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Title: Bloodstripe
Publisher: Solo Press
Editor(s): Carolyn Golledge
Date(s): 2000 - 2007
Medium: print zine, fanficF
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Bloodstripe is a gen Star Wars zine with an emphasis on stories with Han Solo as the main character.

Eight issues were printed.

Some of the art by Zawiah can be found here.[1]

Art appears on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.


From a distributor, Agent With Style:
Chockful of funny, romantic stories that will hold you spellbound to the very end, this zine contain tales in which after the Deathstar battle, Han and Leia have to figure a few things out about attraction, friendship, grief, celebration, love and the makings of a really great mint-ale flash; as the Hoth base prepares to evacuate, tensions run high between smugger and princess. Can Han find the right way to tell Leia that he must leave?; Han is severely injured when the Falcon crash lands and he and Leia are stranded, where they struggle with their developing love; and while on an undercover mission, Han and Leia must behave as a married couple -- will these two explosive personalities survive this?


The majority of this fiction was online at Corellian Embassy [2]

Issue 1

"Nice Men"
back cover of issue #1, Dianne Smith
table of contents, issue #1

Bloodstripe 1 was published in May 2000 and has 250 pages focusing on the Star Wars character Han Solo with stories in chronological order of Han's life written by various authors. It was the 2001 FanQ Award winner for "Best Star Wars fanzine'. It includes stories by Alison Glover, Annette Stickles, Carolyn Golledge, Martha Wilson and many others. Lots of artwork throughout by Zawiah (a 2001 Fan Quality Award winner for best Star Wars artist), Smith, Judy Street, Naomi Stickles and others.

Color Covers: Back cover by Dianne Smith is a centerfold type portrait of a (tastefully PG13) nude Han Solo reclining on his bunk and the front cover by Dianne Smith is a full color portrait of Han titled 'Nice Men'. All stories are rated PG13.

