Lair of the Blue Falcon

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Title: Lair of the Blue Falcon
Publisher: Soaring Wings Press
Author(s): J.A. Berger
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
External Links: web friendly version of the zine; Online PDF version of the novel
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Lair of the Blue Falcon is a gen Star Wars 165-page novel by J.A. Berger. It contains extensive art by Z.P. Florian.


It was winner of the 1995 Star aWards for best Star Wars novel.


From the flyer: "Luke Skywalker set out to rescue a friend. How was he to know that in trying to save Han's life, he was probably taking him to his death? Darth Vader had destroyed the Jedi, but there were others that had supported the Old Republic, and the Blue Falcons had been the most dangerous. Like the Jedi, The Dark Lord had destroyed the Falcons, or had he? Leia Organa had only compassion for the young farm boy who had lost not only his family, but the man who had led him to the Force. She knew now that compassion, had not only put the young man at risk, but had endangered the whole Rebel cause."

From an ad in The Monthly: "Luke wanted to save Han Solo's life; how was he to know he was probably taking him to his death. Darth Vader had destroyed the Jedi; that was a fact, but had he indeed destroyed the Blue Falcons -- the Jedi's main warrior force? Leia Organa had wanted to save Luke pain; had she instead only made him more vulnerable to Emperial [sic] interrogation?"

From online version: "As Darth Vader searches for them, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker must take refuge with a secret organization that provides the key to Han's past and their future."

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