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Name: Zendom
Owner/Maintainer: Seema
Dates: 2001-2002
Type: Meta
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
URL: zendom : easter egg vinegar in your eyes, Archived version
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Zendom was the website for the Zendom (mailing list). It billed itself as a webzine and offered up essays written by or inpsired by Zendom mailing list members.

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From the introduction post:
"Zendom. A mailing list. A webzine (via Diaryland). A way of life.

We did agree it was a way of life, right?


Well, it's a mailing list and a webzine, and we'll get back to you on the way of life part.

Zendom is a multi-fandom mailing list, designed more for discussion about fandom than the posting of fanfic. Some of our members have been burnt by fandom, with all its petty disputes. Others continue to play well with others, and look on with concern as the first group get out the toasting forks.

We are not here to bash fandom. We are certainly not here to bash individuals, or to point out every single flaw in a series. We choose to avoid mindless criticism but revel in the fact that we're not bitter old fic queens (yet).

We are, however, here to cast a critical eye (several, in fact) over fandom, fanfic and everything contained in those categories. Recs, reviews, rants and alliteration ... it's all here."[1]


Recs and Reviews



  1. Introduction post dated Nov 9, 2001.