  • Freedom Flight by Annette Stickles (As a small boy forced to work as a pick pocket, Han Solo determines to escape.)
  • Trying Again by Martha Wilson. A 2001 Fan Quality Award winner for Best Star Wars gen story.
  • Never too Heavy by Marcia Pecor (Set during The Empire Strikes Back, this is the story of Han's rescue of Luke on Hoth.)
  • Never Tell Me the Odds, Quiet Contemplation, No Turning Back by TJ Perkins and Elizabeth Corbett (While on Hoth, Han considers his feelings for Leia. Then she asks him to go on a scouting mission with Luke.)
  • Understanding by Liz S. (Leia and Lando come to an understanding. Originally, written in 1987 for a Lando fanzine that never made publication.) (archived link)
  • Night Watch by Liz S. (Set during Return of the Jedi. Han's first night with Leia after the carbon freeze. First appeared in Legends of Light)
  • Secrets by Martha Wilson (Leia discovers something about Han's past, but will he believe it's by accident? First appeared in Who's Scruffy Looking?)
  • Reunion by Judy Ebberley (Han sets out to rescue an Alliance General only to discover someone he'd thought long lost to him.)
  • Double Vision by Bernadette Crumb (What if Leia was replaced by a clone and Han has to (for the Alliance's sake) pretend it really is Leia?)
  • A Letter for General Solo by ZP Florian (Han receives a letter that takes him back to a dangerous mission from the past.)
  • Ghost by Carolyn Golledge (Han thought he had finally gotten rid of his arch enemy Sith Lord Hagren years ago. But now Hagren is back, in ghostly form, and he wants the ultimate revenge—Solo’s body to replace his.)
  • Freedom Flight by Annette Stickles
  • I Do Care What You Smell by Alison Glover (Han, Luke and Chewie must find the source of a REALLY bad smell aboard the Falcon just when they need the ship in pristine condition for an important negotiation Leia is organizing.)
  • The Last Laugh by Carolyn Golledge is the final section of the zine and is all comedy including the comic cartoon cell version (drawn by Zawiah) of Every Corellian Has His Day which was in Alliance and Empire (11 pages)
  • Filks and poems by Johnson, Potter, Scales.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I have been way too remiss in thanking you for the excellent, professional WOW! job you did on Bloodstripe. This was only my second experience with Star Wars' print zines and it certainly won't be my last. Your service was immensely professional and prompt (and halfway round the world, to boot!). I have read it from cover to cover twice since receiving it and there isn't a poor one in the group. [Martha Wilson] stories are always wonderful (Trying Again was the best) and *in Ghost* poor Hagren is still getting it—I love your imagination. Although I thoroughly enjoy the Han/Leia interaction stories (sigh!), I've been a confirmed Luke fan since ESB, so Never T oo Heavy was absolutely delicious - outstanding! My sister who teases me unmercifully about my ongoing love affair with Star Wars, (but who has loved Han Solo in her dreams many times) saw Bloodstripe in my room and was immediately drawn to the cover. When I showed her the back cover I had to physically restrain her from ripping it off. She's asked for the back cover, laminated, for her birthday - she's not getting it. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how very, very much I enjoy The Corellian Embassy and now your printzines. Looking forward eagerly to placing another order with you in the future. Most sincerely—keep up the phenomenal work! The Bloodstripe bookmark was a really cool touch! [3]
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED Bloodstripe!!! (And it will always have a special place in my heart as my very first zine.):) All the stories were great. "Ghost," especially...! couldn't put it down. As someone else said on the OZ list, the red bookmark was nifty. (not to mention handy). And of course, the cover is absolutely yummy! (drool drool) What more can one ask for? Thanks for putting it together.[4]
I just wanted to drop a line to say that I loved "Bloodstripe!" It was very well done. I'm sure you've received countless messages just like this one, so just add it to the list! Thanks.[5]
I received the new 'zine. I've already sped through it and totally enjoyed it. Especially your new Hagren story. Thank you for not letting him do the nasty with Leia-I was cringing enough as it was! [6]
I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful zine and web site. I just received my copy of the zine, and I really enjoyed your writing/editing (the blood stripe/ribbon also was a nice touch). I wish so much that the spin-off pro fic would lend itself to the same kind of passion that you bring to the characters. You have a wonderful knack for capturing the charm, the ordinary and extraordinary moments in character relationships. I, for one, am a fan of yours! [7]
I have one word to say for this Zine. WOW! This was the first time I had ever purchased a Star W ars Zine. I could never have imagined spending more for a collection of fan-written stories than I would for a profic novel. However all of my money will now go into Zines, because yours was worth every cent. The artwork was excellent, especially the cover. I especially enjoyed the stories that delved into the mysterious background of Han Solo before the events of A New Hope. I imagine George himself could have given us nothing better. Your characterizations were perfect. I could actually see the scenes being played out in front of me. I also loved the way you tied all the stories together by having it all be told during Han and Leia's Honeymoon. I am looking forward anxiously to NSD2. My favorite story would have to be 'The Princess and the Nerfherder". Not only did we get to see pre-romance Han and Leia, but we witnessed Leia finding out that there is more to Han Solo than what she sees on the surface. The stories all blend together perfectly to make a most enjoyable reading experience. Thanks again for such a great zine! [8]
Ifs mind-blowing, heart-stopping, imagination-firing, traffic jam causing, and guaranteed to give me sweet dreams for the rest of my life. Oh - you wanted comments about more than the back cover? Are you sure? I can ramble poetically about it for a while /know. Onto the absolutely stunning front cover then... Well, if I must, onto the stories. Loved [Martha Wilson's] work. Completely. She's got my Han and Leia down to a fine art, covering the characters I know and love with some fantastic writing. It just feels like a scene from the movies that got cut, but with much better dialogue! Wouldn't mind a compilation zine of her stuff either (hint!).[9]
When I opened the package containing Bloodstripe 2,1 pulled it out of the envelope 'back cover up' and just about choked. (In a good way) Felt like I'd ordered a pom mag for half a second! What a picture, hey?! I actually felt embarrassed trying to read it while waiting in the school yard for my kids to come to the car :~P Diane Smith's work is stunning, although I liked the colour cover she did for "NSD" better. The pic she did on pg. 161 is excellent and the one on pg.93 is photographic! Zawiah's art was lovely as always, although some of them looked like they'd been 'squashed' on the computer, which was a bit of a shame, and the Voung Han' portrait by Naomi (on pg 215) I thought was very good (though squashed). Terrific likeness. I enjoyed all of the stories; cant pick a favorite, and lastly, I have to say I loved the red ribbon! I thought that idea was terrific! Looking foward to being a part of the next edition![10]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Dianne Smith
Bloodstripe 2 back cover by Zawiah, was used as a black and white image in issue #1
by Zawiah, "See you next time!"

