The Renegade and the Rogue

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You may be looking for The Rebel and the Rogue, a zine by Sheila Truax and Rena Weber.

Title: The Renegade and the Rogue
Publisher: Soaring Wings Press
Editor(s): Ltlj, edited by Ming Wathne
Date(s): February 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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The Renegade and the Rogue is a 113-page collection of Ltlj's Arandu series of Star Wars stories, written under the alias "Martha Wilson. (not the name on the zine, however, which uses another pseud...)"

The zine has interior illustrations by Wanda Lybarger, and was edited by Ming Wathne, who also published Bright Center of the Universe.

All of these stories are archived at


From Star Wars Zine Bibliography: "A collection of stories that read like a novel of Han and the Sith Lord Arandu."

Stories in the Series


Author's Notes

First I'd like to thank Ming Wathne for giving me the opportunity to see these stories published together, and for doing all me work zine editors do, and to thank Mark and Melea Fisher, for publishing the first three stories in their original form, and for the support and encouragement they gave me while I was writing them. Many thanks also to Scott McCullar for digitizing the original pre-computer copies into a form that I could edit, and to Troyce Wilson for proofreading and suggestions. And special thanks to Wanda Lybarger for the illustrations.

The four stories in this zine that are reprints have been edited and some scenes have been added, expanded, or partially re-written by me, to correct inaccuracies between them and the last story, and to give the entire series a more consistent feel.

This series has taken a long time to come to a conclusion, considering that "Hunting the Hunter" started it off in 1984, and "Ghost Ships", the conclusion, was not written until 1992. A great deal has happened in my life since 1984. I ran a science fiction convention, graduated college, got my first job, and sold my first professional novel. Star Wars fanzines kept me writing during the times when it seemed I'd never make a professional sale, and gave me the confidence to keep trying. As long as there are SW zines out there, I'll probably keep reading them and writing for them, because by and large, they are the most fun you can have with a word processor.

Editor's Notes

A Galaxy Far Far Away opened up a whole new world for authors, artists, and Editors. A whole new Universe to play in, in any way we wished. It has been great fun to see just how each of us would do that.

In my estimation [Martha W] and Wanda Lybarger have done a fantastic job, adding their own ideas to the original Star Wars stories, and expanding on the characters plus giving us some new and very interesting ones. These stories caught my interest right from me start, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

Everything about these stories is first-rate: plotting, characterization of both established and original characters, a very adept, witty prose style. But my top marks go to Martha's characterization of that most tortured (by writers) of canonical characters: Leia Organa. Martha's Leia is a mature adult, wise and pragmatic, with a wry sense of humor, a definite talent in her chosen field ... Han admires her as well as (presumably ... we don't see him come out and say it) loving her. Han is indisputably the main character in "Rogue," but I recommend reading it for her Leia. (Rieekan's in it, too ... just thought I'd mention that.) [1]
Han Solo meets a Sith Lord and his past meets up with the important people in his future. The beautifully fleshed out story and characters make this series flow so beautifully that it's really a novel. Probably the best Han Solo ever in fic. The characters are pitch perfect, the OC is a character I would kill to have in a movie. [2]
I want to mention how much I enjoyed the last special... Having all the Arandu stories collected in one place so they could be savored is fantastic! The development of Arandu's character and powers really comes through when you can see it all together. I liked the additions to Martha's saga as well. They filled in the holes very nicely. The only quibble I have is that last story — Finish it, Martha, please!!!! [3]

First off an apology for taking so long to send this, I know how much work must have gone into this story- Believe me it shows! I was fortunate in reading the original stories in Dagobah and Bright Center and enjoyed all of them.

Put together to read in one volume with the bonus of Pirates Honor and the Epilogue they make an absolutely wonderful read Martha Wells certainly knows how to tell a tale. The stories are exceptionally well written and Yours set a standard that us less fortunate scribblers envy mightily.

She has all of the major characters off so well. Especially Leia, Han and Chewbacca. Their complicated relationships come over marvelously. There is humor, sorrow excitement and adventure on every page. I particularly enjoyed the character of Arandu and his background. I was intrigued by an Alternate Beginning to a story never written. It should be. His interest and caring for Han. Am I right in thinking that they may be related in some way? There's another good story in that speculation at least.

I suppose because it was new to me I particularly enjoyed Pirates Honor. Especially the insight it gave into Han's earlier life and for the opportunity to see Han relax enough to get drunk- Needless to say Wanda Lybarger's illos just add to the fim of this section. Just as they highlight all the other sectors of this wonderful story. I very much hope we have not heard the last of Arandu - I'd very much like to read the End.

Once again my thanks and appreciation.[4]


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