Jabba the Hutt

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Name: Jabba the Hutt (many fans spell it "Hut")
Occupation: crimelord
Fandom: Star Wars
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cover of Sarlacc #3, artist is Helen Olson; a very rare piece of Jabba the Hutt art, and on the front cover no less!
Jabba in a holiday hat, artist is Melody Rondeau, printed in The Clipper Trade Ship #61 (1990)

Jabba the Hutt is a Star Wars character. He kept Leia as a slave girl, and he was the one who froze Han Solo in carbonite. Leia kills Jabba by strangling him with her slave chain.

Most fanworks center around how rotten Jabba is.

Some Brief Canon Facts

The Fanon Jabba

Jabba Fanworks

  • Journey into Darkness by Carolyn Golledge (After his rescue from Jabba, Han learns his eyesight will gradually fail. Should he go ahead with his plans to marry Leia? Can he manage the Endor mission? Will he survive being kidnapped by former smuggler friends?) (from The Wookiee Commode)
  • Hunt Without Moonlight by Linda Ruth Pfonner (Han awakes after the carbon freeze a prisoner in Jabba's Palace, and his last coherent memory is of being in the cantina on Tatooine...) (from Flip of a Coin #8)
  • Pay-Off by Karen Klinck (60) (Jabba insisted on interest on Han's debt, but the payment was high.) (from The Jedi Journal)
  • By the Turn of a Card by Catriona Campbell, art by Gerald Crotty. The latest chapter in the Penumbra series. Leia, Lando, Chewie and the droids infiltrate Jabba's palace to rescue Han. But in this universe, Luke isn't there to lend his Jedi powers and Han must learn the horrible news of Luke's fall to the Dark. (from A Tremor in the Force)
  • Rancor Delivery by Z.P. Florian (If you've ever wondered who delivered the Rancor of Jabba the Hutt to Tatooine, this is the story for you. Of course it was Han Solo, who else?) (from I Don't Care What You Smell #1)
  • Waking Up by Cindy Olsen (Part 1 in the Committed trilogy. After being rescued from Jabba Hutt, Han Solo struggles with the after-effects of hibernation sickness and realises he still has some waking up to do. The story continues in Committed.) (From "I Don't Care What You Smell" #8
  • Hell Hath No Fury by Marcia Brin (Capturing and torturing Han Solo may turn out to be the worst mistake of Jabba’s life -- or it will be, if Leia has her way.) (from Bright Center of the Universe #3)
  • Hair of the Gundark by Z.P. Florian (Post The Empire Strikes Back alternate -- a very different take on Han’s rescue from Jabba.) (from Bloodstripe)

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