Bloodstripe 2 was published in May 2001 and has 250 pages. It is the 2002 Fan Quality Award winner for Best Star Wars fanzine. Full color covers front and back by Dianne Smith and Zawiah Zainudin. All stories fully illustrated—artists include Kate, Zawiah, Annette and Dianne Smith.

  • Not a Nice Man by Adrienne. (Han does a deal with Rieekan to get more smuggler friends involved with helping the rebels. What is it about this deal that he hopes no one else ever finds out?)
  • Relations by Judy Ebberley.
  • Untitled by Alison Glover.
  • Pursuit of the Heart (part 1) by Mikell Johnson. (What would have happened if Han and Leia had met while he was still an Imperial Officer?)
  • Those Who Survive by TJ Perkins. (Why was Han in such a hurry to leave Mos Eisley the day he met Luke and Ben?)
  • Crash by Helen Potter. (No one could survive emotionally undamaged after seeing their entire world destroyed. Who will be there for Leia when the trauma hits home?)
  • A Revolting Discovery by Annette Stickles. (Han is kidnapped by an insane wookiee who wants to take revenge on Chewbacca.)
  • Ghost Ships by Martha Wilson. (Han and other rebels are captured by Lord Tion's Star Destroyer. Can they escape and at what cost? Fifth story in the Arandu Series. First appeared in Bright Center of the Universe #2, reprinted in The Renegade and the Rogue)
  • Getting Under the Skin by Alison Glover (Han, Luke, Leia and Chewie find they have accidentally picked up a souvenir from the Death Star.)
  • Operation Antidote by Carolyn Golledge (This story is best read as a sequel to A Certain Courage. Han discovers the Imperials have poisoned the woman scientist friend he recruited for the Rebels. Can he find the antidote in time? To do so he must confront an old enemy.)
  • More stories by ZP Florian, Vicki Lawrence and others.
  • THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK CARTOONS five hilarious cartoons by Zawiah Zainudin (a 2001 Fan Quality Award winner for best Star Wars artist)
  • Father Figure by Judy Ebberley (Han is worried that Chewbacca may feel left out now that Han has found his father.)
  • Hair of the Gundark by Z.P. Florian (Post The Empire Strikes Back alternate—a very different take on Han’s rescue from Jabba.)
  • Filks by Traci Thompson and others

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3

Bloodstripe 3 was published in 2002 has 250 pages with a full color front and back cover by Kate (Leela Starsky). Color inside back cover by Zawiah Zainudin. It was the 2003 FanQ Award winner for "Best Star Wars Gen fanzine'.

  • Four Letter Word by Birgitt Schuknecht art by Zawiah (Han and Leia try to help the survivors of an earthquake.)
  • Hunting the Hunter by Martha Wilson (Martha's first ever Star Wars story, and first story in the Arandu Series. Han meets a Sith Lord while captured by Boba Fett.) (reprinted from On a Clear Day You Can See Dagobah #2)
  • Mission to Galadan by Leela Starsky and illustrated by Leela Starsky. (Set four months after A New Hope. A rebel operative, investigating the Empire's sudden interest in the planet Galadan has gone missing. Their assistance bought by the Rebellion, Han and Chewie find themselves guiding Luke and Leia through the jungle world, to discover not entirely welcome help in the most unexpected places.)
  • And a Guy Like Him by Carly Lahanna (Han is assigned to be Leia's bodyguard.)
  • You Have the Greatest Heart by Birgitt Schuknecht, art by Dianne Smith. (Leia’s thoughts and feelings as she rescues Han from Jabba.)
  • A Fairy Tale by Zawiah Zainudin, art by Zawiah
  • An Old Acquaintance by Annette Stickles, art By Annette (A woman, long obsessed with Han Solo, gains power and has him kidnapped and his memories altered.)
  • Kindness is its Own Reward by Judy Ebberley, art by Zawiah (A long ago act of kindness rebounds to embarrass Han Solo.)
  • A Baby Named Janaree by Rachel Snider, art by Zawiah
  • Identity by Sandra Woodburn, art by Zawiah.
  • Han Solo and the Wizard by ZP Florian.
  • Pursuit of the Heart Part 2 by Mikell Johnson, art by Kate (Leela Starsky). (What would have happened if Han and Leia had met while he was still an Imperial Officer?)
  • Captain Solo's Mandelyr by Helen Potter (Han and Leia are temporarily trapped aboard the Falcon. Leia takes the opportunity to learn what she can of Solo's past.)
  • And much more by Alison Glover and others! Cartoons and filler art by Zawiah Zainudin and others.

