You Smell #1)
  • Every Droids' Dream (Post Return of the Jedi. Han Solo offers to help Jake Kellahen test out a new fighter. Threepio comes along for the ride and they crash in a very unusual place and are stranded. Also appeared in Tremor in the Force #7)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Kate. This drawing was also used for the back cover of Bloodstripe #5
back cover of issue #5, Dianne Smith

Never Say Die 5 was published in 2003 and is 185 pages. It has a front color cover of Han and Leia by Kate, as well as the color Dianne Smith "naked Han" back cover. Interior art by Dani Lane, Wanda Lybarger, and Zawiah Zainudin. All stories written by Carolyn Golledge.

  • Alderaani Pleasure--Han and Leia's wedding night. (7 pages)
  • What Price Peace art by Dani Lane and Wanda Lybarger--Will Han risk a hard-won alliance for the sake of an Imperial trooper about to be ritually sacrificed? (reprinted from Far Realms #9) (44 pages)
  • At the Cove--Han and Leia enjoy a waterfall. (1 page)
  • Mindlink art by Dani Lane--Leia is running for the Presidency of the New Alliance when she and Han are captured by slavers. (reprinted from Tremor in the Force #2) (47 pages)
  • Full Circle art by Dani Lane--Years after Han's rescue from Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett seeks vengeance on Solo. Will Fett's empathic wife, Trella, uncover the truth of what happened over the Sarlaac pit in time to save Solo? (reprinted from Tremor in the Force #3) (69 pages)
  • Dark Labyrinth, art by Zawiah--In this alternate universe story, Luke has gotten into an aerial dog fight with Vader over Tattooine while looking for Han--not realizing that Han has already been rescued from carbonite. Both Vader and Luke crash. Leia senses Luke's peril and asks Han to go in search of him. Meantime, Vader's imperial officer enemies are seeking to take Luke hostage. Can Vader and Han work together to free him? (reprinted from Tremor in the Force #10) (33 pages)

Issue 6

front cover issue #6, Dianne Smith
back cover of issue #6, Dianne Smith

Never Say Die Issue 6 was published in May 2005 and has 178 pages. Han and Leia stories by Carolyn Golledge. Illustrations by Wanda Lybarger, Diane Smith (front and back covers), Judy Street, Dani Lane, Daarla, and Zawiah Zainudin. Title page by Kate McCredie. All of the art appeared previously in earlier issues of "Never Say Die" and other zines.

  • Search (3)
  • A Certain Courage (Han agrees to aid the Rebels by recruiting a woman scientist who was once a friend -- now she wants to kill him. First appeared in Wookie Rendezvous) (18)
  • The People of the Light (Luke is taken hostage on Ord Mantell and his captor wants Solo in exchange. Appeared in Starquest 1989) (44)
  • Solo's Deflating Comeuppance (Humor. Post Star Wars: A New Hope The Rebels must win the support of a planet of Amazonian warrior women. Leia is assigned the task and she must have a sex slave accompany her or she will have no status on this woman’s world. Who will she choose? And what will Han do about it? Appeared in I Don't Care What You Smell #3) (65)
  • Every Droid's Dream (Post Return of the Jedi. Han Solo offers to help Jake Kellahen test out a new fighter. Threepio comes along for the ride and they crash in a very unusual place and are stranded. Appeared in Tremor in the Force #7, Never Say Die #4) (84)
  • Family Feeling (Set post Return of the Jedi. Han and Leia take the kids on vacation to an Ocean World with which the Alliance is negotiating a treaty. First appeared in Bright Center of the Universe) (126)
  • Form Reversal (142)

Issue 7

front cover issue #7, Dianne Smith
back cover of issue #7, Dianne Smith

Never Say Die Issue 7 was published in May 2006 and has 175 pages. Colour Art (Indy Collage) by Zawiah. Front and back covers by Dianne Smith. Other art by Kate, Clam, Wandy Lybarger, Dani Lane, Cheree, and Z.P. Florian.

  • Solo's Beside Manner by Augusta Downey-Hovey and Carolyn Golledge (Han tries to find and care for a missing Princess Leia. First appeared in Wookiee Rendezvous) (3)
  • The Black Sheep (Poisoned by the folowers of Kali Ma, Indiana Jones wakes to find himself in a galaxy far far away. And why is everyone calling him Han? Another description: cross universe story -- Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Where was Indy after the Kali Ma spirit drove him from his body? And where was Han Solo during his "dreamless sleep" in carbon freeze? Appeared in Tremor in The Force #5)
  • A Jedi and a Guy Like Me (32) (Art by Cheree. Luke and Han must share a house while waiting for a Rebel agent.)
  • Raiders of the Lost Carbonite (39) (Art by Zawiah, Dani, and Kate. Indiana Jones finds and frees a carbon frozen Solo in the Well of the Souls. He must aid the blind Corellian, rescue Marion and escape the Nazis, before he can even figure where the Ark has gotten to – but there, Solo's arriving friends may be able to help. Also published as a standalone zine, Raiders of the Lost Carbonite.)
  • Corellian Courage, Jedi Justice (110) (Art by ZP Florian. Han is being tortured to lure Luke into a dark sider trap. Is Palpatine really dead?)
  • The Beast Goes Solo (124) (Solo crash lands in New York's Central Park and meets someone who at first sight reminds him of Chewbacca, a Beauty and the Beast crossover)
  • Star Witness (135) (Entering a strange galactic vortex while tracking an Imperial mass murderer, Solo suddenly finds himself on Earth in modern day Pennsylvania. Injured in the crash, he is rescued by an Amish woman named Rachel, and her husband John Book. (crossover with Witness)
  • Some Things Never Change (167) (Art by Kate. Leia's private journal from around the time of Star Wars: A New Hope Appeared in Bright Center of the Universe #1 1990, reprinted in comic book form with illustrations by Zawiah Zainudin in Never Say Die)

