Raiders of the Lost Carbonite

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Title: Raiders of the Lost Carbonite
Publisher: from an unknown source
Author(s): Carolyn Golledge
Cover Artist(s): Martynn
Date(s): 1981? (date may be referring to cover art)
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Indiana Jones/Star Wars
Language: English
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cover by Martynn

Raiders of the Lost Carbonite is a gen crossover novel by Carolyn Golledge. It also appears in Never Say Die and Southern Lights #2. This may be a custom zine for personal use.

Summary from an unknown source: "Indiana Jones finds and frees a carbon frozen Solo in the Well of the Souls. He must aid the blind Corellian, rescue Marion and escape the Nazis, before he can even figure where the Ark has gotten to – but there, Solo's arriving friends may be able to help."

Summary: "A crossover story. Indy finds a very odd "statue" in the Well of the Souls -- a carbon frozen Han Solo. He accidentally "defrosts" it and Han is very puzzled by his new surroundings...."[1]