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Kate (a black and white rendition of this piece is interior art in issue #5)
back cover of issue #4, Kate.

Bloodstripe 4 has 250 pages, color covers and is perfect bound. Art by Zawiah, Dianne Smith, color cover by Kate (Leela Starsky). Stories by Leela Starsky (part 2 of Galadan), Cindy Olsen, C. Minor, Mikell Johnson (part 3 of Final Pursuit), Skye Rutherford, Sheila Paulson, Judy Ebberly, Naomi Stickles and others. Mostly Han and Leia stories. The zine won the 2004 FanQ Honorable Mention for Best Star Wars Gen Zine.

  • Point of No Return by Skye Rutherford, art by Zawiah (Having escaped the Death Star, Han finds the tracer on the Falcon and decides not to go to Yavin. He and Leia and Luke have more time to get to know one another)
  • Blurry by C Minor art by Dianne Smith.
  • Attitudes by Sheila Paulson, art by Zawiah (Send on a mission with only Threepio for backup, and captured by Imperials, Han finds he must rely on the droid.)
  • Communications Breakdown by Judy Ebberly, art Zawiah (Many of Han’s friends are still waiting for news of his rescue from Jabba.)
  • Bounty by C Minor, art by Leela Starsky (Han has accepted a contract to collect a bounty—on Leia. Now he wants out.)
  • Friends and Lovers by Cindy Olsen, art by Leela Starsky ("Friends and Lovers" is a tame-downed sequel to "Just Friends", a story due to be published in the print fanzine Don"t Get Too Excited. "Just Friends" tells the tale of Han and Leia's "first time", a time set months before the events of The Empire Strikes Back. This sequel, "Friends and Lovers," picks up where the previous story left off...)
  • Mission to Galadan Part 2 by Leela Starsky, Leela Starsky
  • Pursuit of the Heart (part 3) by Mikell Johnson (What would have happened if Han and Leia had met while he was still an Imperial Officer?)
  • Under Coruscant by Leela Starsky (The sequel to "Mission to Galadan.")
  • Filks and Poems by Paulson, Sulaiman and others.

Issue 5

back cover of issue #5, Kate.
front cover of issue #5, Kate.

Bloodstripe 5 was published in 2004 and has 194 pages. Art by Wanda Lybarger, Leela Starsky, Lyn Skillings, Zawiah, Dianne Smith and Naomi.

  • Forty Days to Bespin by Leela Starsky, art by Leela Starsky (Just what did happen between Han and Leia during that long flight to Bespin?)
  • A Princess and a Guy Like Him by Aquarius (Respect, friendship, and attraction grow as Han and Leia are pursued by bounty hunters on Ord Mantell.)
  • He Made My Bed by Naimai Yeo, art by Zawiah
  • The Mirrana Run by Sheila Paulson, art by Zawiah
  • Summer Vacation by Naomi Stickles, art by Naomi
  • She Kicked My Butt by Naimai Yeo, art by Zawiah
  • Art: "Just What I Always Wanted" by Dianne Smith
  • Art: Han and Leia Bespin" by Wanda Lybarger

Issue 6

Bloodstripe 6 was published in May 2005 and has 200 pages. Color covers by Smith and/or Kate. Illustrations by Zawiah.

front cover of issue #6
  • Twelve Past Victory by Lady Moonbeam 4
  • Melt(down) by Aquarius (A vignette to bridge A Princess and a Guy like Him and Vulnerable.; the South Passage encounter takes on new meaning.) 43
  • Vulnerable by Aquarius 52
  • Convalescence by Nai Mei Yao 75
  • Three Words by Aquarius (Han and Leia are finally ready to start a family...or are they?) 164 (winner of a 2006 FanQ)
  • Marriage of Convenience by Cindy Olsen (While on a mission together, Han and Leia must pretend to be a married couple.) 170

Issue 7

Bloodstripe 7 was published in May 2006 and contains 195 pages.