Issue 8

front cover of issue #8, Leela Starsky
back cover of issue #8, Dianne Smith

Never Say Die 8 was published in 2007 and is 167 pages long. Art by Leela Starsky (front cover) and Dianne Smith (back cover). Other art by Wanda Lybarger, Zawiah, Leela Starsky, Dianne Smith, Dani Lane, Rebecca Carey, and Judy Street.

All fiction, except for "A Fair Fight," is by Carolyn Golledge.

  • A Fair Fight by Cindy Olsen (33 pages)
  • In Close Proximity (On a mission a year or so after the Yavin medal ceremony, Han and Leia find themselves captured by Imperials. Handcuffed together, they escape into the wilderness. Will the environment kill them before the personality clash does? Or will they learn more about one another.... Appeared in Bright Center of the Force #6) (21 pages)
  • Welcome (Set during Return of the Jedi. Follows "A Flicker of Light" chronologically. Han Solo has been successfully rescued from Jabba the Hutt. Physically he seems fine, but what psychological scars yet remain to disable him? First Published in Hoth or Bust 1985. Reprinted in On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah #5) (8 pages)
  • Reawakening (26 pages)
  • The Medics Strike Back (8 pages) (Solo is called to task by Rebel Accounting for all his medical expenses. Most of the injuries mentioned are taken from Golledge stories. Also in Who's Scruffy Looking? and I Don't Care What You Smell #2)
  • Wedding Day Bruise (Han is best man at a Corellian pilot friend's wedding. Will they survive the buck's night? Will Leia kill Han when she learns what happened? Appeared in I Don't Care What You Smell #1 and an earlier issue of Never Say Die) (16 pages)
  • Knights in Pink Satin (This story first appeared in On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah #4 in 1989. This is comedy-farce and not meant to be taken seriously. Tells the tale of what would happen if a Luke-fan joined the Rebellion. (The punchline concerns the friend upon whom I based this story, suddenly switching from Star Wars to Beauty and The Beast)) (9 pages)
  • Together Again (This is pure farce-comedy, totally crazy stuff. Han and Luke celebrate their tenth anniversary of meeting by returning to Mos Eisley cantina. And boy oh boy has the place changed! Appeared in I Don't Care What You Smell #3) (14 pages)
  • A Day In The Life Of Han Solo (6 pages) (This one is total comedy-farce. Carolyn sends up her own tendency to forever injure Han. First appeared in Starquest 1988, reprinted in Bright Center of the Force, also in StarQuest and Facets)
  • A Night in the Life of Han Solo (10 pages) (Han Solo has a huge reputation as a stud. Beware -- This story is a complete farce! Appeared in Wookiee Commode #7)
  • Every Corellilan Has His Day (Post Return of the Jedi. Han Solo is discharged from hospital and given strict order to rest. But there is an important mission coming up and.... Appeared in Alliance and Empire #1) (9 pages)

Issue 9

Never Say Die 9 was published in 2012, contains 170 pages, and is multifandom.

cover of issue #9
  • Mirror of the Soul (Hercules the Legendary Journeys) Hercules and Iolaus must stop a dragon burning down villages. Then, they rescue a young man whose lover has been turned into a dragon....) (3)
  • Dem Bones By Golledge, Sharpe & Wilson Art By Zawiah (Hercules the Legendary Journeys) A hilarious tale of the problems caused for Herc, Iolaus and Jason when a skeleton begins haunting them Wrecked And Muddy Hercules and Iolaus are shipwrecked and that's just the beginning of their problems!) (58)
  • A New Meaning (Witness) Art By Dani (After the funeral of his detective partner, John Book has a lot of thinking to do about what happened between he and Rachel Lapp. Then, he hears a hired gun is out to kill him....) (winner of a 1988 Fan Q award for best novella, (has a sequel in BetterIdeaZine) (72)
  • Halloween Hostages (Witness) Art By Rebecca Carey (Book, his wife and infant daughter are held hostage by drug runners.) (sequel to "A New Meaning" in Flip of a Coin #10) (129)
  • Illumination (Indiana Jones) (Recaptured by the Nazis, Indy and his father are trapped by an earthquake at the site of their finding the Holy Grail. Indiana is badly hurt.) (previously in Illumination) (151)
  • What's in a Name? (Star Wars) (Han Solo must answer a question put to him by his toddler son, Luke. Why was that name chosen for him?) (168)


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