Front cover of issue #7, Leela Starsky
  • The Death and Life of Han Solo by Mary Sue 5
  • I Dream of Leia by Aquarius 60
  • Youthful Indiscretions by Mary Sue 64
  • Art Portfolio by Leela Starsky, Dianne Smith 107
  • Back Returning by Lisa Adolf 114
  • Mine by Sean Allen 130
  • Enroute to Endor by RachelPrincess 136
  • Night Over Endor by GalaxyGirl 141
  • Crash Alert by Carolyn Golledge 146
  • Home by GrlSolo 160
  • The Tryst by Aquarius 170
  • Bondage by Amy Gettim 174
  • front cover by Leela Starsky

Issue 8

back cover of issue #8, Stephanie Swanger
front cover of issue #8, Leela Starsky

Bloodstripe 8 was published in May 2007 and is 216 pages long.

Art by Leela Starsky (front cover), Stephanie Swanger (back cover), Zawiah, Dianne Smith (black and white reprints of the covers of Never Say Die #3 and #6), Wanda Lybarger.

  • The Quest To Kill Count Dracula by Kim Bowers (Can Luke resist being turned to the dark side Vampire style? Can Leia resist Dracula's hypnotic advances? Will Han survive and rescue his friends.) (35 pages)
  • AIM In A Galaxy Far Far Away by Sue Parsons (An internet communication between Han and Leia.) (2 pages)
  • Invitation by Liesel Booker (Han notices a strange coincidence when Leia invites him to her birthday celebration.) (5 pages)
  • What You Can’t Have by FanOfHan (When Han finally gets some time alone, he finds himself thinking about only one woman. Irritated at the realisation that he's changing involuntarily, he tries to ignore it - and Leia - but when they are thrown together on a mission to Corellia, Han suddenly understands that his jealously for her is more deep-seated than simple lust. Now it's going to take a lot to protect her, and it's going to take everything he's got to not tell her how he feels.) (47 pages)
  • Frozen Together by Liesel Booker (Han learns some new truths about himself while rescuing Luke on Hoth.) (8 pages)
  • Suspicions by Rachael Princess (Set shortly after ROJ. Separate missions and old friends help Han and Leia reveal underlying fears as they strive to define their new relationship.) (33 pages)
  • We’re Sleeping Too Well by Liesel Booker (Han confesses the horrors of his past when he and Leia are unable to sleep, fearing for their children.) (8 pages)
  • Snow Day by Liesel Booker (The Solo Organa family have some misadventures on a day out.) (6 pages)
  • Broken Circle by Mary Sue (Five years after Leia and Chewbacca are killed, both Solo and Luke begin to hope and believe she may be alive. Has she been tortured with carbonite imprisonment all these years, and if so, will she be the same person when she is rescued? Can she and Solo and their three children resume life as before?) (51 pages)
  • Pivot by Sue Parsons (Many years after her marriage to Han, Leia overhears him tell Luke about a pivotal moment in the developing romance.) (3 pages)
  • Red Panty Introspective by Aquarius (2 pages)
  • Hardbody by Sue Parsons (Threepio has a most unusual accident that alters his perceptions of Leia.) (2 pages)
  • I, Nerfherder by Aquarius (winner of a 2008 FanQ) (Han has some adjusting to do to settle into life with Leia.) (5 pages)
  • Polar Opposites by Sue Parsons (On Hoth, Solo considers the chances of romance with Leia.) (1 page)
  • Scuttlebutt by Helen Potter (Han and Leia are now officially a couple and everyone has an opinion as to exactly how they're spending their free time.) (2 pages)


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